I'll Add Points To All Things
93 Is Deeny Depressed?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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93 Is Deeny Depressed?

Su Yang thought about it but found the chances slim, thus he discarded the speculation from his head.

With that in mind, he continued chatting with Lin Jiali.

They chatted until midnight and Su Yang started to feel sleepy. He told Lin Jiali he was going to bed, and surprisingly, she was understanding enough to let him off, unlike some clingy girls who would get mad when boys wanted to stop the chat one-sidedly. 

Following the notification from the system, [Bronze Mission: Hear Lin Jiali Out and reply to her patiently (3/10)], Su Yang went to bed and fell asleep.

The next morning, Su Yang woke up extra early and went to campus.

It was a Friday, the week was almost over in the blink of an eye. It made Su Yang sigh. 'Time is a thief that steals my youth away.'

When he reached campus, he bumped into Chu Xia at the entrance of the lecture building. She wore a white T-shirt coupled with short overalls. There was even a beautiful ribbon at her waist and it made her look extremely girlish. She was together with two other girls from their class. 

When she saw Su Yang, she stopped and greeted him with a bright smile. She was probably at her happiest for the past few days, maybe because the matter with Su Yang's result put her mind at rest.

Su Yang replied with a smile as Chu Xia said, "Don't forget what you promised me."

He knew that she was talking about the campus singing competition, so he replied, "Yeah, of course."

Chu Xia smiled brightly and her eyes curved into two beautiful crescent moons. She said with a sweet voice, "Then, I'll see you here in the afternoon."

"Sure," said Su Yang. He waited for Chu Xia and the other girls to enter before he followed.

However, class was a little different than usual. He usually came into class like an invisible man whereby only the members of Han Yi's fan club would greet him, but today, many other classmates took the initiative to greet him.

Only Liu Yiyi turned a blind eye to his arrival. She sat in the corner with her book without showing any interest in him.

Su Yang was not bothered by Liu Yiyi's cold reaction either. He was not RMB notes, so not all people should like him. Even if he was, he would not win the hearts of everyone since there were people who liked USD more.

He went to the back row, sat down in his usual seat, and started tapping away on his phone.

Soon enough, the class ended. Before he even walked out of the lecture hall, Su Yang received a message from Li Runze via WeChat: [Where are you?]

Su Yang: [Lecture building.]

Li Runze: [Wait for me.]

Su Yang felt like Li Runze had started to become those powerful CEOs in romantic drama series, but unfortunately, they were not in one. Otherwise, Li Runze might get himself a decent partner in the end.

Su Yang waited for Li Runze in the lecture hall. After all the other students left, Li Runze came in and the first thing he said was, "I've gone through the app you made."

Su Yang looked at him with an anticipatory gaze. "How was it?"

"It's bullsh*t." 

Su Yang clearly felt Deeny buzzing in his pocket. She was either messaging him or throwing a tantrum because of Li Runze's comment.

Li Runze sat down and said, "I've modified the codes for you and added your comments to the design. On top of that, I left a port open for you to further develop the interface."

A moment later, Li Runze took his phone out and sent a file to Su Yang. "You can try to install it in an Android first. I've also packaged an iOS version. I'll send you the file later. Follow the steps and register yourself. Give me your account password and I'll send it for verification on your behalf."

Su Yang took his phone out. "Let me have a look first."

When he unlocked his phone, he realized that Deeny had already installed the app and was testing it.

'Uh…Okay, an A.I. with a damaged pride is testing the app sent by the one responsible…'

In order to seem normal, Su Yang feigned tapping the phone when he unlocked it, but the truth was that it was Deeny who was testing everything. Windows popped up one after another and the app functions were being tested one by one.

More than 10 seconds later, all the windows shut down and the app returned to normal. Deeny was nowhere to be found.

Feeling strange, Su Yang tapped the phone but Deeny did not reply at all. He brought up the message window and sent Deeny a message. [Deeny, are you okay?]

Deeny did not reply to his surprise.

'What is wrong with this girl? Is she having depression? Did Li Runze make an A.I. depressed? Is he not a little too awesome?!'

Su Yang's mind already came up with a tagline for Li Runze if he ever became famous: 'Li Runze, the man who made an A.I. depressed.'

After Denny went silent, Su Yang tested the app himself. He had to give it to Li Runze. Mr. Smart Guy was really awesome as the app he created was much smoother than Deeny's and the functions were better and much more complete.

Li Runze even left some space for future development because he knew what Su Yang wanted to use the app for. Su Yang could use it and add more functions to the app in the future. 

With the preparations being done now, he would be well-equipped for the future.

The more Su Yang tested it, the more he liked it. He looked at Li Runze and asked, "This is great! Did you come up with this in a few days?"

"Yes, but I didn't code from scratch. I just modified your existing codes and made them work. It's a lot easier this way. If I had to code from scratch, I might not even have the time," said Li Runze.

"What do you think about this app then?"

"Barely usable," Li Runze stated.

Su Yang was shocked by Li Runze's comment on his own app.

Li Runze said, "Don't underestimate the apps in the market. The reason why they can have millions of downloads is that they have a team of more than a hundred developers behind them. They have a production team, a technical team, and even a planning team to make sure everything works.

"They can adjust a lot of details and patch up a lot of things simultaneously. Before it is officially released to the market, the app must go through closed beta tests, open beta tests, and all sorts of QAs. If they find a bug in the process, they must keep on working to patch it up. It's not what an app like mine can compete with.

"Besides, all apps have bugs. It's easy to start a business, but it's arduous to keep it operating. Creating an app is the easiest part. The difficult thing is maintenance. You might have to rewrite the entire layer of codes just to fix a small bug."

Su Yang did not know what Li Runze was talking about as it felt like some other kind of language, but thankfully, he just had to be a listener.

In the end, Li Runze gave Su Yang a piece of advice: since Su Yang's targeted audience was the students, he just had to test it on a small scale. 

He could request the students who took part-time jobs from the app to provide feedback and suggestions and improve on them. Then, he could simply publish the app after the optimization.

One man's power and time might be limited, but a group of people held infinite possibilities.

After they finished talking about the app, they headed for lunch. Su Yang insisted on buying Li Runze lunch because of the favor he did. 

Su Yang was grateful for Li Runze's help. If he were to find some software company in the market or some freelance group to create the app, it would have cost him thousands and even more during optimization. Creating an app was never a game for the poor.

Thankfully, Li Runze and Deeny had saved him a lot of time and money.


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