I'll Add Points To All Things
96 Add A Point To The Swimming Pool
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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96 Add A Point To The Swimming Pool

Su Yang did not know what to say.

'Eat all you can because all you know is how to eat…'

He was sulking after his fantasy got destroyed. He asked Chu Xia, "So, how was the competition? Are there any good singers?"

Chu Xia swallowed the noodles and recalled what happened during the competition. "It's fine, I guess. I entered the competition because no one from our class signed up, so I have to fill the quota myself. As for good singers…I don't think I've heard anyone sing better than you."

Su Yang was over the moon when he heard what she said. He realized that he loved listening to people praising him.

She drank some soup after she finished and closed her eyes while letting out a satisfying sigh. She patted her slim tummy and said, "I'm so full."

Su Yang carefully asked, "So, are we all good?"

Chu Xia slightly opened her eyes and glanced at him haughtily as if she was the empress. "Well, since you bought me dinner, I guess we are all good."

He heaved a breath of relief, but he must admit that Chu Xia was a gullible girl.

After dinner, Su Yang walked Chu Xia back to her dorm. They took a stroll along the bushy path on campus. The yellow street lights under the camphor trees lit up on both sides of the path, making it look like they were walking on a dark bridge lit up by the stars from the sky. The walk felt romantic.

The two of them were talkative people, but at that moment, the atmosphere suddenly turned quiet. After strolling for a while, Chu Xia took the initiative to say, "I never knew that our campus is this beautiful."

Su Yang nodded. "I know, right? Maybe we lack the appreciation to spot its beauty."

She looked at him. "Or maybe we lack the heart to notice the beauty around us."

He smiled. "It's the same, isn't it? If you have the heart, you still can't see without appreciation." He even playfully mimicked a blind person walking, so Chu Xia got slightly angry and started to punch him again.

'This guy is a mood killer!'

After sending Chu Xia home, he returned to his rented basement. When he reached the virtual space, he saw Deeny kneeling on the couch.

She bowed deeply at Su Yang when she saw him and said, "I'm sorry, Master!"

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Deeny said without lifting her head, "I failed to keep my emotions in check in the afternoon and didn't answer your phone call."

Su Yang patted her head. "It's fine. Don't blame yourself too much. It's really okay."

Deeny moved closer to Su Yang's lap, "Master, please don't be mad at me."

He caressed her head. "It's really fine. Just don't do it again."

She looked up and nodded repeatedly. "Master! I heard what your friend said earlier. I'll start learning UI and product development tonight. I'll do my best to work on our app!"

Su Yang gave her a big thumbs-up. "Of course! I'll leave it to you. When you are done with this, I have a new project for you, so you'd better polish your skills."

"Okay! Thanks, Master! Hehe!"

At night, when Su Yang went to bed, the lights in the villa gradually dimmed and eventually went dark.

A squarish soft blob snuck into the living room and grabbed a carrot-like object from the corner with one of its edges. The other edge of the square blob silenced the 'carrot' and abducted it.

The night was quiet after that.

On the next day, which was a Saturday morning, while Su Yang was still sleeping in his bed, Little Hus barged into his bedroom and shouted, "Su Yang! Su Yang! Wake up! Something has happened! Something has happened!"

Su Yang opened his puffy eyes, not having any idea what just happened. "What's wrong?"

The husky on the bolster stared at Su Yang and said, "I picked up a powerful scent just now! I've never smelled something like that before! You might be rich!"

The term 'rich' woke Su Yang up completely. It seemed like the thought of getting rich could energize his mind. "Where is this scent?!"

Little Hus pointed outside the room with the bolster edge. "At the swimming pool."

Su Yang bolted up, got dressed, and followed Little Hus to the swimming pool.

When they got to the swimming pool, Su Yang asked, "Where's this chance that you picked up?"

Little Hus pointed at the swimming pool and said anxiously, "This! It's the pool! I was swimming with Sanque early in the morning, and all of a sudden, the swimming pool smells great and the scent is very strong!"

'Sanque swimming with Little Hus? Who are you lying to? An idiot?' Su Yang squinted his eyes at the bolster and his face started to twitch.

The quiet Sanque playing with the naughty troublemaker, Little Hus? 

Su Yang looked at Sanque who was also beside the swimming pool. Sanque's face was cramped together and it looked like it was in pain.

When it saw Su Yang go over, it said, "Little Hus…he abducted me. He thought I was delicious and wanted to bite my arm. Thankfully, he doesn't have a mouth. We fought for a whole night. He cut all my roots above my head and threw them into the swimming pool."

Su Yang had a closer look at Sanque's head and noticed that all the roots were gone. Sanque originally had seven to eight centimeters of roots left, but the b*stard had cut them all off.

Su Yang turned to Little Hus who nervously said, "Come on! Don't be caught up with trivial matters. The smell is really rich! And it's weakening by the second! You will never get this chance again once you miss it!"

Su Yang sized up the husky face on Little Hus. He believed that no matter how naughty Little Hus was, the b*stard would not lie about the scent. He might have caused a problem by cutting Sanque's roots, but it was not an unredeemable mistake.

However, if he lied to Su Yang, he would be dead!

Therefore, Little Hus was telling the truth. Sanque's roots must have done something to the pool water and granted it a rare opportunity.

With that in mind, he tapped the system open. With the system in front of him, he noticed something strange. The system highlighted the entire swimming pool instead of the water inside the pool.

'Add the point to the whole swimming pool?'

Su Yang found it outrageous. He had scanned the entire villa with the system before and had never found any item or structure that he could add points to.

'Could this be a great opportunity?'

Su Yang discarded his hesitancy and used the Random Point he got from passing the English midterm to the swimming pool.

With the point added, the swimming pool did not just gleam. It was enveloped by a layer of glowing particles, making the water look like space. The glowing particles gradually floated up into the air and spread out as if they were fireflies on a summer night.

As seconds turned into minutes, the glowing particles disappeared and the swimming pool returned to normal.

A hurried beep sounded in Su Yang's mind. He quickly checked the result in the system and noticed that the system notification was showing an obvious exclamation mark.

[High Life Evolution occurred. Please treat it with care and kindness.]


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