I'll Add Points To All Things
98 Little Monsters Watching TV Together?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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98 Little Monsters Watching TV Together?

After Tang Jing invited Su Yang into the house, she headed back to the kitchen. A while later, she served several steamed buns, a bowl of porridge, and two boiled eggs on the table and she was kind enough to invite him, "Here, breakfast is served."

Su Yang's stomach growled when he saw the scrumptious breakfast that Tang Jing served. "Thank you!"

She smiled before heading to the kitchen and warming up a packet of milk for him.

The two of them chatted over breakfast and Tang Jing mentioned her "996" working schedule. She started work every day at 9 a.m., finished at 9 p.m., and worked six days a week, hence the number 996.

Su Yang could not help but ask, "Sister Tang, what do you actually do?"

Tang Jing looked at Su Yang with a confused look. "Have I never told you about my job before?"

He shook his head. "Nope."

"I'm working in the investment industry," she said.


"Yeah, I'm working as an angel investor for a venture capital firm. Before we invest in other companies, my company will run a background check and come up with a detailed analysis. That's my job and this is why I'm always busy because I need to collect all kinds of data."

Tang Jing took a bite of the boiled egg and added, "I guess a 996 working schedule isn't that accurate either. My position is a little special. If one of my projects suddenly stumbles across some problems, it's normal for me to work several days without rest. I guess 007 is more appropriate," she said in a joking manner.

Su Yang almost spat his porridge out because of her random joke.

'Starts work at 0 o'clock, finishes at 0 o'clock and works seven days a week. 007…Yeap, nothing wrong about that, my man.'

After breakfast, Tang Jing woke Tang Xiaomi up and washed the little princess up before she headed for work.

Tang Xiaomi was still sleepy even after her mother washed her face. Her eyes were half-opened when she grumbled childishly, "Su Yang...I...sleepy." She then collapsed into Su Yang's arms and fell asleep.

The little girl must have slept very late yesterday. Su Yang did not wake her up as he carried her to the couch and put a blanket over her.

Tang Xiaomi finally woke up in the afternoon. She stretched her body and looked at Su Yang with her big googly eyes. "Su Yang! You're here!"

Su Yang had been chatting with the Pool Deity through his phone, and when Tang Xiaomi woke up, he put his hand over her head and said, "I've been here since morning. Come on. You've been asleep for too long. It's time for lunch."

After lunch, Su Yang finally started the Mathematics tuition for the day.

Two to three hours later, Tang Xiaomi lost her interest in learning. Su Yang saw the bored expression on her face and he poured a glass of water for her to break the boredom.

However, the little imp did not rest at all. She took her workbook to Su Yang and said, "Su Yang, can you do something about my Mommy?"

"What's wrong with her?" he asked.

Tang Xiaomi put her workbook in front of him and said, "Since you weren't around during the weekdays, she gave me exercises everyday and she would check my work according to the provided answers every night when she comes back. BUT all the answers are wrong and she doesn't know how to improvise!"

Her words piqued his interest. "The provided answers are wrong?"

Tang Xiaomi pouted and said, "The answers are written by other people. Why can't they be wrong?!" She then flipped the workbook to that particular page and showed Su Yang what she meant. 

The question required her to fill in the blanks based on the provided image. The image was of the four characters from "Journey to the West" and the question asked how many people were in the picture.

Tang Xiaomi had written "2" and had received a red cross beside the answer.

Confused, Su Yang asked, "There are four people here: one, two, three, four. Why did you write two?"

Tang Xiaomi angrily pointed at Pigsy and Wukong. "These two are animals!"

Su Yang did not know what to say. 'What the…? Well, she's not wrong…' 

She took his silence as a sign of agreement, so she flipped to another page and pointed at another question. "Look at this one!"

Su Yang looked at the question that she pointed at. The question required her to find the difference between a watermelon, a pear, a pineapple, and a duck. 

It was a simple question and there should not be any argument either. The watermelon, pear, and pineapple were fruits and the duck was an animal. Therefore, the duck should be circled out.

However, Tang Xiaomi pouted and said, "I circled the watermelon but Mommy said it's wrong!"

"Then, why did you choose the watermelon?" he asked in surprise.

She looked at Su Yang with her big googly eyes and said childishly, "Why isn't it the watermelon? Only the watermelon is green."


Su Yang's head started to hurt.

'Are all children this difficult to teach nowadays? But she does have a point…'

After some thought, Su Yang gave up. 'Why am I arguing this with a child?'

"Forget about that. I'll teach you the binary linear equation."

Tang Xiaomi was stunned when he moved on instead of taking her side.

The little imp was a lot smarter after a week, and given her young age, the unusual ideas in her mind were endless. She viewed a lot of things differently compared to an adult and some questions even caught Su Yang off-guard.

Thus, Su Yang accompanied her and tried to play along with her unusual questions until Tang Jing came back.

Like any other day, Tang Jing came back after 9 p.m. and Tang Xiaomi was a little unhappy.

When her mother came into the house, the little imp pouted and grumbled, "Look at the time. It's late now. Aren't you afraid that bad people will kidnap you? Do you know you are a pretty woman?"

Tang Jing giggled when she heard what her daughter said. No woman could resist praise at their beauty, even a woman with a child.

Tang Jing pinched Tang Xiaomi's cheeks and said, "I'm sorry. Mommy is wrong. I'll come back earlier tomorrow."

Tang Xiaomi then smiled happily after her mother cheered her up.

After having dinner with the mother and daughter, Su Yang took the subway back. He added a point to the swimming pool and got the Pool Deity into his villa. He was actually looking forward to testing it out. If it was not for the money and the Random Point, Su Yang would have left earlier.

When he reached the virtual villa, he walked out of his bedroom and saw the five little monsters watching the TV in the living room.

Animal Planet was showing on the TV and all five of them glued their eyes to the screen. Even the quiet Sanque opened its eyes and watched beside Gru's pot.

The TV was showing two lions fighting each other on the great plains. It seemed like they were fighting for the alpha position. After a fierce fight, the veteran lion defeated the younger one and expelled it from the pride.

The living room was filled with sorrowful cries after that.

Su Yang did not know what happened. He saw the Pool Deity stand up with a smiley face and bowed at everyone with his hands in front of him. "I hereby thank everyone for taking care of my business."

A tray appeared in his hand and he walked to Deeny, Gru, Sanque, and Little Hus.

Deeny looked sad when she took a purple Grandpa Mao[1] from her pocket and placed it on the tray. Gru put a carton of milk on it instead.

As for Sanque, it cut off 1 cm of its roots from its left arm and placed it on the tray.

[1] Purple Grandpa Mao : RMB 5 note.


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