I'll Add Points To All Things
99 Complete Random Inequivalant Exchange
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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99 Complete Random Inequivalant Exchange

When it was Little Hus' turn, the husky eyes were big and wide as he stared at the Pool Deity. "I'm not giving anything!"

The Pool Deity smiled. "Lord Hus, if it's laid, it's played. You wouldn't want us to look down on you, would you?"

Little Hus did not care about others' opinions of him. His gaze started to drift away and it looked like he was trying to run. Of course, aside from fleeing, he did not forget to say, "I don't have anything left. I've lost everything!"

The Pool Deity said with a smile, "Lord Hus, you might have lost a piece of chocolate and a bag of dog food, but you still have another piece of chocolate, two bags of chips, a bag of cookies, another bag of dog food and…a shaver in your den."

Little Hus instantly looked gloomy. Having someone that could read his mind around him did not feel good.

Su Yang finally understood what was going on: the little monsters were gambling.

He cleared his throat to announce his arrival before he said, "What are you guys doing?"

Before the Pool Deity said anything, Little Hus jumped up. "Su Yang! Su Yang! He tricked us and wants to take our things!"

Su Yang already knew what happened, so he grunted coldly at Little Hus. "You loser, pay up what you lost. Bring the things out!"

Little Hus did not expect Su Yang to take the Pool Deity's side. He felt defeated as he hopped back to his den for the bag of chips.

The Pool Deity took the bag of chips with a smile. Just when he wanted to thank Su Yang, Su Yang grabbed the tray of spoils from him, much to his shock.

"Gambling is illegal. Aall the spoils will be confiscated," Su Yang said. He then took a paper bag from the tea-table drawer and poured everything inside before he returned the empty tray to the Pool Deity.

The Pool Deity received the empty tray with a blank look. He wanted to cry but failed to shed a tear.

Su Yang cleared his throat again. "As for the previous gambling spoils, I'll let you off this time. No more gambling in the future."

The Pool Deity looked dejected as he said, "A tiny gamble is merely entertainment, my lord. It's barely even a gamble. We are just guessing the results from the TV."

Nevertheless, Su Yang turned a deaf ear to the Pool Deity.

Little Hus hopped to Su Yang and nuzzled against his leg when he saw what happened. "Su Yang, Su Yang, give me back the bag of chips!"

Su Yang chuckled coldly and kicked the bolster away. "You b*stard, you stole the chips from me!"

With the bag of confiscated spoils, he went to the swimming pool and wanted to test the Pool Deity's ability.

He was actually thinking about what to throw inside when he had been in the subway, and now with the bag of spoils, he did not need to think anymore.

He searched the bag of spoils and decided to throw the bag of chips into the swimming pool.

Back in the living room, the Pool Deity was calculating his losses with the other four little monsters when all of a sudden, as if something within him was turned on, he froze.

His body then disappeared from the living room, leaving the other four little monsters in confusion.

On the other hand, Su Yang saw a completely different scene. When he tossed the bag of chips into the swimming pool, an option window popped up and asked him for the trading confirmation.

Su Yang tapped on 'Yes'.

The entire swimming pool shone brightly and the Pool Deity appeared above the water. His body was glowing and his face was expressionless. The glow from the water that was reflected on his traditional Chinese attire made him look like a real divine being, but his tiny eyes made him look funny.

However, no one ever said that a deity could not have small eyes. 

It seemed it was the Pool Deity's first time too. He floated on the water for a long while before he smiled. He lifted both his hands and said kindly, "Lord Su Yang who has lost his way, what did you lose in my swimming pool? Is it this..."

A trash can appeared in his left hand. "Trash can?"

He then lifted his right and hand said, "Or this, a striped seahorse?"

'A trash can and a seahorse? What the hell? It's so random! It isn't even related to the bag of chips!'

Su Yang thought about what he should take. He did not know where to keep the seahorse, so the better choice would be the trash can. He said, "Seahorse."

"Very well." The Pool Deity moved his right hand forward and a blob of water with the seahorse inside floated to Su Yang.

Su Yang caught it with his hands, but the blob of water did not break. He softly poked it. It felt soft and wet as if he was holding a balloon or water.


The little seahorse stood in the blob of water and looked at Su Yang.

Su Yang sized the seahorse up before he asked, "Pool, give me the trash can too. I don't have an aquarium for this seahorse."

The Pool Deity did not reply, but the trash can disappeared from his hand.

"Stingy much," Su Yang grumbled.

The Pool Deity remained silent. He then jumped up and dove into the swimming pool. After the water splashed, the Pool Deity was nowhere to be found. He must have returned to his body.

Su Yang took the blob of water with the seahorse inside to the bathroom and put it into a basin.

Strange enough, after the blob of water was put inside, the shape crumbled.

Fortunately, the basin was big enough for the seahorse to stand. Otherwise, the little guy might have a hard time.

Su Yang sized the seahorse up in the basin again. He suddenly felt proud. People usually had goldfishes in their aquarium, but he had a seahorse in his basin. 

'I guess I'm a lot cooler than other people…Speaking of which, how should I change the water? This is seawater, right? A seahorse can only live in seawater right? Does Pool offer after-sales service? If he doesn't, must I drink 500 ml of seawater? What does a seahorse eat anyway? Sand?'

Su Yang started to regret choosing the seahorse. A new pet had arrived in his villa and he did not know what to do with it. 

'Can I ask Pool for a refund? If he doesn't want to refund me, what should I do with it? Soak it in alcohol and make seahorse liquor?'

As the seahorse in the basin looked like it sensed Su Yang's thoughts, its body shivered all of a sudden.

Su Yang watched the seahorse wriggle around the water. He really should have gotten the trash can instead, but neither both the seahorse nor the trash can could make up for the bag of chips that he had thrown into the pool.

Fortunately, the bag of chips was something he had confiscated from the 'illegal gambling session'.

Su Yang took the basin with the seahorse out and gave it to Deeny.

'Maybe a girl might be interested in this…I think…'

The next day, a Sunday morning, Su Yang tossed Gru's carton of milk into the swimming pool.

A moment later, Pool appeared with another seahorse and a rotten apple.

Su Yang asked, "Why another seahorse?"

The Pool Deity said, "My lord, I don't know. It's completely random~"

Su Yang had no choice but to pick the seahorse.

On Monday morning, Su Yang woke up extra earlier and tossed a set of test papers that he had written into the swimming pool. However, Pool came up with the options of a seahorse and…a seahorse.

This time around, Pool offered him two seahorses of different sizes.

Veins popped up on Su Yang's forehead. "Don't tell me this is completely random as well…"

The Pool Deity almost cried as he explained, "It really is completely random…"

Su Yang did not believe him. He blacklisted him and grouped him together with Little Hus as the little monsters that he should not believe and must keep an eye on.

The weekend flew by in the blink of an eye. Other than the two Random Points that he had gotten from Tang Xiaomi, Su Yang also got a total of three seahorses in different sizes.

The three seahorses synchronized their wriggling in the basin and the movements really made them look like a family.

Tang Xiaomi's mission also ended over the weekend. Su Yang got a total of five Random Points from Tang Xiaomi. He had used three to save himself from the midterms and he planned to keep the remaining two for emergencies.

After breakfast, Su Yang put Deeny in charge of the seahorses before he went out of the virtual space. 

He realized that it was drizzling outside when he reached his basement. Shanghai had slowly entered its hottest and most humid season throughout the year.

Su Yang had rented a basement because of the cheap rent and it had been spring back then, so it had not been as humid and hot. He finally knew why the basement rent was so cheap: the intense humidity.

The moment he got out of his virtual space, he felt like he was covered in a layer of mist. Fortunately, he now spent most of his time in the virtual space, hence it was not a big problem. 

If he did not have the virtual space, staying in a humid basement for a long time would probably affect his health.

When he was on campus, Su Yang realized that all the students were talking about the campus singing competition. He did not know when the discussion started, but it seemed like the competition had become an important event for Shanghai University.

No one recognized him anymore along the way, Su Yang could not help but feel like a has-been.

He sighed as he walked towards the lecture building, but before he even made it there, he saw his other lecturer, Old Zhou who was surprisingly walking out of the campus.

'Going out of campus early in the morning? Something's up.'


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