I'll Add Points To All Things
100 Han Yi & Lin Jiali On Campus
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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100 Han Yi & Lin Jiali On Campus

Su Yang sized Old Zhou up and realized that his disheveled and oily appearance was gone. Old Zhou cleaned the few strands of remaining hair on his head and wore a brand new jersey, making him look energetic.

Su Yang felt like something was not right. 

'Is Old Zhou's life welcoming its second wind? He usually stays in his office and barely goes anywhere. All he ever does is drink goji berry tea from his Thermos flask and read the newspaper. What's with the unusual getup today?'

With that in mind, Su Yang greeted Old Zhou first, "Morning, Mr. Zhou."

Old Zhou smiled at Su Yang, painting a few more wrinkles on his face. "Oh, Su Yang, going to class?"

"Yes, Sir. Are you…going off?" asked Su Yang, but he quickly realized that his question did not sound right.

'Way to go, genius. Who leaves work so early in the morning?'

To his surprise, Old Zhou spaced out for a moment before answering, "Yeah, I don't have any classes today, so I'm going off early."

"Better pay attention in class," he continued as he waved at Su Yang. He then walked away without looking back.

Su Yang saw Old Zhou's figure walking away from his sight. 'Something isn't right…If Old Zhou doesn't have any classes today, he could've just stayed at home from the start. He came to campus early in the morning just so he could…go back? Something is obviously not right…'

Unfortunately, Su Yang always kept his curiosity in check. Old Zhou's strange behavior had nothing to do with him because he knew that everyone had secrets.

When he reached the lecture hall, it was already half-filled. Liu Yiyi and Chu Xia were already there, sitting together. Chu Xia was whispering to her while Liu Yiyi nodded repeatedly. 

The two of them looked like some European noble ladies from the 70s or 80s gossiping about something.

Su Yang made fun of the girls in his mind while he walked to his seat. It was then that he heard a scream, and the whole classroom, even the entire campus, came alive.

The students in the classroom heard the scream too, so every one of them ran to the window excitedly for a peek before they dashed out of the lecture hall.

Su Yang did not know what happened. He perked his ears, hoping to pick up some clues about the situation. 

"She's here?"

"She came this early?"

"Why is she so early?"

"Come on, let's go!"

"We are having a class!"

"The class is no longer important. Han Yi is more important!"

'Han Yi? She's here?' Su Yang stood up and walked to the window. 

He saw a noisy crowd further away, surrounding several people who walked in from outside of the campus. It seemed like Han Yi had arrived.

While Su Yang was watching from afar, a sweet voice entered his ear, "Mr. President, what are you looking at?"

He turned around to see Chu Xia with Liu Yiyi beside her.

Su Yang said, "Nothing in particular. I heard Han Yi is here."

"Huh?!" Chu Xia was shocked. "You just heard it now? Our group has already been talking about it for two days!"

"Last Friday, the university said Han Yi would be coming to our campus this week, and I got news on Saturday that she will be coming early Monday. They said she's going to meet the judges beforehand, so our group went nuts. They even said they wanted to organize a welcome party. Don't you even read the chat?"

'Good question. I really didn't know anything.'

From the moment he became president, he muted the chat group. On top of that, because the lousy chat notifications reached 99+ daily, he did not have the mood or time to go through the tedious chat history.

As for the reason behind the massive amount of messages, Su Yang found out after observing for a few days: a majority of the fan club members were girls. 

Whenever girls got together, it was only normal for the chat to get long and tedious.

'Speaking of which, why is a female celebrity having these many female fans? I always thought a female celebrity would only attract male fans…'

After he discarded the questions out of his mind, Su Yang simply said, "Of course, I knew about it. It must have just slipped my mind. I told you I've been busy recently, so you are in charge of the fan group. You'd better do a good job, vice president."

Chu Xia smiled and said, "Okay! I'll go organize the fan event right now! Bye-bye, Mr. President!"

Before she left, Su Yang quickly asked, "Now? What about the class?"

She beamed beautifully. "I dragged Ms. Qu into our fan group, so she will also be there cheering. Class is delayed for 10 minutes or so. No biggy!"

'This university is getting stranger by the day…'

After Chu Xia and Liu Yiyi left, Su Yang looked around and realized he was left alone with another student, Chu An. The hardworking Chu An was reading a book.

'Great, the students and the lecturer have left altogether. Who would have thought that I, the bad student who never listens in class, would stay behind?'

Su Yang stood by the window and looked at the ever-growing crowd. He spotted a lot of familiar faces: Chu Xia, Liu Yiyi, Qu Xiaomeng, and…Old Zhou?!

Su Yang rubbed his eyes and looked closely. It really was Old Zhou!

Old Zhou, the sly b*stard, was shouting Han Yi's name together with the other students. The excitement on his face was something he had never displayed in class before! Judging from his expression, he must have gotten the news beforehand and followed Han Yi from outside into the campus.

'He lied to me by saying he's going off early?! This sly b*stard! Disrespectful! I'll tell his wife the next time!'

Su Yang wrote down Old Zhou's demerit in the little booklet he had.

After a while though, Su Yang started to lose interest. He never knew why people liked to ship idols and celebrities.

'Aren't they human beings with eyes and a nose as well? What's so special about them? An extra nose or a third eye?'

With that in mind, Su Yang wanted to go back to his seat and look at his phone, but it was then that he saw a familiar figure among the crowd.

The person was wearing an elegant floral dress coupled with heels. It was Lin Jiali.

'Did she come with Han Yi?'

Despite the two of them being celebrities, Lin Jiali was not popular at all. All the students surrounded Han Yi, cheering her name loudly and asking for her autograph. No one noticed Lin Jiali's presence, let alone ask for her autograph.

Maybe it was because she had only starred in three drama series and was lesser-known.

The saddest thing was that she had come in with Han Yi, but because of the passionate fans, she was pushed away, and a moment later, she was squeezed out of the crowd.

A female celebrity standing there all alone while the fans cheered on another celebrity was a pitiful sight.

Su Yang brushed his chin and pondered upon the situation. He suddenly had a lame but interesting idea in his head.

'Maybe I can do something like this…'

Five minutes later, he went out of the class with a notebook and a pen. He walked up to Lin Jiali and said, "Are you Lin Jia?"

Lin Jiali was spacing out as she watched the fans drown Han Yi, but when she heard someone call her name, she was pulled back to her senses. She turned around and saw Su Yang.

At first, she was shocked because she thought he had recognized her.

Su Yang then said, "I really like the drama that you starred in. May I have your autograph?"


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