I'll Add Points To All Things
103 Officially Moved Into The High-Tech Industrial Park
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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103 Officially Moved Into The High-Tech Industrial Park

The woman came in with a frigid expression and asked, "Manager Tang, you called?" 

Manager Tang nodded. "Pan, our friends here are interested in our entrepreneur park. Take them on a tour."

The woman nodded before she turned around to Su Yang and Chu Xia. She gestured and invited them, "This way, please."

Her face was almost expressionless when she spoke. Not a bit of passion was shown, but it was not an unpleasant look. Instead, she looked as if she was born strict and frigid.

Su Yang sized her up carefully. Her face was actually beautiful. She possessed a sense of valiance that other women did not have and such valiance was usually found in female soldiers or police officers. She was not intimidating like Jiang Yan though. Her noble appearance gave one the feeling that she practiced martial arts or had been through professional military training.

'What a waste of talent. She shouldn't be a secretary. She should be a mercenary instead.'

Su Yang slightly shook his head as he followed Chu Xia and the woman out of the office.

After they went out of the office, Chu Xia tried to socialize with the women by asking, "Hi, what should we call you?"

The woman answered without even looking back, "Pan Zhaodi. You can just call me Sister Pan." She then brought the two of them downstairs, "You are looking for the entrepreneur workstations and offices, aren't you?"

"Yes," said Chu Xia.

"This way please," said Pan Zhaodi. She also filled them in with the details as she walked them to the coworking space. "Our park will try to support our tenants as much as we can. If our tenant's company is expanding and wants to move from workstations to offices or move from a smaller office to a bigger one, it can be done seamlessly. The tenants just have to apply for the shift a day prior and they can move to the new place on the second day."

Chu Xia nodded repeatedly but Su Yang was spacing out. The woman did not just look familiar to him, but even her name rang a bell. 

'Pan Zhaodi, Pan Zhaodi…I swear I've heard the name before but where?'

Su Yang stared at Pan Zhaodi for a long while but still could not remember where he had heard her name before.

However, choosing an office was more important, so he discarded the questions and paid attention to Pan Zhaodi's explanation.

While Pan Zhaodi might look frigid, she professionally delivered a detailed explanation and even gave the two of them a lot of friendly reminders.

Soon enough, the three of them reached the office building that the park prepared for the startup companies and young entrepreneurs. The environment was a lot livelier when they entered the building. It seemed like the park was attractive enough to many of the young entrepreneurs. 

Quite a number of people greeted Pan Zhaodi along the way, but all she did was nod at them by way of reply.

She brought Su Yang and Chu Xia to the coworking space first.

The coworking space was around 200 square meters wide with more than 50 workstations neatly arranged in a single line. Some of the workstations were occupied and some of them were labeled under a certain company's name.

The place was overflowing with youthful energy as it was filled with many young men and women in their 20s. 

Su Yang saw some of the boys talking to the girls at the next table and making them laugh. It seemed like the atmosphere of the coworking space was quite pleasant and easy-going.

After visiting the coworking space, the three of them headed to the office area.

The offices were of various sizes. The smallest one was around 20 square meters with five to six workstations inside, plus a manager's table. The bigger offices could reach a hundred square meters but were not furnished as the tenants must move in first before applying for additional equipment.

After visiting the coworking space and offices, Su Yang got a general idea in his head.

Chu Xia leaned closer to him and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"Not bad. It's a lot better than the units I found outside the campus," he said.

While the two of them were talking about the coworking space and offices, Pan Zhaodi's phone rang. However, her face froze when she saw the caller ID. It was as if a layer of ice covered her already frigid look. It seemed like someone she hated was calling.

"Please excuse me. I have to take this. I'll be right back. In the meantime, you guys can talk it over," said Pan Zhaodi as she walked away to answer the phone.

Su Yang nodded. "Okay, thanks."

Pan Zhaodi walked aside and answered the phone.

Despite the distance between them, Su Yang saw her fierce reaction and her heaving chest. Her muffled voice was heard on and off, but he was able to make out a part of the conversation.

"Asking for money again? Are you out of your mind? Can't you just find a job? Did you get into trouble again? Old Sixth Liu, I'm telling you, do not test my patience!

"Okay, fine, this is the last time! If you ask me again, I'll break your legs."

When he heard the name Old Sixth Liu, the bolt of realization hit Su Yang's head and the light bulb in his head went on.

He finally remembered where he had heard Pan Zhaodi's name before: the gossip that was going around his neighborhood!

It was said that Old Sixth Liu had a beautiful wife and this wife of his practiced martial arts from a young age. His wife was the real deal and everyone said she could kick a tree down with her leg.

She was also known for her ferocity at home. Whenever Old Sixth Liu got into trouble outside or did something that she did not like, the poor man would be beaten up mercilessly. She was the reason why Old Sixth Liu complained so much but dared not stand up to her. He even tried to stay outside as long as possible.

Old Sixth Liu might have earned himself a reputation as a local street gangster, but his fierce wife's reputation preceded him.

Su Yang had been listening to the legends of Old Sixth Liu's wife every day back then. He never thought he would be able to see her real person today.

However, the legends said that she was a woman in her 30s, but Pan Zhaodi looked 26 or 27 years old at most. Her younger looks was the reason why Su Yang did not relate her to Old Sixth Liu in the first place.

Nevertheless, with the help of makeup and all kinds of supplements, it was normal for a woman to look younger than their real age.

Su Yang switched his gaze to Pan Zhaodi again for a better look. He realized that her presence and her movements really felt like that of an expert martial artist.

He spaced out amidst the conversation with Chu Xia who noticed him staring at Pan Zhaodi. It made her jealous.

Pan Zhaodi was a woman with an aggressive presence, and as a fellow woman, it was natural for Chu Xia to feel insecure. She did not expect Su Yang to stare at Pan Zhaodi brazenly, so she got mad and pinched Su Yang's waist. 

The pinch and twist made him squeal in pain.

After Su Yang regained his senses, Chu Xia smirked and grunted, "Your eyes are popping out."

Su Yang rubbed his waist to ease the paint. 

'This girl is getting more and more violent. She was much more considerate before this, but she's been getting worse recently. Will she become the next Pan Zhaodi? I pity the man who has to marry her.'

The two of them were talking side by side, yet the thoughts in their minds were completely different. Chu Xia thought Su Yang was interested in Pan Zhaodi while he thought Chu Xia was getting more and more violent and might become Pan Zhaodi No. 2.

This would be a perfect example of why men and women would never understand each other even if they stood in front of each other.

A while later, after Pan Zhaodi hung up the phone, she came back with furrowed brows. "Excuse me, something held me up back there." 

Chu Xia waved repeatedly. "It's totally fine. We need to talk over it anyway."

Pan Zhaodi said, "So, have you made up your mind?" 

Chu Xia looked at Su Yang who gave her the green light. "Yeah, I think we will take the smallest office first, the one that can fit five people. If we are expanding and need a bigger space, we will let you know."

Pan Zhaodi nodded. "Of course."

The three of them returned to the management office to sign the agreement.

Maybe because of the entrepreneur support program, the agreement seemed lenient. Su Yang did not have to do anything other than pay 1,000 yuan as a deposit.

The rent was collected once a month, and if the tenants had the need for computer equipment, they could apply for rental from the management. The management really tried their best to provide their best service.

Su Yang signed a seasonal agreement with Pan Zhaodi and paid the deposit. 

With his signature on the paper, Jiadian Information \u0026 Technology Ltd. officially moved into the high-tech industrial park of Baoshan District.


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