I'll Add Points To All Things
104 Is Little Hus Looking For Trouble Again?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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104 Is Little Hus Looking For Trouble Again?

Pan Zhaodi might look and sound cold, but she was good at her job.

After helping Su Yang settle the agreement, she handed another set of documents to him. 

The documents contained all the terms and conditions of the high-tech park's funding support, entrepreneur subsidies, and services. It was obvious that the government or even the park management itself did not prepare this set of documents for the tenant; it was her own personal work. 

The documents were sorted according to categories and there was also an index that listed all the policies of the program.

Su Yang thanked her and went through the documents. He realized that starting a company could earn a lot of money.

He was not looking at the company's business or whatsoever. He was actually looking at all the subsidies and allowance that his company could get. To be frank, it was a lot of money.

As a university student, he was eligible to receive 20,000 yuan of the so-called entrepreneur allowance and his micro-business would get an extra 30,000 yuan allowance, which added up to a total of 50,000 yuan!

If companies working in the I.T. field reached the third year of operation and had exclusive rights to their self-developed software, as long as the company could maintain steady growth in profit, the company would be eligible to receive the so-called high-tech enterprise allowance of 500,000 yuan!

'This is…' 

If the application process did not require him to follow procedures and wait for approval, Su Yang would have started a dozen companies and get all the allowance to complete his Silver Mission.

After coming out of Pan Zhaodi's place, Su Yang sent Chu Xia back to campus. She wanted him to stay and even offered to buy him lunch, but he rejected her offer.

'A man of great undertaking shouldn't be dwelling in the arms of women! What does that even mean?'

The truth was that there was another class in the afternoon, and if he stayed for lunch with Chu Xia, he would not be able to skip it.

Chu Xia was the type of girl who would cover for you if you skipped class without her knowledge, but if you skipped class in front of her, she would stop you. That was the reason why Su Yang always asked for forgiveness rather than begged for permission.

After Su Yang parted ways with Chu Xia, he called Wang Dong out and brought him to the high-tech park. Wang Dong thought it was strange when he learned that Su Yang was bringing him there because he used to work there.

When Su Yang brought him to the Jiadian Ltd. office, the man was stupefied.

Ever since Su Yang showed him the app, he believed the company would get better, but never did he expect Su Yang to rent an office in the high-tech park two days later.

Su Yang told Wang Dong about the perks that he had as a university student, including the discounted rent because it was under the entrepreneur support program and all kinds of subsidies and allowance to clear the man's doubts.

He then gave Wang Dong the task of filling the office with necessary working equipment. He could either buy what they lacked or ask Pan Zhaodi for assistance. 

Wang Dong happily accepted the task. With a real office to work with and the company starting to take shape, he was a lot more proactive in his work. He was busy arranging all the things and made sure everything was running smoothly.

Since Wang Dong got it all covered, Su Yang took some time off to register his company on the recruitment website. He was looking for a promoter, an operator, and a clerk. The company was finally picking up the pace and he needed all the manpower that he could get.

Setting up the office and looking for potential candidates took Su Yang and Wang Dong the whole afternoon.

At night, Su Yang and Wang Dong ordered takeaway and ate dinner in the newly furnished office. The two of them then parted ways after dinner.

The high-tech park was near Su Yang's neighborhood, so he walked home instead of taking public transport.

Halfway on his journey home, Su Yang heard the heavy panting of a woman behind him that would surely fill a man's wildest fantasies.

Su Yang turned around and noticed Pan Zhaodi. She was dressed in a tracksuit and running shoes with her hair tied into a ponytail as she was running towards him. She nodded at Su Yang when she noticed his gaze.

Su Yang waved at her and said, "Sister Tang, having an evening jog?"

Pan Zhaodi might look like an ice queen, but she was actually quite friendly. She nodded and said, "I train by running to and fro work."

"Isn't that far?" Su Yang was asking the obvious.

Pan Zhaodi shook her head. "I stay at Fuju Garden, so it's not that far. If I have the time, I'll even run two more rounds."

Su Yang feigned a surprised look and said, "Oh my, what a coincidence! I'm also staying at Fuju Garden!"

Curious, Pan Zhaodi raised a brow and slowed down. "You are staying at Fuju Garden too? I haven't seen you before."

"Maybe it's because you are working and I'm studying. That's why we never met before."

Pan Zhaodi blinked curiously. "You are still studying?"

"Yeah, I'm a first-year student at Shanghai University," he said.

She nodded blankly as she praised him. "Not bad, ambitious young man."

The two of them chatted further and perhaps because they stayed in the same neighborhood, they grew a lot closer. Pan Zhaodi was also a lot friendlier and even invited Su Yang to jog back with her.

Su Yang thought about it and realized that he had barely exercised lately, so he agreed. 

The two of them jogged side by side towards their neighborhood.

However, halfway through, Su Yang started to lose his breath and could not continue, because Pan Zhaodi's 'jog' was actually a full sprint! He could not keep up with her stamina.

Pan Zhaodi slowed down and looked at him. "I notice how you run. You look like you've been through some training. Have you practiced martial arts before?"

Panting, he tried his best to adjust his breath. "I-I practiced sparring for a few years, but I'm all rusty now."

"Your fundamentals must be good. Even if you lack practice, your movements and stance are quite accurate. Have you ever thought about picking it back up?" she asked.

Su Yang put his hands on his waist and tried to keep up with Pan Zhaodi. "I've been quite busy recently, so I can't squeeze the time out to practice. Besides, I think my techniques are quite okay, therefore I don't think I'll be picking it soon."

The topic of martial arts piqued Pan Zhaodi's interest. "Your body is your capital. If you trade your body for money when you are young, you will trade money for health when you get older. Is that worth it? Why don't you train yourself from now on and make yourself stronger?"

She added after a little pause, "I've had a quick look at your posture and techniques. They're not bad, but without a healthy body, all martial arts, fighting, and sparring techniques are nothing but a joke. No matter how skilled or how good your techniques are, they will be wasted if your body can't keep up."

The topic turned Pan Zhaodi's chatterbox mode on, but Su Yang did not get brainwashed into training his body. Instead, he finally knew why Old Sixth Liu would get beaten up every day and could not even fight back.

'A woman who chases the truth on the path of martial arts...I guess no common man will ever contain her…'

Right after Pan Zhaodi learned that Su Yang had actually practiced martial arts before, she talked ceaselessly even with that frigid expression of hers. 

She finally let him go when they reached Su Yang's unit. Bidding goodbye, he waved at Pan Zhaodi before he crawled into his basement.

'It's torture! Sprinting for five kilometers without stopping!'

Su Yang's stamina was quite decent, but he could not keep up with Pan Zhaodi's pace. The lady might look pretty but she must be a T-Rex inside!

That night, after the vigorous exercise, Su Yang went to bed early and was sound asleep.

At 1 a.m., a pair of bright eyes opened in a dark corner of the villa. The square blob looked around suspiciously before it grabbed a bag and tip-toed to the swimming pool.


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