I'll Add Points To All Things
106 The Whisper Between The Little Monsters
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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106 The Whisper Between The Little Monsters

As usual, after Su Yang reached the swimming pool, he tossed the book into the water to start the trade, but then a figure appeared above the water.

"Hold on, Lord Su Yang!" As Pool rose from the water, the flying book accurately hit his head.

"Ouch!" Following the painful squeal, both Pool and the book fell back into the water with a splash.

Su Yang was confused by Pool's action. 'What's going on? Is receiving things with their heads a trend among the little monsters now?'

A while later, Pool floated up from the water while rubbing his head. He held the wet textbook in his hand and said, "Lord Su Yang, please be patient. I'm not done yet."

Su Yang was even more confused and clueless about what happened.

"The trade for today is over. The book that you threw into the swimming pool is no longer accepted, so it will only get wet if you insist," Pool said softly.

"Why? Why is it over? Does your special ability have a time limit?" asked Su Yang.

Pool spread his hands wide open. "It's because Lord Hus has traded before you today."

"Little Hus?" 

Su Yang was more surprised than ever. Since when did Little Hus trade on behalf of him? "I didn't tell him to trade on my behalf. Can he even do that without my consent?"

With his hands still spread wide, Pool said, "Then, I think you should talk to Lord Hus about it. Strictly speaking, other than yourself, no one can trade on your behalf but you didn't say no either."

'What the…? Is he playing me? This is an obvious loophole…'

Su Yang did not want to dwell on the problem. The easiest way to solve it was to give an immediate order to stop others from trading. He asked, "What did Little Hus trade in?"

Pool put the wet textbook aside and raised his hands up to show the holographic image of the options he had provided to Little Hus during the trade. "Lord Hus' luck is quite good. He got the options of a 50-gram gold bar and a bag of special dog food."

"A GOLD BAR?!" Su Yang's eyes shone like gold itself.

"Then, what did Little Hus choose?" he asked.

Pool shook his head. "I cannot reveal the decision made. I guess you will have to ask Lord Hus himself."

Su Yang ran off to Little Hus' den without even saying anything to the unlucky Pool Deity.

Little Hus had built several dens across the villa, and with Deeny's help, Su Yang found the husky bolster in a storeroom. The husky bolster was shaking its butt when Su Yang found him. It seemed like Little Hus was hiding something under the closet.

Su Yang quietly moved closer and whispered sinisterly, "Little Hus…"

Terrified, Little Hus jumped up and anxiously hid what he was covering behind him.

When Su Yang saw the nervous look on the husky, he said in disdain, "You are just a bolster. You don't even have a real mouth. Keeping things that you can't eat is pretty meaningless."

The husky on the bolster bared its teeth and growled, "I just want to keep it! It makes me happy even if I can't eat it!"

Su Yang was speechless. 'I know you behave like a husky because there's a husky picture on you, but why are you acting like a hamster?'

However, it was not the time to figure out what Little Hus was. Su Yang skipped to the point. "Fine, as long as you are happy, keep whatever you want. Now, give me what you traded with Pool last night."

Little Hus looked guilty when he mentioned the trade last night. He lowered his head in silence.

A bad feeling rose in Su Yang's heart. He grabbed Little Hus' mouth and said, "You lousy piece of good-for-nothing! Don't tell me you chose the dog food!"

Little Hus barked in a muffled voice "Let me go! Let me go!"

"I'm not letting you go until you tell me what you chose!"

Little Hus' edge searched around his back and took a gold bar out. He tossed it to Su Yang and said, "Gold bar! Gold bar! I chose the gold bar!"

Su Yang let go of the husky bolster after he got the gold bar. Then. he said happily, "I knew you would choose the gold bar."

Little Hus stared at him with his signature husky death stare. "How would you know?"

"How much is a bag of dog food worth? If you choose the gold bar and sell it, you can buy a hundred bags of dog food!"

"Tsk. Go away. Don't come and bother me! I'm having a bad day," said Little Hus impatiently.

"Whoa, look at your little temper, but I'm happy about the gold bar, so I won't argue with you this time." Su Yang then left the storeroom with the gold bar.

After he went out, he turned around for a last glance at Little Hus. He realized that Little Hus was spacing out in his little den, and judging from his gloomy look, he was really having a bad day.

'What's wrong with him? Is it because I snatched his gold bar?'

Su Yang recalled what happened inside the storeroom. He believed that it was not because of him taking the gold bar as Little Hus had been quite straightforward when he tossed him the gold bar.

However, he could not figure out why no matter how much he pondered. He returned to his bedroom and put the gold bar in a box. 

Gold was a strong currency regardless of time and era. He could sell it whenever he needed the extra money.

After he kept his gold bar, Su Yang suddenly remembered that he had left the wet textbook at the swimming pool. He should really dry it and not leave it soaking beside the pool.

With that in mind, he headed to the swimming pool again. He went to the swimming pool, but before he pushed the door open, he heard Pool talking to someone inside.

Pool was explaining in his soft and tender voice, "Little Hus' eyes shone like the sun when the gold bar and the dog food appeared last night. We all know how much he likes dog food, but Su Yang never buys him any, so all he can do is sleep with the two bags of dog food.

"The bag of dog food that he lost to me earlier was redeemed back after he offered me a ton of things. It's safe to say that the two bags of dog food are his life. Besides, the dog food I offered last night was not common dog food.

"I don't know why Little Hus was that lucky. I knew something wasn't right when the bag of dog food appeared, so I checked it and realized it was a bag of dog food with special abilities."

Then, a slow voice asked, "What ability?"

It sounded like Sanque.

'A ginseng that looks like an old man and a handsome young man becoming friends despite the great gap in their age? They sound like they are gossiping…'

Su Yang eavesdropped on the conversation quietly.

Pool said, "The abilities are simple actually: amplify tastes and auto-refill."

"Auto-refill?" asked Sanque.

"Yeah, when the bag is empty, it will automatically fill up after a day," said Pool.

"Isn't that great?" asked Sanque.

"I know, right? You have no idea how much Little Hus drooled when he saw the bag of dog food," said Pool with a chuckle.

"He's a bolster. How can he really drool?" asked Sanque.

"It's metaphorical! The husky picture can still drool," said Pool.

"I see," answered Sanque.

Pool recalled what happened last night. "He stood hesitant for half an hour. I almost fell asleep waiting for him, but in the end, he chose the gold bar over the bag of dog food."

Shocked, Sanque asked, "Why?"

Pool thought about it and said softly, "He said Su Yang will like the gold bar and he knew that Su Yang needs a lot of money now. If Su Yang sells the gold bar, it could at least reduce his burden. Little Hus feels that Su Yang is living a tiring life by working every day."

"Oh, I see," said Sanque.

Su Yang heard everything at the entrance, and for whatever reason, his heart felt something different.

'Little Hus…'

He clenched his fists and left.

The conversation continued even after he walked away.

"I can tell that Little Hus is quite saddened by the choice. He looked deflated after he took the gold bar, but when I asked him whether he regretted his choice or not, he shook his head and said no."

"Is he an idiot or what?"


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