I'll Add Points To All Things
107 Helped The Company Reach Top 500
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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107 Helped The Company Reach Top 500

After he left the swimming pool, Su Yang got out of the virtual space and headed to the supermarket.

Half an hour later, he came back and jumped back into the virtual space. He confirmed with Deeny that Little Hus was still lying down in that storeroom before he brought the things he had bought over.

He popped his head over the door to have a peak.

Little Hus was lying on the floor like a soulless corpse. All four of his 'edges' faced up and his eyes were closed. 

'Is he sleeping or is his mind wandering off?'

Su Yang quietly snuck inside and put the things down before he pulled Little Hus up and shouted in his ears, "LITTLE HUS!"

Little Hus' head shook. He widened his eyes and looked around in confusion.

Su Yang smirked. "Are you sleeping?"

Little Hus returned to his dispirited look when he saw it was Su Yang. He grunted but did not say anything.

Su Yang tossed Little Hus back into his den and sat down as if the prank did not happen. "I heard that you gave up on the bag of dog food and chose the gold bar."

Little Hus looked askance at him. "Why are you asking something that you already know?"

Su Yang looked at its doggy eyes. "I heard it's a bag of auto-refilling dog food."

Little Hus looked slightly distracted. "Who told you that?! It's a lie! How can dog food auto-refill itself? Have you not heard of the Theory of Relativism? Matter cannot be generated out of thin air or disappear into thin air."

'Excuse me. You've gone a little too far with the example! And it's not the Theory of Relativism, it's the Law of Conservation of Matter! You little doggy!'

Su Yang cleared his throat and said, "Spare me the nonsense. I actually heard it from Pool.'

"Hmph." Little Hus stopped playing dumb since he already knew. Instead, he lay back down, continued playing dead, and muttered, "That damn Pool, what's with the customer confidentiality? You outed me in less than a few hours…"

After criticizing Pool, Little Hus averted Su Yang's gaze and said with a pout, "Don't think too highly of yourself. I didn't choose the gold bar because of you. It's just that…I don't have a mouth and I can't really eat. Even if I have an auto-refilling bag of dog food, it's useless to me. That's why I chose the gold bar."

Su Yang looked at Little Hus. He suddenly that realized after all this while, whatever Little Hus did, the trouble that he caused and the pranks he played were just an act to attract attention. It was his way of saying 'please look at me.'

Under its naughty and somewhat violent cover was a heart of gold.

In short, he was a tsundere[1] character. 

Su Yang was a pro in dealing with tsundere characters. He tapped Little Hus and exaggerated, "I'm not thinking too highly of myself. You are just an idiot."

Little Hus looked up and started to growl lowly at him. "Look, how much can a gold bar be worth? I can get 15K at most if the buyer is in a good mood, but auto-refilling dog food is different! If I can take the contents out, repackage it and sell it, I will be able to earn a gold bar's worth of money in a few years. Two years tops, to earn the capital and five years to make profit!

"If you are not an idiot, what are you?"

Little Hus did not know what to say, he was shocked by Su Yang's way of thinking. On top of that, Su Yang obviously was the biggest gainer in this deal, yet he still came up with a ton of excuses to make Little Hus mad.

With his teeth bared, Little Hus jumped at Su Yang. "I'll tear you to shreds!"

"Hahaha!" Su Yang toyed around with the jumping bolster after he saw Little Hus get a lot more energetic. He managed to escape the storeroom in the midst of the tussle.

Little Hus felt proud after he chased out the enemy out of his territory. He hopped back into his den like a warrior that came back victorious.

It was then that he noticed a bag beside his den.

"Huh? Where did this bag come from?"

Little Hus used his edges and opened the bag. His eyes shone brightly when he saw the contents. There was chocolate, dog food, ham, and all sorts of delicious food inside. He also found a baseball inside!

Little Hus' eyes were brighter than the sun.

As a 'dog', he loved baseball. 

The moment he pictured the scene whereby Su Yang tossed the ball out and he hopped over to retrieve it, he got extremely excited.


The next morning, Su Yang went to class in the morning, and after lunch, he went back to the office.

He had sent out interview invites to five candidates yesterday, so he had to be there to interview them.

In order to make himself look more mature, Su Yang went home for a change. He changed into the cheap formal shirt that he had only worn a few times. Maybe because he was young, the cheap formal shirt seemed to fit him. 

Su Yang was almost 20, and when he looked at himself in the mirror, he finally looked a little more mature in the formal wear. After he got dressed, he stepped out of his basement and headed to his office.

Before he left the neighborhood entrance, he ran into Pan Zhaodi.

Pan Zhaodi had just come out from her unit, but she was already sweating, and by the looks of it, she was jogging to the high-tech park.

Maybe because she was having an emergency, she was wearing the blue uniform instead of a tracksuit. The button in front of her huge chest was clinging on for dear life to keep her shirt together while her chest was bouncing up and down along with the motion.

She overtook Su Yang from behind, but she did not forget to greet him in her frigid tone, "Morning."

Su Yang looked up into the sky and saw the sun above his head. 'It's really…not that early.'

'Afternoon," he said.

Pan Zhaodi waved and ran straight ahead until she disappeared from his sight.

Su Yang realized that women who trained and practiced martial arts were unlike other common women. They were like wild horses and their ferality could never be tamed. The health benefits from the constant exercises granted them a natural energetic aura.

When Su Yang reached the office, Wang Dong was already there. They talked about the company's next step before Su Yang sat down and started the rental laptop.

He logged on to the recruitment website to check for new applicants. Maybe because the recruitment website promoted his recruitment post, Su Yang received a dozen applicants that day.

'It seems like there are more people looking for a job than those starting their own company. I guess it's only normal since it's only two months after the New Year, so it's recruitment season. I wonder how many of these applicants will pass.'

Su Yang was having a hard time going through the applicants' resumes. Every one of them exaggerated greatly in their resume, so he could not tell which was real and which was not.

He did not have connections like the big companies. Otherwise, he could call the recruitment firm to ask around.

'If only I have a way of understanding what kind of people I'm hiring…'

With that in mind, Su Yang opened the next resume and he almost spat out the water that he drank.

The resume clearly wrote: worked at Taobao before, helped Mr. Ma boost the company to the top 500.

Su Yang read on and realized that this applicant once worked in e-commerce, hence the term 'worked at Taobao'.

As for why only the top 500 and not the top one, the shop had closed down. The applicant even claimed that he was great and experienced in promoting.


[1] Tsundere: a Japanese term for a character development process that depicts a person who is initially cold (and sometimes even hostile) before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time.

I mean almost everyone who is a little bit familiar with anime stuff knows what tsundere means. Even Google acknowledges it as a word lols.

'I-It's not like I baked this cake for you because I like you, b-baka!'



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