I'll Add Points To All Things
108 It“s Been A While, Bronze Mission
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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108 It“s Been A While, Bronze Mission

Su Yang went through the other resumes but realized they were almost the same.

The applicants either exaggerated their experiences or put no effort in writing the resume, hence making it look plain.

'I knew a startup company like mine isn't attractive enough.'

Su Yang did not dwell on the thought though. He went through the resumes that he selected yesterday, hoping to find a potential candidate.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for the interviewees to show up.

However, Su Yang learned that the situation was much worse than he expected. Out of the five contacted applicants, two said they were busy and did not show up while one disappeared into thin air and went silent.

In the end, only two out of the five showed up.

Nevertheless, Su Yang carried on with the interview. The first one was a guy whose resume was quite decent and he had only graduated from university last year. He was the student council president in his university days and had been working in a medium enterprise for a year as a marketing executive. He came to this interview seeking for career expansion and hoped to expand his connections.

After the interview, Su Yang found the guy to exaggerate a bit, but he should be capable enough. He was able to deliver practical marketing techniques and was quite a talker. He seemed like a decent candidate.

Unfortunately, the guy was polite during the interview, but after he toured the office and realized that Su Yang was the owner of this startup, he lost interest right away.

Su Yang could not do anything either. Recruitment was a two-way process, and it was normal for people not to be attracted to small startups.

Nevertheless, Su Yang was straightforward enough. He exchanged contacts with the guy and said that he hoped to work with the guy if the opportunity presented itself. Then, he wished the guy good luck in his future endeavors.

Ever since he started his company, Su Yang had picked up the habit of treating everyone with kindness and tended to leave a good impression regardless of who he met.

Sometimes, the simple act of exchanging contacts might present a potential working opportunity in the future.

The second interviewee was a girl. Similar to the guy, she was around 23 or 24 years old and had graduated for a little over a year. While her resume was straightforward, it was nothing stellar. Su Yang was thinking of keeping her if he could not find someone suitable. At least, he would give her a chance to make it to probation.

However, after the interview, Wang Dong expressed a different opinion about the girl. He said, "Mr. Su, it's best not to hire a girl if she's not capable or talented."

Curious, Su Yang asked, "Why do you say so?"

Wang Dong said, "Girls tend to get married around her age. It's common for girls to get married after joining a company. What follows is having a baby. Since the government allows people to have a second child, a lot of people tend to have two children if possible.

"So, if you do the maths, a girl's wedding leave and maternity leave adds up to around six months. If she's weaker than others during pregnancy, her health will be affected and more hospital trips will follow, meaning more sick leave. She can stay at home and rest, but it's all paid leave.

"On top of that, you can't fire a female employee during pregnancy, so it's nothing but trouble. Even though the government will subsidize the paid leave and provide insurance during maternity leave, what about their work? Who should cover their work during the leaves? Hire a new one to fill the spot? Who are you going to fire when she comes back after giving birth?

"If you don't fill her spot during maternity leave and split her workload to other employees, it will cause problems in the office environment because they are doing extra without increment. Will they be okay with it?

"I've been with many companies in the past few years and I've seen situations like this before. Some girls even join a company just to get insurance and paid leave and once they get pregnant, they will find all kinds of excuses to take leave such as serious morning sickness or whatnot. A lot of small and medium enterprises don't want girls who haven't given birth because they are scared of the consequences."

Wang Dong summed his thoughts up by saying, "It's not their fault. Society is just this cruel."

Su Yang was speechless for a long while after hearing what Wang Dong said.

It was all possible from an objective point of view. Maybe this was the reason why females had a weaker stand in their jobs.

He understood Wang Dong's concern and he believed he should try to stay away from such a situation too, but it was not necessary to be this extreme with the methods.

If there were capable girls who applied for the job, Su Yang would keep whoever he could. Should the girl really work hard for the company, he would congratulate her for her pregnancy from the bottom of his heart.

As for those who took advantage of the government policy, he would teach them a lesson and let them know the consequences of swindling money from his company.

He would not really harm them physically, but he had a lot of special abilities and special items. Any one of them would be enough to teach those scammers a lesson.

Su Yang suddenly realized that he had gone too far ahead with his thoughts. He barely had enough people for an interview, let alone have someone capable. 

Truth be told, he was too inexperienced to read people, so he did not know how to differentiate a good candidate from a dull one. He believed he should try to solve this problem first and not think about the future problems.

'I guess it's time to add some points.'

In the evening, after he got off work from a busy day, Su Yang walked home while thinking about what to add. Right after he walked out of the high-tech park, he saw a familiar person walking out from the management office: Pan Zhaodi.

She nodded when she spotted him. It was her way of saying 'hi'. She asked, "Wanna have a jog?"

Su Yang looked at her. She was wearing the tracksuit again. It seemed like she really meant it when she said she jogged to and fro work just to train.

After a quick thought, he believed it was time for him to exercise, so he nodded.

However, he knew his own condition better than anyone, so he said, "But I think you will have to slow down a bit. I can't run five kilometers at your pace."

Pan Zhaodi nodded.

The two of them then jogged towards their neighborhood side by side.

Along the way, Pan Zhaodi noticed Su Yang panting as he ran, "Your body really doesn't look like you practiced martial arts."

Su Yang answered despite the strain, "R-really?"

Pan Zhaodi nodded. Her breath was not messed up in any way despite the exercise. "Your physical qualities might be good, but it doesn't look like you went through a systematic training course. It's more like you did a lot of labor work and got stronger, but you don't know how to use it.

"However, I notice some of your movements and natural reactions resemble those of someone who has practiced martial arts for quite a while. It feels like it comes from your bones. The difference in the feeling baffles me.

"I think when you are serious, you can take down three to four untrained men easily, but I don't think you will be able to react when you are ambushed." 

Su Yang shuddered in fear. 

'F*ck me! Is she Wonder Woman? She read me like I'm a plastic bag! A T-Rex who can fight is not as scary as a cultured T-Rex!'

When they reached their neighborhood, Su Yang felt a lot better than he did after the last jog. The ability that the system granted him seemed to have merged better with his body following the exercise. 

'Now, I see. I need to train my body to adapt to the abilities of the system.'

Right when the thought popped into his head, Pan Zhaodi's voice entered his ear, "Right, are you free tomorrow night? Wanna have a round or two?"

Su Yang failed to comprehend what she was saying, "A round? A round of what? A game?"

"A match. It's just a simple practice. You can use your sparring techniques and I'll use my martial arts technique.

'SPARE ME PLEASE! I think I'm going to die…'

It was at that moment that the system, which had not given him a mission for a while now, beeped in his head.

[Beep. New Bronze Mission.]

'What the f**k!?'


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