I'll Add Points To All Things
110 Special Item: A Talent Printer That Likes To Jog
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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110 Special Item: A Talent Printer That Likes To Jog

[Talent Printer That Likes To Jog (0/49)]

[Ability: The resume printed from this printer will state the person's real strengths, potential, and character analysis.]

[Restriction 1: You can only print the resume that you've received.]

[Restriction 2: You can only print 49 times and there is no way to replenish the counter for now. Please use it carefully.]

[Restriction 3: You will need to run for 1 km for the first print of the day.]

[Remark: Talents exist in every era. The only problem is that no one can identify them and realize their talents. If people could identify the talents of their era, there would be no fear of lacking talents.]

The printer's ability was slightly unfortunate after Su Yang had a closer look.

At first, when he saw the name of the special item, he thought that the printer could print out the resume of the talent that he requested. He smiled so widely that his mouth almost touched his ears. 

However, it turned out to be different.

'Sigh. Whatever, it's still a decent item since it is what I need at the moment.'

With the printer, at least, he did not have to worry about missing out talented candidates at this early stage. He could even check the talent's potential and character which would be helpful in the hiring decision.

The only regrettable point was the usage counter. Su Yang's small company could already receive a few resumes in a day, and if his company expanded, he might be able to receive a dozen or even up to a hundred during the graduation season.

49 times was not even enough.

In the end, he still had to filter the candidates first before printing the resume out. Otherwise, the counter would be used up in days.

With that in mind, Su Yang tapped the printer to see whose resume he could print.

A quick tap later, a holographic panel appeared above the printer and a list of resumes was shown. There were a little more than 20 resumes in there which added up to the 8 from yesterday and the 15 from today.

He scrolled down and saw that even the names on the resume matched the applicants that he had interviewed. When he scrolled to the very end, he saw an unusual name on the list: Wang Dong.

'Wang Dong? Did he send me a resume before this?'

Su Yang tried to recall but could not remember.

'Hmm, but he did show me his resume after I invited him to join the company. I guess that's also included.'

A quick thought later, Su Yang believed it was worth printing Wang Dong's resume because the man was considered a founding member and also held part of the company shares. 

After all, understanding him more would be quite helpful to Su Yang.

Su Yang tapped on Wang Dong's resume and printed it out.

The printer rumbled for a moment before printing out a piece of white paper.

'A piece of white paper? Is this thing broken?'

Su Yang tapped on the printer but nothing happened. He went back to the description and realized that he must first run a kilometer before printing the first resume of the day.

'What the…? Isn't this a little too late!? I've been working out the whole day and I'm exhausted!'

Su Yang did not have a choice but to step on the treadmill again because he really wanted to have a look at Wang Dong's resume.

The five little monsters got together and gossiped when Su Yang started working out again.

With her bag of melon seeds, Deeny asked, "Why is the Master running again?"

Little Hus dug his big nose and said, "His mind must have gone kaput again. Isn't it exhausting?"

Pool squinted his eyes and smiled warmly. "Maybe Lord Su Yang is having another Sports Day the day after tomorrow?"

Sanque slowly opened its eyes. "Dumb." It wanted to close its eyes after making fun of Su Yang, but it noticed Gru was acting up beside it, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING AGAIN!?"

The other three turned to the commotion and noticed that Gru had picked up the scissors with its twigs. It seemed like it was trying to cut Sanque's arm off.

Gru 'Gru-ed' in grievance when everyone found out what it was trying to do.

Sanque's ugly face curdled up and it scolded Gru, "Are you dumb? Little Hus said that that idiot will die of exhaustion and you believe him? Even if he dies of exhaustion, you can't simply cut my arm off!"

"Gru, Gru…" Gru whimpered softly.

After running one kilometer on the treadmill, Su Yang picked up the piece of resume, but there was still nothing on it.

'What is this about? Doesn't the treadmill in the virtual space count? What the hell? The criteria are so strict!'

Su Yang could not hold it back anymore. He collapsed on the gym floor and heaved strongly.

After some rest, he decided to go out of the virtual space and run another kilometer because he really wanted to look at Wang Dong's resume.

If the paper was still white after this run, he made up his mind to sue the system for cheating its user! 

Fortunately, after running a kilometer around the neighborhood, pictures and words finally appeared on the piece of paper.

Panting, Su Yang walked back home while holding the piece of paper in his hand.

Right after he stepped into his neighborhood, the charming voice of a man came behind him, "President! Mr. President! What a surprise bumping into you here!"

Su Yang turned around and saw Qu Xuan coming from afar. The guy was still fresh and handsome. Even though it was already night time, Qu Xuan seemed like he had the sun at his back. He really matched the image of a healthy athlete.

'Can exercise really change a person's presence?'

Su Yang looked down at his sweaty body. Due to the extensive workout in the same shirt, he reeked of sweat. 

'I think the problem is with my face…'

Qu Xuan got closer and saw Su Yang drenched in sweat with wobbly legs. "Mr. President, working out?"

Su Yang nodded. "Yeah, I just ran 15 km today."

Qu Xuan looked surprised and continued his flattery, "Oh my goodness! You are awesome! Even an athlete couldn't run as much as you!"

Su Yang clicked his tongue softly because he knew that Qu Xuan was flattering him. A real athlete would be able to run a lot more than him.

What he did not know was that Qu Xuan was actually referring to himself. Other than the necessary training, Qu Xuan usually lay down and did nothing. He was as lazy as a sloth, thus the amount of exercise Su Yang did indeed surpass his.

After some chat, Su Yang got to know that Qu Xuan had a close relative staying in the neighborhood and was visiting this relative of his tonight. He finally understood why the sunny boy did not stay in his dorm at this time of the year and came all the way to his neighborhood.

After a while, Su Yang took his leave. He was really exhausted and he was trying to have a good look at Wang Dong's resume.

Qu Xuan was also tactful enough to part ways with Su Yang.

As Su Yang walked away, Qu Xuan looked at Su Yang with a meaningful gaze. 'A guy who trains hard should have a decent character.'

After Su Yang got home, he collapsed on the couch and called Deeny to massage his shoulders. 

Finally, he had the time to go through Wang Dong's resume.


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