I'll Add Points To All Things
111 Each Talent“s Commen
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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111 Each Talent“s Commen

The resume was a simple one. The first thing Su Yang saw was Wang Dong's smiling portrait. Wang Dong's hair was neither long nor short, and the picture somehow looked recent

The first part of the resume was the typical part about height, weight, race, birth origin, and marriage status.

The second part was the educational background and working experience. From which kindergarten he attended to how many high schools he went to and even how many companies he had worked for, everything was listed clearly together with the year, date, and even the time. The reason for the changes was also stated.

The reason he transferred from Laiyang Second Middle School to Qufu 58th Middle School was that his father had changed his jobs and the family had to move to another city, hence the school transfer.

The reason he had to leave his third job was that he accidentally bumped into his superior having an affair in the office, so he was fired.

If what Su Yang had seen until now was considered common information on a resume, what he was going to see in the last part, was the special section that he would not see in other resumes. 

The last part of the resume was what made the printer valuable: the Comment System.

[Personality Comment: Employee is hardworking, motivated, patient, and passionate about his work. However, his personality is rather soft and hesitant. He doesn't have what it takes to make a resolute decision. Suitable as an assistant. Please try to avoid letting him handle work alone.]

[Skills comment: Has slightly weaker interior design skills, organizing skills, and social skills. Has decent relationship-maintaining skills and certain connections in the intermediary field. Able to assign him to relationship-maintaining or intermediary tasks.]

[Potential Comment: Potential to maintain relationships, can be assigned to a related training program.]

[Final Comment: A normal worker, hardworking.]

Su Yang was not overly surprised after he went through it. He was actually quite clear about Wang Dong's skills and personality, so the comments were within his expectations.

He was not in a movie after all, so the odds of running into a talented person or a kingmaker around the corner was near to zero.

Even though it had only been a few years since the country started to grow strong, society was already divided into different classes. Middle school exams, high school exams, one's job, and the city one lived in were all the criteria that classified people into many different classifications.

Su Yang did not have knowledge in this field before this, but when he entered the prestigious high school in the county, he realized that everyone in school was either first or second in their respective middle school back in their villages or town. Some of them even came from wealthy and notable backgrounds.

After the high school exams, his schoolmates who had relationships with the school were sent to study abroad. 90% of the rest got into the first intake of prestigious undergraduate courses (Bachelor's Degree) and 10% got into the second intake though they were only in regular courses. He had never heard of his schoolmates failing the university intake, so he had thought it was normal back then.

However, when he went back to his village and met his elementary friend, he learned that his friend's high school only provided 10 undergraduate courses and the passing rate for the intake was less than 20% in their school. The rest would have to take Diploma courses or drop out to start work.

It was then that Su Yang realized the moment the national entrance exam ended, he and his friend had set onto different paths and were divided by a deep trench. 

After he came to Shanghai, he then realized that university was a much crueler and more realistic place.

Students from Tsinghua, Peking, and Fudan[1] had the privilege to choose their own occupation. 

Those from universities under Project 985[2] and 221[3] could go through several rounds of interviews or campus recruitment to get into their preferred companies.

All the companies chosen by these elite students were either the top 500 in the country or multinational elite companies.

However, students from the normal undergraduate courses and Diploma courses would have to send in resumes to companies and search for a job just like everyone else. Getting into a good company would be as lucky as striking the lottery.

Wang Dong was one of the unlucky ones. If he had a spectacular educational background or amazing talents, he would have gotten into Alibaba, Huawei, or Tencent. He would not have had to linger in Shanghai for so many years and ultimately end up in Su Yang's company.

With that in mind, Su Yang sighed. 

'If people are selected based on their background, aren't companies the same?'

Talented people would already be recruited by big companies while they were still studying. Therefore, the talent pool he had access to choose from were fewer than a handful of people. 

There was a solid reason behind why big companies continued to be strong and small companies continued to struggle.

After going through Wang Dong's analysis, Su Yang no longer had any expectations of the man.

Nevertheless, Su Yang would treat the founding member of his company fairly, and do things such as assign the man to take care of the part-time job department in the future or whatnot. 

However, Su Yang no longer hoped for Wang Dong to accompany him in his conquest of the internet era. Instead, he placed his hopes on finding more potential and undiscovered seeds that he could raise to help build his business empire.

Putting Wang Dong's resume aside, Su Yang told Deeny to rest before he headed to the study room. He wanted to filter all the resumes that he had received.

The Talent Printer could only print 49 times and he had used it once on Wang Dong. Su Yang must be careful with the initial filtering before printing it out with the printer.

After the initial filtering, Su Yang picked two out of the dozen resumes that he found interesting. However, after printing them out, he realized the comments were not great and were somehow worse than Wang Dong.

Su Yang rubbed his chin.

'This isn't going to work. There are too few resumes, which means a slimmer chance of finding someone talented. The best way would be increasing the company's popularity to attract more resumes. As for how…Easy! I'll top-up!'

It was a society of money after all, so money could solve everything.

After Su Yang topped-up his account in two recruitment websites to boost his recruitment post up the rankings and sent a newsletter to the users, he started to receive an influx of resumes in the backend system.

However, he only received a little over 70 applications overnight. It must be the size of his company, hence the number of applications did not meet his expectation.

Su Yang selected 15 interesting resumes out of the bunch, and to his surprise, there were two applicants that really seemed like talented people.

The first one was a male named Liu Xin who was 26 years old and his resume was printed out.

[Personality Comment: Employee is motivated and has ambition. An extrovert but a little impatient. Would suggest training him with the basics.]

[Skills Comment: Has weak organizing skills, slightly weaker social skills, average sales skills. Has certain connections in marketing. Suitable for sales or marketing-related tasks.]

[Potential Comment: Has potential in sales, can arrange suitable training in related aspects.]

[Final Comment: An average worker, hardworking.]

The second one was a female named Chen Xiaoyun who was 21 years old.

[Personality Comment: Employee is patient and easy-going. Relatively kind but doesn't have decision-making power. Would suggest placing her in an administrative or secretarial position. Please avoid letting her handle work alone.]

[Skills Comment: Has slightly weaker organizing skills and weak social skills. No suggested task at the moment.]

[Potential Comment: Has decent potential in negotiating and dealing with human resources matters. Would suggest training her in related aspects.]

[Final Comment: A potential worker.]

Other than these two resumes that caught Su Yang's eye, the rest were plain, boring, in fact. Some were even worse than Wang Dong.

However, it was unwise to only interview these two, so Su Yang rearranged the resumes and picked 10 more and sent them interview invitations for this Sunday.

After sending all the invitations out, Su Yang realized he might be able to spot a talented person, but he did not have what it took to retain them.

'Should I get an ability that boosts my eloquence so that I can retain them with my outstanding, amazing, marvelous speech?'

He believed the answer would lie with Pan Zhaodi.

He had three Bronze Missions on-going, and other than Pan Zhaodi's 'dangerous' mission, the other two could not be completed in a short amount of time.

All he needed to do was last or survive for two minutes and he could get a Bronze Point!

With that in mind, Su Yang believed he should really work harder to face the challenge.

'Or should I tell Sanque to prepare his hand for me?'

The night was quiet after that.

The next day, which was a Friday, Su Yang was awoken by the notification from the system.

[One more day until the special item, the Lucky Disfiguring Brick, can be used.]

[1] Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan University are China's top universities under Project 985.

[2] Project 985 is a project that was first announced by CPC General Secretary and Chinese President Jiang Zemin at the 100th anniversary of Peking University on May 4, 1998, to promote the development and reputation of the Chinese higher education system by founding world-class universities in the 21st century.


[3] Project 211 is a project of National Key Universities and colleges initiated in 1995 by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China with the intention of raising the research standards of high-level universities and cultivating strategies for socio-economic development. Shanghai University is under Project 211.



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