I'll Add Points To All Things
114 A Little Something From The Pool Deity
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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114 A Little Something From The Pool Deity

Pan Zhaodi released Su Yang.

Maybe because her stamina was failing, which directly affected her strength, Su Yang was able to fight with all he had this time.

After the spar ended, the two of them collapsed on the ground, panting ceaselessly. Pan Zhaodi had sparred for two whole hours and her stamina finally failed her. As for Su Yang, the stamina that he recovered from Sanque's roots were depleted in those last two minutes.

They lay on the ground for a full 20 seconds before Su Yang stood up first. He reached out to Pan Zhaodi and helped her up. While he took off his protective gear, he said, "I guess that's all for today. Thank you for the spar, Sister Pan."

Pan Zhaodi brushed the dirt off her shoulder. She did not reply to Su Yang directly. Instead, she said, "I haven't fought this comfortably for a long time."

Su Yang stared at her quietly. He noticed that other than the exhaustion, the woman's eyes looked like they were on fire and were burning with liveliness, but of course, it might be the reflection of the orange street lamps in her eyes since it was already 8 p.m.

The two of them tidied up before they left the little park and walked back to the neighborhood.

However, they did not notice a fat figure looking at them when they walked out of the park.

The fat man saw them walking away together. At first, he was suspicious, then he frowned, and as his brows furrowed tighter, he got so confused that he did not know how to react.

After they reached the neighborhood, Su Yang parted ways with Pan Zhaodi and returned home.

When Pan Zhaodi got home, there was no one around. The table in the living room and the floor were blanketed by cigarette buds and empty beer bottles while the whole house reeked of tobacco and alcohol.

Pan Zhaodi furrowed her beautiful brows, but she was never a talker. She did not even mutter a word and started cleaning up after she opened the window.

Half an hour later, she finally cleaned everything up.

Cleaning up the mess in the house should be an easy chore to her, but today, she was extremely tired after sparring with Su Yang for two hours. She stretched her sore body before grabbing her towel and robe into the bathroom.

After a comforting bath, Pan Zhaodi went to the kitchen and made some rice gruel for dinner.

Halfway through her dinner, the noise of keys unlocking the door came, but she did not look at the door, not even sparing a glance. She concentrated on eating her dinner quietly.

More than 20 seconds later, a drunk Old Sixth Liu came into the house. He closed the door and said with a chuckle, "Zhaodi, I brought some meat back. Do you want to have some?"

He lifted the bag in his hand and inside was a black color stewed beef.

Pan Zhaodi did not say a word. She took the bag of beef and went to the kitchen to prepare it. After she prepared the beef and went back to the living room, Old Sixth Liu was sitting in her seat and slurping her bowl of rice gruel.

Pan Zhaodi stared at him plainly.

Old Sixth Liu did not know what happened at first, and moments later, he nervously put down the bowl of gruel and looked at his wife with a terrified and awkward gaze. "I-I'm a little hungry."

Pan Zhaodi frowned. She put the plate of beef on the table and wanted to go back to her room.

It was then that Old Sixth Liu held her back. "What's wrong with your knees?"

She looked down and saw her right knee was chafed and her left knee was bruised. She must have hurt herself when she landed hard on her knees during the last round with Su Yang.

She answered coldly, "I knocked them against something." She then went back into her room and locked the door.

Old Sixth Liu shook his head without being overly concerned. He tapped the sheets on the couch and sighed before he continued slurping Pan Zhaodi's bowl of rice gruel.

Meanwhile, in the virtual space, after Su Yang got out of the shower and had dinner, he slouched on the couch and enjoyed the massage his little monsters provided.

Ever since Deeny massaged Su Yang, the other little monsters found it interesting and wanted to try it.

However, Su Yang found the situation strange. Aside from having two robust tree branches massaging his body, which already felt weird, Little Hus was jumping on top of his body and was cheering happily as he jumped.

'Is this doggy b*stard taking revenge on me?'

If Su Yang was overthinking for assuming Little Hus was stepping on him for fun instead of massaging him, then he got chills when he saw Pool beside him, looking all eager to lay his hands on him.

Su Yang was a straight guy and had no problems with his sexual orientation. Therefore, as the patriarchal figure in the house, he told everyone to go away and stop disturbing Deeny from massaging him.

All the little monsters scrambled away, but Pool stayed behind. He was standing aside with his hands inside his sleeves while looking at Su Yang with a warm look.

Su Yang glanced at him while enjoying Deeny's massage. "Is there anything?"

Pool nodded and said, "Lord, Su Yang, I want to have a look at the real world."


"Why not?" asked Pool.

"If either one of you is exposed to the public, we will be in big trouble," Su Yang said.

Pool turned around in front of Su Yang and said, "Do you think I'm any different from a normal human being?"

Su Yang sized up Pool as he rubbed his chin. "People nowadays barely wear traditional outfits anymore."

Pool smiled and explained, "But I saw a lot of young men and women on the streets in fashionable traditional attire."

Su Yang thought about it and realized that Pool actually made sense. Traditional attire did seem to be making a comeback in the fashion world.

On top of that, Pool was unlike other little monsters. Be it his looks or his behavior, he was no different than a normal human being. His personality was decent too, unlike Little Hus who would always cause trouble.

'Maybe…I can try to bring him out?'

With that in mind, Su Yang decided to take a step back and meet Pool in the middle. "Why don't you follow me out this Saturday morning? But you mustn't cause any trouble or reveal your identity to anyone, understand?"

Pool smiled and nodded. "Thank you, Lord Su Yang." He always spoke slowly and soft no matter what kind of situation he was in.

After that, Pool took out a box from his sleeve and offered it to Su Yang. "This is a little something that I prepared for you, Lord Su Yang. I hope you will like it."

Su Yang opened the little box and saw three 1 cm long ginseng roots. He looked at Pool who explained, "Sanque lost these roots to me in chess. We've gotten hooked on playing chess recently."

'Why do I feel Sanque will lose his whole body to you one day?'

After Pool left, Su Yang told Deeny, "Keep an eye on them. Don't let them learn the bad stuff from the internet."

Deeny nodded as she continued massaging. "Yes, Master."

A moment later, she suddenly remembered something and said, "Oh right, Master! The app you told me to modify and optimize is ready. I've done everything that needs to be done."

Delighted, Su Yang said, "Really? Let me have a look."

Deeny summoned a holographic panel in front of him. He tried it right away and found that the app was fully optimized as Deeny claimed.

The icons, the back-end administration, the data statistics, and the payment API interface...everything was done beautifully. The payment API interface was even connected to WeChat Pay and Alipay.

According to Deeny, the reason why it had taken so long was that the app had to go through verifications with two different companies, hence the delay.

After testing it out, Su Yang sent the app to Wang Dong and gave him administrative access to start connecting jobs to part-timers.

Wang Dong had been working hard for half a month now, and he got a lot of jobs for the company. Su Yang had started to grow tired of sending jobs into WeChat groups over and over again. Even the registration process started to become complicated.

With the app completed, the pressing matter finally had a solution.


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