I'll Add Points To All Things
116 Talent: The Kind Sharp Knife
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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116 Talent: The Kind Sharp Knife

It was then that the description window popped out.

[Fruit Knife +1: Life Evolution successful. Acquired Simple Intellect. Acquired Talent: Kind Sharp Knife.]

It was a simple description without anything noteworthy.

Su Yang tapped on the talent.

[Talent: Kind Sharp Knife]

[Trait 1: The sharpest knife there is. It can cut through almost every solid item on Earth.]

[Trait 2: Unable to harm any form of life. Can inflict pain but not actual injuries.]

[Remark: Now there, fighting and killing are no good. Why don't you use me to cut an apple instead?]

Su Yang was speechless when he saw the description. 

'It's probably the sharpest fruit knife, but it can't harm life forms? And it's blind? It's like all the strangest things in the world decided to get together…'

Su Yang did not know where to start his comments because he found too many flaws with this little knife.

'What is this "Talent" anyway? How is it different from special abilities?'

Su Yang carefully checked the system and found a description in a little corner.

[Talent: The traits that appear on a person or an item. Cannot be changed or switched off. Effective for life.]

[Special Ability: The abilities that a person or an item acquires. Can choose to activate it or not.]

Su Yang understood the difference between the two after a quick read.

Suddenly, the fruit knife spoke, "Hi, Su Yang, are you still here?" Her voice was as meek as a hamster, matching her kindness, but judging from her voice, she should be a little girl around five to six years old.

Su Yang tapped her handle and said, "Yeah, I'm here."

"What are you doing?" the little knife asked meekly.

"I'm looking at your description," he replied.

"Why can't I see my own description?" asked the little knife.

Su Yang sat down with her and asked, "What can you see now? Darkness? Or something else?"

The little knife asked in a cute and curious tone, "Darkness? What's that? There is nothing in front of me. It's empty."


Su Yang went online to search for how blind people viewed the world and he soon noticed something.

'Color is the reflection of light, and since blind people can't feel light, what they see isn't darkness but emptiness, a blank void. There is a simple way for normal people to experience this so-called emptiness: close your eyes for ten seconds and then open only one eye. What the other eye sees is emptiness.'

Su Yang tested it out and he must say the emptiness was much more terrifying than darkness. He felt sorry for the little knife. He tapped the handle and said, "I'll call you Lady Knife from now on. Welcome to the family."

It had only been 10 minutes after he got the Bronze Ability and added a point to another new little monster. Su Yang stuck to the plan and took out his phone.

In front of him was the two-colored ball lottery home page and he was ready to place his bet.

Maybe due tothe effect of the lucky brick, Su Yang had a feeling in his heart after looking at the page for two minutes. He started to write down the winning number.

After that, all his plans came to an end and he did not know what to do with the rest of the lucky duration.

'Maybe I should utilize the moment and print out the lottery ticket. I might be able to pick up some money along the way! It's a waste if I don't utilize the lucky duration to the fullest.'

With that in mind, Su Yang went to the bathroom and wiped his hands before he jumped out of the virtual space and went out to get the lottery ticket. After all, he might be able to pick up some money along the way.

Meanwhile, in the part-time job chat group for the Faculty of Information at Shanghai University, someone suddenly sent red packets to the group. It attracted some 'submerged' members to resurface after a long while just to claim the red packets.

However, after they claimed it, they realized that only one of the packets had money and that someone had already taken it.

Normally, the members would scatter and go back to their business after they missed it, but for some reason, a lot of members started to search the chat history and they discovered that someone had sent out a link to download an app for searching for part-time jobs. Some even said that Su Yang had created the app.

Su Yang was now considered a popular figure on campus, so out of curiosity, the students tapped on the link and downloaded the app to find out what it was all about.

A similar situation happened in all the chat groups of different faculties and courses on campus. 

It all started in the Faculty of Information and the Faculty of Foreign Language where Su Yang had the largest reputation.

The app design was simple and clean whereas the functions were user-friendly and clear. All the students who did part-time jobs or those who were interested downloaded the app for testing.

After the initial testing, their impression of the app grew. There were a lot of job listings, and a lot of them could pay a decent price. Other than the fact that it required the user to register using their real name, the app was a lot better than the part-time groups by their seniors.

The word of mouth further promoted the app to their own social circle and attracted even more hardworking students looking for part-time jobs.

15 minutes flew by in the blink of an eye. Su Yang came back from the lottery station with the ticket. He circled the neighborhood but did not even find a cent on the ground.

He walked home as he complained about the lousy brick.

The villa got a lot livelier with a new soft and meek little monster. All the other little monsters were a lot more energetic as they surrounded her and chatted ceaselessly.

Lady Knife stood on the table, talking energetically as if she was giving a speech. Her blade was as soft as cloth and she would wave back and forth. It really looked like she was dancing like a human.

Halfway through, Little Hus sneakily touched Lady Knife's blade with his edge.

Upon touching the blade, he bounced back like a loaded spring and covered his edge while squealing in pain, "Ouch! It hurts! It hurts!"

The other little monsters were either curious or were masochists, so every single one of them mimicked Little Hus and touched Lady Knife's blade. 

Then, every little monster in the house covered their hands and squealed in pain.

Su Yang clutched his forehead, feeling defeated by the silly little monsters. He walked over and told them, "Don't you guys have better things to do than touching her blade?"

Lady Knife's blade turned soft as she said in grievance, "Did I hurt them?"

Su Yang said quickly, "No, no! They had it coming!"

Lady Knife's blade was erected once again, and it seemed like she was happy.

Su Yang put Lady Knife under Deeny's care. Even though Lady Knife did not look anything like a living being, she was still a girl and it was not that appropriate to put her with three other guys.

Thrilled, Lady Knife jumped on Deeny and bowed with her blade as her meek voice said, "Please look after me from now on, Big Sister."

Deeny picked her up with a bright smile. "Of course, of course!"

Su Yang checked on the other little monsters and noticed that Pool was sitting in the corner with his chin propped on his hand. He seemed like he was spacing out.

Su Yang waved in front of him and asked, "Hey, what's up?"

Pool regained his senses but still looked dull. "Ah, it's nothing, my lord." A thought then popped up in his mind, "Oh right, Lord Su Yang, you haven't trade with me today."

Su Yang shook his hand. "Nah, I won't be trading anymore. Little Hus will do it for me since he knows when the best time to trade is."

Pool nodded. "Very well, Lord Su Yang."

Little Hus looked askance at Su Yang with his husky stare. "I refuse to."

'My my, this little b*stard is asking for a beating. I guess I must let him know who's boss.'


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