I'll Add Points To All Things
117 The Power Of The Verbal Canon Ability
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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117 The Power Of The Verbal Canon Ability

Su Yang grabbed Little Hus to his face and decided to use the newly gained ability, the [Verbal Canon] to brainwash the husky bolster.

"Little Hus, are we family?"


"If I get something good, does it mean we all get something good?"

"No, we don't."

"If we get something good, does it mean you will also get something good?"

Little Hus looked askance at Su Yang and spat in front of him. 

Had it been before he got the ability, Su Yang would have started to beat the b*stard, but after he got the ability, Su Yang tried to follow the feelings in his heart and continued to persuade Little Hus.

It did not matter if Little Hus did not care about what he said because he was relentless.

Two minutes later, Little Hus hopped away happily and traded with Pool at the swimming pool.

Little Hus' attitude changed so fast that Su Yang failed to react in time.

He tried to recall what he had said to the husky bolster, but he realized it was nothing special. He always bluffed people in a similar way and with his usual standard, he might be able to bluff Qu Xiaomeng or Sanque because they were less cautious.

However, with his usual standard, he could not even bluff Chu Xia, let alone Little Hus, the cunning husky bolster.

Who would have thought that he would succeed today?

'This [Verbal Canon] ability is really powerful!'

A quick thought later, Su Yang realized it might also because of the [Charms of Talking]. The more he thought about it, the more he believed it was the talent combined with the ability.

'From the looks of it, if I can even bluff a cunning b*stard like Little Hus, I should be able to handle those interviewees!'

With that in mind, Su Yang suddenly felt extremely confident in the upcoming interview. 

'Maybe I can finally recruit several talented people into the company.'

After settling everything, Su Yang went to wash his face. He was busy the whole morning and the point-addition made him forget to brush his teeth and take a bath.

When he came out of the bath, he saw Pool standing in front of him.

Su Yang squeezed some toothpaste on his toothbrush and looked at him curiously. "What's wrong?"

Pool said kindly, "You promised me to bring me out to the real world for a walk today."

Su Yang realized he had promised Pool last night. 'No wonder Pool has been acting strange all morning.'

The good thing about Su Yang was that he was a man of his words, so he brought Pool out of the virtual space after cleaning up.

Unlike the hyperactive Little Hus who looked around curiously and touched everything he saw when he came to the real world, Pool stood still and scanned the basement. He then obediently followed Su Yang out.

The two of them walked side by side in the neighborhood. Pool was enjoying the scenery in the real world as he told Su Yang, "Lord Su Yang, I can finally see the sun with my own eyes!"

Su Yang looked up at the sky, but the strong light left several light spots in his sight. "Yeah, that's the Mother of All Life."

Pool exclaimed, "It's so beautiful!"

Su Yang saw Pool looking straight into the sun, but it did not seem like his eyes hurt. It seemed like his small eyes were somehow useful in this situation.

After they left the neighborhood, Su Yang brought Pool to a nearby breakfast stall and ordered five fried dough sticks and two bowls of tofu pudding

Pool looked at Su Yang's bowl of tofu pudding and curiously asked, "Lord Su Yang, why are you adding chili to your bowl of tofu pudding?"

Su Yang slurped a spoon of tofu pudding and said, "Because it's tasty."

Pool then nodded and added sugar in his own bowl.

When Su Yang saw what he did, he had a feeling that he and Pool might not be the same. However, when the thought popped up in his mind, he saw another woman at the next table indeed add some coriander in her bowl of tofu pudding.

After breakfast, Su Yang and Pool strolled around the street. Pool looked exactly like a human, so his appearance did not raise any questions.

Had it been a few years ago, Pool's traditional Chinese attire might have turned heads on the street, but now, traditional attire had made a comeback and there were a lot of boys and girls wearing traditional attire with a modern twist on the street. Therefore, Pool's attire was no longer a rare sight.

Several middle-aged ladies spared extra attention to him and exclaimed about his looks, but that was it.

As for what the ladies said, they spoke about his eyes.

"Look at that kid. He's really beautiful."

"Yeah. His lips are red and his teeth are white, but it's too bad his eyes are a little too small."

'His eyes are too small?' Su Yang almost broke down in laughter. 

Pool did not care about the comments on his eyes. He even smiled at the two ladies, leaving them with a good impression of him.

Su Yang brought Pool sightseeing around the neighborhood for two hours before they went back.

He had been paying attention to Pool's behavior ever since they got out and he realized that Pool might be suitable for staying outside. After all, he really looked no different from a normal human being.

'Maybe I'll have to bring him out a few more times. If he behaves, I can even let him go out alone.'

After lunch, Su Yang headed to campus. He did not forget he had a meeting with Old Zhou although he did not know what the meeting was about.

He arrived at the campus entrance at 2 p.m. and Old Zhou was already there.

Old Zhou was in a striped shirt and brown short pants. He even had a pair of sunglasses on. If it was not for his semi-bald head, Su Yang might have missed him.

Surprised, Su Yang asked, "Mr. Zhou, what's this?"

Old Zhou waved at him and said, "Let's go." He took Su Yang across the road and got into a black car.

'My my, he even bought a car?' Su Yang could not believe his eyes. He started to suspect Old Zhou and even himself. 'I might be an occasional truant, but it's only been a month since I attended his class. How could the man change so drastically? Did someone swap his soul?'

As the car traveled to its destination, Su Yang asked out of curiosity, "Mr. Zhou, where are we going?"

Old Zhou smiled mysteriously. "You will know when we get there."

'Geez, he is really different.'

Soon enough, the car drove into a park with an independent building in the middle. The car was parked beside the building.

Old Zhou went to the trunk and took two black cylindrical bags out. He strapped one on himself and tossed the other one to Su Yang who nervously caught it. Judging from the clinks and clanks from inside the bag, it seemed like it was holding some parts of a bigger contraption.

Old Zhou and Su Yang walked for almost 20 meters before the path started to get narrow.

A while later, the path widened up again, and after a quick turn, a small lake appeared before the two of them.

The lake was surrounded by lush greenery and it was also connected to many other paths. The environment was beautiful and comfortable.

The sidewalk beside the lake was made from marble stone. As the lakewater spread out and lapped against the marble stones around it, the ripples on the surface made them wet.

The marble sidewalk also had stone benches along the way, and there were people with fishing rods fishing at the lake.

Su Yang finally knew what was all this about. 

'Old Zhou mysteriously brought me here just to fish? What's with the mystery behind this place? I thought there's some secret deal going on. But why would Old Zhou bring me here to fish? What is he trying to do?'

He was still as confused as before.


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