I'll Add Points To All Things
120 Old Sixth Liu“s Bizarre Night In the Basemen
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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120 Old Sixth Liu“s Bizarre Night In the Basemen

Old Sixth Liu's hand froze in the air and he was stunned when the door opened automatically, but the rage in him boiled to a new high after a moment.

'Okay, you piece of s**t, you finally have the balls to open the door?!'

He stormed into the basement, but it was dark and quiet inside. A low and stable breathing noise entered his ears a moment later, sounding like the owner of the breathing was sleeping.

Old Sixth Liu tried his best to open his drunk eyes and look around, but it was too dark for him to see anything.

An eerie feeling ran down his spine. He had a feeling that something was not right, but the alcohol got the best of him and stopped his brain from responding properly. He discarded the unnecessary suspicion because he was the one with solid moral reasoning.

He simply grabbed a wooden stool beside the door and slowly trod forward to where the breathing was coming from.

When he was closer to the breathing, the faint moonlight from the window allowed him to detect that the breathing was coming from the bed and there was someone sleeping under the blanket. The blanket even heaved rhythmically along with the breathing.

Looking at the person under the blanket, the figure that cuckolded his wife and Su Yang eventually coincided in Old Sixth Liu's mind. The thought pushed his rage further to the brink of losing control.

He grabbed the wooden stool and swung it towards 'Su Yang'.


The stool smashed through the blanket and left a deep hole in the bed.

The drunk Old Sixth Liu could not wrap his head around the situation.

'Did I smash him into a pancake?'

It was then that angry 'Grus' sounded from under the blanket. What followed next was that two long and robust twigs sprung out and grabbed him. 

Old Sixth Liu was frightened by the sudden incident. He jumped aside and tried to avoid the mysterious twigs, but his feet landed on something soft. 

A voice that sounded like it needed a beating entered Old Sixth Liu's ears, "Ouch! Stop stepping on me!"

With the voice in his ears, Old Sixth Liu thought the floor had come alive. The moving floor frightened him and he started running.

However, before he could run further, a meek voice sounded beside his feet but it sounded fierce. "Ada, ada, ada, ada, ada, ada!!"

Following the meek and rapid chants, Old Sixth Liu felt like his feet were cut by a knife. They stung and burned badly. He screamed in pain and ran in the opposite direction.

It was then that a young man in traditional Chinese attire appeared before him like a ghost. The young man looked decent, but his eyes were small and narrow. 

Old Sixth Liu wanted to scream for help, but the young man took a big wok out from behind his back and smashed it on his face.

The smash on the already-drunk Old Sixth Liu's face almost knocked his brains out. Stars swirled above his head and he was completely lost.

The two robust twigs from the blanket caught up with Old Sixth Liu and mercilessly constricted him, immobilizing him on the spot.

At the same time, all the little monsters of different shapes and sizes jumped out from every corner of the basement with all kinds of 'weapons' in their hands. All of them attacked Old Sixth Liu mercilessly.

Little Hus was smashing Old Sixth Liu's knees with the wok lid. "This is for stepping on me, you b*stard!"

Pool was hammering Old Sixth Liu's head with the wok while Sanque was poking Old Sixth Liu's leg with a small shovel.

The fiercest of all was Little Lady Knife. She was not holding anything, but she was poking Old Sixth Liu's feet with her blade while screaming meekly, "I'll poke you to death!"

The scene was extremely funny, especially when Little Lady Knife missed Old Sixth Liu's feet because she could not see. Her blade would accidentally poke Little Hus sometimes and the husky bolster would howl in pain.

Despite being the funniest, Little Lady Knife did the most damage. Her poking tore both Old Sixth Liu's shoes into shreds and the pain caused the man to wail in pain.

Even though Little Lady Knife could not hurt any life form, she could still inflict pain. Therefore, while Old Sixth Liu's feet were completely fine, the pain was excruciating.

After the little monsters beat Old Sixth Liu up, they tied him up and tossed him beside the bed. Pool closed the door and switched the lights on.

The beating finally beat the alcohol out of him. Old Sixth Liu finally got a clearer look at who attacked him, but he was shocked beyond comprehension when he saw a bunch of strange things in front of him.

'A husky bolster? A ginseng that can move? A guy with small eyes and…a knife? Am I going crazy or is the world going mad? What is with this twig that's around me?'

Old Sixth Liu looked up and saw a meter-tall twig with two robust branches as its arm. It looked strong and intimidating.

'What the f**k is this? Is this an ent? Or a tree spirit?!'

He could not help but think of a phrase from a novel he had read before, 'the world is changing.' 

'Yes, that must be it! This world's world has changed! Things have gone over to the mystical side!"

Just as his thoughts ran wild, the phone on the desk shone and from the light, a holographic female figure appeared. It was Deeny. As the big sister in the family, she gave a big thumbs-up to everyone and said, "Well done, everyone. What should we do about him?"

Deeny's appearance further strengthened Old Sixth Liu's thoughts.

'Look at this! Even an A.I. has arrived! This world is definitely messed up! I wonder if Sun Wukong or Guan Yu are out there somewhere. I really like them…'

Despite being tied up by Gru, Old Sixth Liu still had the mood to think about other stuff. 

The little monsters talked about what to do with Old Sixth Liu for a long while but failed to come up with a solution.

In the end, Gru got fed up with the useless discussion. It grabbed Old Sixth Liu and smashed him on the floor.

"Gru! Gru!" It sounded like it was venting its emotions on the poor man. Maybe it was because Old Sixth Liu had hit its body with the wooden stool earlier.

Old Sixth Liu could not do anything but endure the beating. 'Why are you beating me if you people failed to come up with a solution? Go sort it out among yourselves…'

The little monsters exchanged a gaze. They did not stop Gru from beating the man either because Old Sixth Liu was the invader and Gru was the only one who got hit by the man.

After the second round of beating, Gru tossed Old Sixth Liu onto the floor. The man had bruises all over his face, but the little monsters still could not come up with a solution.

What should they do with Old Sixth Liu?

Little Hus stared at Old Sixth Liu with its round husky eyes. "Why don't we tie a rock to his leg and toss him into the river? That's what people do on TV."

Old Sixth Liu shuddered in fear.

Fortunately, Deeny stopped the naughty husky bolster. "Are you out of your mind? You will only trouble the master."

Little Hus looked at her. "Then, what should we do?"

Pool said warmly, "Since we already beat him up, the matter is over. Why don't we let him go?"

Little Lady Knife said in her meek voice, "He really didn't do anything…"

Indeed, Old Sixth Liu came in just for a beating.

Sanque did not participate in the discussion. It waited aside with its eyes closed. Since it did not participate in the discussion, no one was there to translate what Gru said, thus no one knew what Gru wanted.

However, they had a general idea of what Gru was 'Gru-ing' about. 'I got hit by this man! I GOT HIT! He is not a good man! He is not a good man! NOT A GOOD MAN!"

After a long while, neither of them was able to come up with a solution.

In the end, Deeny made up her mind and said, "Let's beat him up again and let him go."

All the little monsters grabbed their weapons and beat Old Sixth Liu up again.

After the third round of beating, Old Sixth Liu collapsed on the floor with a swollen face. He thought he would be free after this, but Deeny suddenly realized something and said, "Wait! If we let him go, he will definitely expose us!"

All the little monsters were stunned.

That was right. Letting Old Sixth Liu go would equal to exposing themselves to the world. It would probably trouble Su Yang endlessly.

Old Sixth Liu did not know what to say. 'Can you guys make up your mind? If you want to kill me, get on with it!'


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