I'll Add Points To All Things
122 A Monthly Income Of 150K?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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122 A Monthly Income Of 150K?

'The app has exploded? What exploded? The server?' 

Su Yang did not know what Wang Dong was talking about.

Wang Dong opened the backend system before he could even catch a breath. He pointed at the screen and said, "Look at this, Mr. Su. Our number of users has surpassed 1,500 within two days and there are 700 to 800 active users at the moment! More than 400 users are accepting jobs every day!"

"400 people?! That's quite a lot!" Su Yang was shocked.

Su Yang had gathered a new group of students who were looking for part-time jobs through Han Yi's fan group. Plus his original part-time job group, the number of students added up to more than 170 people and it was still growing over the week. 

Su Yang could barely catch a breath even with 170 people. After Deeny optimized the app, it finally gave him a window to breathe. He decided to recruit more people into the company because he wanted a few more suitable candidates to promote the app.

Who would have thought that the app's popularity would have exploded before he even started any promotion? The daily concurrent users even reached 400!

Su Yang was shocked and delighted at the same time. He was delighted because the app was a success; he was shocked because of the sudden spike in user count.

'Did someone hack into the system?'

While Wang Dong was explaining the statistics to him, Su Yang quietly contacted Deeny through the phone: [Deeny, is something wrong with our app?]

A moment later, Deeny replied: [here's nothing wrong with it, Master.]

[Then, what caused the spike of users in such a short time?]

Deeny sent him a sticker of her shaking her head. [I don't know.]

[Did someone hack the backend system to fake the numbers or did a lot of people register multiple accounts?]

[Master, everything is fine on my side. The app has been downloaded more than 2,000 times and more than 1,600 people have registered. 1,000 of them have verified their real names and 500 of them have accepted the jobs we posted. Yesterday alone, we saw more than 400 active users.]

Deeny sent Su Yang a statistics report which he briefly went through it before he realized that all the numbers matched.

However, the matching numbers were the reason why he felt it was weird.

In the past few days, Su Yang had read a lot about internet operations. The registration and verification rate were too fast and too high to be deemed normal.

The number of users who accepted jobs were considered normal because they had to verify their real names before accepting any jobs. If they did not want to accept jobs, they would not verify their names either, therefore having 50% of active users was reasonable.

Su Yang told Deeny to verify the names of the users. During registration, the user must provide their real name, ID card number, phone number, QQ Messenger contact, bank account, and which faculty they belonged to or their university.

He realized that most of the users came from Shanghai University although they were from different faculties.

He randomly picked several names and sent them to Chu Xia for verification. He wanted to know whether the names were real people or not.

A while later, Chu Xia replied with a positive answer.

Therefore, Su Yang was forced to accept that his app's popularity had exploded.

He asked Deeny for the user increment data and the spike happened between morning and afternoon on Saturday.

The moment he saw the time range, he realized what happened: it was when he smashed his face with the lucky brick!

'No wonder I didn't find any money on the road! The luck went into the app instead of me!'

After a rough calculation, a single student could earn him 30 yuan per day with one job and 400 students equaled 12,000 yuan per day.

If he zoomed out a bit to a monthly scale, if a student worked for two days a week, which equated to six to eight days a month, 400 students could earn him roughly 168,000 yuan per month.

After deducting the cost of the server and manpower, he could at least get 150,000 yuan in net profit a month!

'Smashing my face with the brick is really worth it!'

Su Yang finally rested his mind after he found out about the reason behind the sudden turn of events. He smiled at Wang Dong. "Great! Our company is finally taking shape. The next step will be recruitment and expansion. We will grow bigger step by step."

"We haven't even reached our bottleneck yet on this scale, so I plan to use the event co-organized by the three universities to expand the scale."

Su Yang then asked, "Can you handle it? If the number of part-timers increases, will we be able to secure sufficient part-time jobs?"

Wang Dong looked defeated when he heard Su Yang's question. "It won't be enough. We were barely able to meet the requirements this week. If we don't expand our channels next week, we can't fulfill the users' needs. There are fewer people during the weekdays, so it's still fine, but during the weekend, when everyone is looking for a part-time job, the number of jobs won't be enough."

Su Yang nodded after Wang Dong updated him with a clear picture of the situation. He smiled and assured, "It's going to be fine. I'll talk to my friend next week and see if I can nab some jobs. Since you can't handle the workload, I'll recruit someone to help you today. You can take them out for sales and secure more jobs for the app."

He also added, "You will have to think about how to lead the new employees from now on. You are a founding member and also a shareholder. I'm planning to assign you to handle the meetings with other corporations and liaise with them, and you will be the team leader."

Wang Dong was over the moon when he heard what Su Yang proposed, "Thank you, Mr. Su! Thank you!"

Su Yang waved his hands. "It's nothing. You should read more books about management when you are free. Reading more about the related stuff will help you."

Although he was not direct enough, Wang Dong knew what he was referring to, and he nodded repeatedly in gratitude.

After the conversation, Su Yang told Wang Dong to help prepare for the interview.

Maybe because it was the weekend or maybe because Su Yang's [Verbal Canon] ability was in effect when he called the interviewees, 12 out of 15 candidates showed up, including the two that he singled out.

The initial interview went on smoothly and the conversations ended on a high note. In the end, he selected five potential candidates, including Liu Xin and Chen Xiaoyun. The other three were more or less similar to Wang Dong according to the talent printer.

The three candidates and Liu Xin were similar to Wang Dong. They had certain connections to other companies, so they would be useful.

Su Yang offered them a decent starting salary as well: 7,000 yuan per month with 13 months of salary plus bonus. The offer was meant to ignite their passion to work for the company.

Su Yang was not an idiot either. He informed them there would be a two months probationary period and the salary would be 80% of what was promised.

If they could perform, they could stay. If they could not, they would be fired.

Su Yang was busy for the whole day to settle the company matters since the company was finally picking up speed. After he went home, he had dinner and took out the lottery ticket.

He read a book while waiting for the results to be announced.

The two-colored ball lottery opened every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 21:15 sharp.

The result of the lottery that Su Yang bought on Saturday would be announced on Sunday night.


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