I'll Add Points To All Things
124 Triggered The Gold Mission
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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124 Triggered The Gold Mission

Su Yang was extremely reluctant to agree, but he had no choice because he still had a mission from the system: a Bronze Mission!

Completing a Bronze Mission would reward him with a Bronze Point and a random ability. Therefore, he could not afford not to complete the Bronze Mission.

Su Yang answered: [I'm free. What's the matter?]

After the reply, Lin Jiali seemed to have vanished, but a minute later, he received a notification. It was a voice message that was more than 50 seconds long!

'What the hell?'

Su Yang's face turned slightly pale when he saw the length of the voice message. He grumbled, "It's for the mission, it's for the mission…"

He tapped on the voice message to play it, but after 10 seconds, he received another notification.

Upon checking the latest message, he saw another 20-second long voice message.

'Come on…'

Su Yang's WeChat then rang ceaselessly as if it was a concert hall. Lin Jiali sent him a dozen voice messages with the length of each message varying from 20 seconds to 50 seconds.

Su Yang fell into despair right away. 'Why did I tell her I was free? The voice messages are irritating!'

He sighed and tapped on the first voice message.

He quickly got bored after a while, so he got up and grabbed an apple from the refrigerator. The holographic panel followed him around as it played Lin Jiali's voice messages.

When he started munching on the apple, the first voice message finished playing.

He lied down on the couch and tapped on the next voice message.

After he was done with the second one, he headed to the gym for a quick workout while putting the voice message on autoplay.

Finally, after almost 20 minutes, Su Yang finished listening to all the voice messages from Lin Jiali and he summed up several points from the long messages.

Firstly, Lin Jiali had attended an event recently, but almost no one recognized her. Her friend, who attended the event with her, received all the recognition and cheers which put her in an embarrassing position.

Secondly, Lin Jiali was joining a new project that could potentially skyrocket her career. She swore that everyone would look at her differently after this upcoming project. 

Her friend was also starting another new project, so she felt like she was competing with her behind the scenes. However, she was not afraid of the competition because her partner in the upcoming project was someone great and she believed it would be a chance to change her life.

She also told Su Yang to keep this a secret because she had just signed the agreement earlier today. She was still excited and had decided to share it with him because she could not contain her emotions.

Su Yang was bored out of his mind after he finished all the voice messages.

'Is that all a woman cares about? Competition and comparison with another woman?'

As for the projects that Lin Jiali mentioned, it was not that difficult to guess that they were either television dramas or movies.

'It seems like these two celebrities have some new projects coming.' 

Su Yang believed he should ask more about the projects. If Lin Jiali's project could meet his own second project schedule, maybe they could work together.

Just when he wanted to reply, he received another notification.

Lin Jiali sent over a text message: [Are you asleep? I just wanted to share with you the happy stuff. I don't mean anything else. If there's nothing more, I'll go back to my stuff. Bye!]

'You b*tch! I listened to all your voice messages for almost half an hour and all I get is a BYE?!'

Su Yang tapped away furiously and wanted to criticize Lin Jiali for her irresponsible behavior, but he deleted what he typed in the end.

'Sigh. Whatever. I can't defy the system. I'll blacklist this woman after I complete the mission!'

With that in mind, Su Yang called the system up and tapped on [Mission]. He wanted to check how many times he had chatted with Lin Jiali. He had chatted a total of four times with the woman. Just another six more times and he could be free from this torture.

Su Yang decided to bear with her irritating messages for now.

The next day, which was a Monday, Su Yang had the most classes, so he went to campus instead of skipping class.

The first class was the cute and silly Ms. Qu's English class.

Maybe because Su Yang had demonstrated his English standard in front of her, Qu Xiaomeng treated him a lot better. Not only did she smile a lot more, but she would also even call him up to answer some questions.

Before he knew it, Su Yang had become the new favorite student of his English lecturer.

Qu Xiaomeng's teaching had also improved a lot. Unlike how she taught before the midterms, she learned from her mistake and did not use American drama series or movies in her lectures anymore. Instead, she started simply and only added some references in between examples.

Her new method of teaching incorporated the entertaining side of English into the dull and stiff curriculum, thus it was a lot more effective and efficient. The students also found her class much more acceptable and fun.

Of course, she did not simply become a professional overnight because she was technically still a newbie lecturer.

Such was the way of life; everyone grew with what they learned.

After the first class, Su Yang 'gloriously' skipped the rest. He was not lazy to attend the classes, but it was because the new employees of his company were starting today.

Those who were accepted would be reporting in at 10 a.m., and as the company owner, he should be there no matter what.

The high-tech park was not far away from the campus, so Su Yang jogged all the way there to train his body at the same time. He reached the office in a little over 10 minutes.

When he reached the office, the new employees were already there, mingling among one another while Wang Dong introduced the company to them.

When they saw Su Yang, all of them stood up and greeted him, "Mr. Su!"

Su Yang signed them to sit down. "Sit, sit. You don't need to be this formal."

He then turned to Liu Xin, who was the closest, and asked, "How're things? Have you gotten used to the environment?"

Lin Xiu straightened his body and said with a smile, "The company's environment is quite good."

Su Yang nodded. "Great. Let's get to work then."

Since Su Yang had come in, Wang Dong passed the leader's position back to him while assisting Su Yang to arrange work for the five new employees. 

Su Yang split them up into two groups.

Liu Xin and two more employees were to follow Wang Dong to liaise and deal with the other companies.

Meanwhile, Chen Xiaoyun and the last employee were grouped together to take over Wang Dong and Su Yang's responsibility of maintaining the part-time groups and distributing the jobs through the app.

With everyone assigned to a specific role, all five new employees started to familiarize themselves with their responsibilities.

During lunch, Su Yang brought everyone for a good meal near the high-tech park. It was probably the first official gathering since he started his company.

All seven of them mingled and got closer over lunch, and since Su Yang offered them a satisfactory salary, they looked even more energetic after lunch.

Everyone liked working with an easy-going and generous boss.

The day flew by in the blink of an eye. Su Yang did not tell everyone to stay back. He released everyone on time and told them to continue tomorrow.

Su Yang was the last to leave. He tidied up his desk and headed out. When he turned around to lock the door, he glanced at the empty but slightly messy office.

With a smile, he locked the door. 

His company was the starting point of his career and everything would start from this office.

After he locked the door, a beep from the system rang in his head.

[Beep. Congratulations on triggering the Golden Mission! The Road to Zenith has officially begun!]


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