I'll Add Points To All Things
125 Add A Point To A Lightbulb?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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125 Add A Point To A Lightbulb?

Su Yang's hand was still on the handle when he froze.

'Gold Mission? The Road to Zenith? The Road to Zenith…Where have I heard this before?'

A quick thought later, Su Yang remembered that he had seen the term when he triggered the Silver Mission.

He quickly opened the system and checked the description of the Silver Mission.

[The greatest thing about this era is its uncertainty. No one knows where or who the miracle will happen to! This Silver Mission is a branch of the Road To Zenith mission series. Please approach it carefully.]

'This Silver Mission is a branch of the Road to Zenith mission series? What is the Road to Zenith?' 

Su Yang took a deep breath and tapped on the Gold Mission.

[System remark: With enough manpower, mountains can be toppled. With enough strength, even the sea can be moved. Congratulations on forming your first company and understanding the power of unity.]

[A company is an important part of society. It has the right to strive for the biggest profit, but it also has a social responsibility. In the past hundred years, many companies have affected people's lives, directly and indirectly, and many companies have changed the world.]

[Lead your company to change people's lives and eventually the world!]

[Gold Mission: Road to Zenith (1)]

[Mission Target: Lead your company to impact 1,000 people and make their lives better.]

[Mission Completion: 571/1,000]

Su Yang related the gold mission to the Silver Mission after he went through the description.

The Silver Mission target wanted him to make money whereas the Gold Mission reminded him that his company should not be focusing on making money only; it still had a social responsibility to bear.

In simple words, his company could make all the money in the world, but he could not be irresponsible about it. He could not resolve matters in despicable ways just to make an extra cent for his company.

Of course, there also lay another meaning in between the lines. If a company focused on social responsibility and could not make money, it would be useless anyway.

Money was the root of all things and a company could only change the world once it could make enough money.

Therefore, the Gold Mission arrived before the Silver Mission.

The appearance of the Gold Mission made Su Yang ponder about the meaning of the system for the first time.

Since it was rush hour and people were going home from their offices, the high-tech park was busy, so Su Yang did not stand in front of his office like a pillar. He pondered the question on the way home.

Up until this point, the system had shown four types of mission, or at least, that was what Su Yang had been receiving. He did not know whether or not there were more than four types of missions.

A Random Mission required Su Yang to offer a helping hand to anyone around him that needed help.

However, the Bronze Mission was a little bit special. Su Yang recalled that two of the five Bronze Missions that he received were related to his own shortcomings like how the system wanted him to improve his English.

The other three Bronze Missions required him to help others even though he did not want to help them because of the trouble. Of course, helping others did not hurt his own benefit or profit either and the missions seemed to follow a certain ethical line.

Therefore, Su Yang temporarily categorized Bronze Mission as something to make himself a better person, be it academically or personality-wise.

Su Yang had only received one Silver Mission until now and it required him to make money.

As for the Gold Mission, the system made it clear that he had to change people's lives, and eventually, the world.

After some thought, Su Yang came up with a simple conclusion.

'Is the system trying to make me a great man? Hmm, but this goal seems to be massive. A puny character like me can't really handle it. But…if it doesn't affect my benefits or profits or the relationship with the people around me, I think I can be a good person, one that potentially changes the world! I think it's workable. After all…Ahem…There are a lot of awesome prizes!'

Su Yang reached home after he got the answer.

The arrival of the Gold Mission fueled his enthusiasm. At first glance, the Gold Mission was easier than the Silver Mission, which was to impact 1,000 people. Su Yang had already made more than 500 people's lives better.

He had a feeling that it would not be too hard to increase the figure to 1,000 and he could reach the goal sooner than later.

As for how? Su Yang actually thought about it on the way back.

The 500 people were obviously the part-timers that had gotten jobs through his app and made money. He could bring his employees to promote the app in all three universities and increase the user count.

Of course, promoting it one by one was not fast and effective enough. Based on the numbers, in order to gain another 400 plus active users, he would at least need 900 more real name verifications, 2,000 to 3,000 user registrations, and 5 to 6,000 downloads.

Reaching 5,000 to 6,000 downloads by promoting the app one by one was not an easy task.

'I think it's time to cheat…I mean, add points!'

Su Yang called Little Hus out after he got back to the virtual space. Little Hus was doing something sneakily, and when he saw Su Yang, he got frightened and bolted up.

He lay down on the floor and said, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry. Please give me a few more chances!"

Su Yang had to give it to Little Hus' way of thinking. It was normal for someone to ask for another chance to make up for one's mistake, but Little Hus asked for 'a few' instead of one. 

Su Yang grabbed the husky bolster up. "What have you done this time?"

Little Hus carefully glanced at him. "You don't know?"

Su Yang shook his head.

The gloomy face on the husky picture turned bright. "It's nothing. I'm just playing with you!"

Su Yang kicked the bolster and said, "Speak, or I'll tell Lady Knife to poke you."

Little Hus shuddered in fear as Little Lady Knife's furious 'Ada, ada, ada!' chants echoed in his ears. He said, "I…I didn't get anything good from the trade."

Su Yang thought it was something else, but it was actually the trade with Pool. He had actually given up on the trading system because that young man barely provided anything decent. Su Yang said without being concerned, "It's fine. Just be careful the next time."

Little Hus glanced at Su Yang again and realized that his reaction was not what he expected.

Just when Little Hus was dwelling in doubt, Su Yang said, "Help me find something that I can use to promote my app quickly and effectively. I need you to sniff out the chance."

Little Hus gave Su Yang a despicable look as if he knew this would happen. He dug his doggy nose and looked askance at Su Yang. "Sniffing again? Can I say no?"

"Of course. You can just show me what to add instead," Su Yang said.

Little Hus had several excuses prepared, but Su Yang kicked his butt again. "Stop fooling around and hurry up!"

Little Hus shot him a husky death stare and said, "Okay! Okay! I get it! You are really Yang Bailao[1]."

'Yang Bailao? Did he mean Zhou Bapi[2]?'

Su Yang sighed. 'The little b*stard even got the old saying wrong…I guess his doggy mind can't even remember Chinese literature properly…Well, it really is a dog, so…'

Little Hus was forced to follow orders. He sniffed around the villa from top to bottom, left to right, front to back, and eventually locked his target on a lightbulb.

Su Yang looked at the white lightbulb at the ceiling before he looked at Little Hus with a skeptical expression. "Are you kidding me? This lightbulb is something that can help me promote my app?'

[1] Yang Bailao: A story of Yang Bailao, a tenant farmer, who shares his life with his daughter, Xi'er. The despotic landlord, Huang Shiren, attempts to forcibly take Xi'er for himself.


[2] Zhou Bapi: a greedy landowner nicknamed Zhou Bapi ("Zhou the flayer") who became one of the most famous evil landlords in China.



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