I'll Add Points To All Things
126 Special Item: The Devil“s Angel Halo
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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126 Special Item: The Devil“s Angel Halo

Little Hus dug his nose and said in a Cantonese accent, "It's up to you. I'm not forcing you anyway."

'I swear this guy is really asking for a beating…'

However, Little Hus had only failed once up until now, so Su Yang believed that he could trust the husky bolster.

As for that one failure, which was the little hourglass that had asked him whether it was cute or not, Su Yang kept it as a reminder of Little Hus' failure.

Even though Little Hus insisted that the tiny hourglass' scent was stronger than before and it would become something great with one more point, the system had yet to allow him to add a second point to the same item. 

'Who knows how long it will take for me to add a second point? That's why the little hourglass is the evidence of failure!'

Of course, Su Yang hoped the little hourglass was the last failure because he only had one more Random Point left. If he missed this time, it would definitely affect the progress of his Gold Mission.

With that in mind, Su Yang grabbed a chair, got up, and removed the lightbulb.

The whole villa was no longer complete after he had removed one item after another. Up until this point, Su Yang had added points to the faucet, the copier, and even the fruit knife. Every item came together with the villa, and now he wanted to add another point to the lightbulb. He started to wonder if maybe one day he would have to add a point to the entire villa.

With the lightbulb in hand, Su Yang headed to the bathroom to wash his hands with his lucky soap before he went back to his bedroom. He locked the door and called the system up.

The system added a translucent [+] sign on all items in his room that he had not added a point to. 

Su Yang looked at the lightbulb in his hand and tapped the [+] sign.

A gleam later, a point was added. It was so simple that it looked fake.

Su Yang waited patiently for the description to be revealed. One minute, two minutes, three minutes…It was probably the longest he had ever waited.

'Did it fail?'

Something was not right. Even if the point addition failed, there should be a description or notification.

'I think I just added a point to something awesome…'

Just when the thought popped in his mind, the lightbulb shone brightly as if it was connected to a powerful energy source.

Su Yang instinctively closed his eyes and shielded his eyes with his hand.

It was then he clearly felt the lightbulb disappeared, not transformed into something but disappeared completely.

'It disappeared?'

He quickly opened his eyes and saw a white halo floating above his hand. It really looked like a halo of an angel.

'Is this…an angel's halo?'

Su Yang tried to touch it but could not. The halo was like a projection that floated in the air as though it was a holy relic.

'But…' He found it funny because he knew that it had originally been a lightbulb. 

'This is really funny! But…it somehow makes sense.'

While Su Yang was making fun of the halo, a window popped up from it.

[Acquired special item. Appraise? Yes/No]

Su Yang tapped "yes".

A moment later, the description of the halo changed.

[The Devil's Angel Halo (Ally)]

[Ability 1: Dissolve all hostility from people, animals, and plants within a 100-meter radius.]

[Ability 2: Every human being and animal within a 20-meter radius tends to be kinder to you and is more likely to trust you, but it won't affect their basic judgment.]

[Usage Cost: Using the halo will increase your stamina consumption and you will gain a huge appetite. Note: Eating under the influence of the hunger will not damage your body.]

[How to use: Put the halo above your head. The halo can be hidden or shown. There is also a timer for it to be turned on or off.]

[Remark 1: Not only does an angel has a halo above their head, but they might also have a lightbulb above their head instead of a halo.]

[Remark 2: Wait! I'm a friendly (ally)!]

[Remark 3: Devil: "With this halo, we can become angels ourselves! Muahahahaha!]

'Yeap. All the abilities from this system are strange. Useful but strange.'

Maybe because he had appraised the halo, he was able to hold it this time. He put it above his head and his sight instantly got brighter.

Su Yang went out of his bedroom, excited to show the new special item to his little monsters.

When he went down to the living room, he saw the little monsters in front of the TV. On the TV was a modern family drama, but after watching it for two minutes, Su Yang lost interest because he found the father in the drama series strange. 

'Why must the father sell the house and marry the nanny? Why must he fight with his own children?'

Su Yang stopped watching. He cleared his throat to attract the little monsters' attention.

Everyone turned to Su Yang when they heard him, but when they saw the halo above him, they were shocked.

The first one who responded was Gru. It anxiously 'Gru-ed' and ran towards Su Yang.

Deeny covered her mouth in shock and her eyes started to get teary while Pool's jaw dropped and his gaze turned blank. Sanque's ugly face crumpled together and was twisted even tighter than usual as if he was in pain.

Little Hus overreacted when he saw Su Yang. He was shocked for a moment before he knelt on the floor and bowed repeatedly while tapping his little edges on the floor. He cried loudly, "Su Yang! Su Yang! You were still so young. Why did you leave us!?"

Su Yang was shocked by the little monsters' reaction. 'What in the hell?'

Other than Su Yang, Little Lady Knife, who could not see, was also shocked. She asked anxiously, "What's wrong, guys? What's wrong with Su Yang?"

As Gru jumped into Su Yang's arms and 'Gru-ed' repeatedly, its twigs extended and curled around his body.

Su Yang tried to free himself from Gru's twigs while saying, "Gru! Stop it, Gru! What's wrong with you?!"

It was then that Deeny spoke, "Master! Are you okay? Are you not…dead?"

Deeny's words reminded Su Yang about the halo above his head. He glanced at the halo and cursed in his heart, 'This stupid thing makes me look like I am dead!'

He quickly took the halo off and said, "Stop! Stop it at once! This is the new special item that I just got!"

The little monsters finally calmed down after he took the halo off.

Little Lady Knife was still twisting her blade around as she asked anxiously in her meek voice, "What's going on?! What are you guys talking about?"

Su Yang pulled Gru's twigs off his body and put the halo down for the little monsters to have a closer look. "This is the [Devil's Angel Halo], also known as the Ally Halo. It's a special item. I'm not dead yet."

The little monsters got closer and sized the halo up carefully.

Deeny then picked it up and asked, "What does it do?"

Maybe because Little Hus knew that Su Yang was not dead, he returned to his despicable husky look and ridiculed, "Maybe if you put it on, you will be dead for real and you can fly up to heaven."

'This b*stard…'

Five minutes later, Su Yang came back to the living room after he tossed Little Hus into the washing machine.

Little Lady Knife was still anxiously twisting her blade around, asking anxiously, "What happened? What happened? Where's Little Hus?"


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