I'll Add Points To All Things
127 The Second High Random Mission
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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127 The Second High Random Mission

Su Yang told his little monsters what the halo did, and Deeny raised her hand to ask, "Master, can someone else use this halo?"

He was caught off-guard by the question because he had never really thought about it before.

However, it seemed like all special items could be used by another person other than himself, so the halo should be the same too.

With that in mind, Su Yang let Deeny have a try. After a single thought from his mind, the halo appeared above Deeny's head.

The angel halo glowed softly and complemented Deeny's already fair skin, making her look even holier as if she was an angel that had descended from heaven.

Su Yang realized that he suddenly felt calm and comfortable while looking at her.

Deeny asked, "Master, is it working?"

It was just a simple question, yet it touched Su Yang's heart when they entered his ears. He smiled and said, "I think it's working."

Deeny blinked and said with a smirk, "Then…Master, can you pay me back the money that I used for the server activation?"

"No!" Su Yang said without a second thought. 

Strangely, even after he rejected Deeny, he still felt comfortable and pleasant in front of her. He did not feel any kind of negative emotions or lose the kindness for Deeny even when she asked him to pay her back, which was something that he did not want to do.

'It seems like the effect is as the system described. This halo cannot affect people's thinking and judgment. It only dissolves hostility and increases kindness, but…' 

Su Yang had another look at the description and had a feeling that the halo could make his words more convincing. 

'What if I combine the halo with the [Verbal Canon] and the [Charms of Talking]? If I use the ability and talent in sales, won't I be invincible?'

He had a feeling that he was treading further down the path of becoming a 'criminal'.

Then, Su Yang tested hiding the halo. Be it on himself or on Deeny, the halo could be perfectly hidden. No one would be able to spot the halo above his head.

Otherwise, no matter how awesome the halo might be, he would never wear the halo out. Other than turning heads wherever he went, what if he was treated as an alien? It was not part of a traditional Chinese attire; it was a glowing halo that floated above his head!

If he was in some European countries, people might worship him like a god.

He quickly discarded the lame questions out of his head. Since he already had an item to help him promote his app, he should get the other things ready as well.

Su Yang headed back to his room. He switched on his laptop and designed a simple promotional flyer before he printed several sets out on a printer.

He also selected some gifts from an online souvenir shop and told the seller to deliver the items he ordered the next day. The next-day delivery option was only available when the buyer and seller were in the same city.

After everything was prepared, he went to bed.

The next day, Su Yang applied for a full-day leave from Chu Xia. His excuse was that his stomach hurt and he could not attend class.

Chu Xia was used to Su Yang skipping class, so she simply reminded him to have some rest and drink more water. She even jokingly told him to drink some brown sugar water if he could.

Su Yang simply turned a blind eye to her joke and happily went to the office.

After he reached the office, the first one he spoke to was Wang Dong, "How's our job listing going?"

Wang Dong checked the statistics before he answered, "There are around 30 jobs per day and each job can get around 10 part-timers. There might be more during the holidays, reaching 45 to 50 jobs per day."

Su Yang received the statistics from Wang Dong and glanced over them. "How many of the jobs are from Junqing?"

"More 95% of them. Since we are just picking up the pace, we've only got a limited number of jobs from the two new companies."

Su Yang patted his shoulder and said, "Your next step is to focus on expanding our client base. We cannot solely rely on Junqing for sales. If something happens on their end, we will be forced into a passive position."

Wang Dong nodded. "I'll bring the new guys to meet up with more companies this week. But, Mr. Su, you might have noticed that the majority of the companies barely provide part-time jobs. We can approach five to six companies, but we only get one job every single day.

"I understand, so just try your best," said Su Yang.

After the discussion with Wang Dong about approaching new companies, Su Yang called the two new employees that he had tasked to take care of the students for a meeting. He told them to update the job listing constantly and maintain a good relationship with the students. 

On top of that, he also told them to advertise in all three universities' Tieba and QQ Messenger groups to attract more potential users.

After the meetings, the gifts that he ordered online yesterday were delivered. Su Yang brought Chen Xiaoyun out to promote the app and tasked the other new employee to work on what they had discussed during the meeting.

Since it was his first face-to-face promotion, Su Yang started at his own university, Shanghai University, instead of the others.

The reason why he brought Chen Xiaoyun along was that similar to Liu Xin, the printer marked her as a potential talent, so he wanted to train her more in marketing. The other obvious reason was that a girl was much more suitable for promoting stuff. Who would want to listen to a guy's sales pitch?

Su Yang chose the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation. With barely any acquaintance in this faculty and almost no users on his app from this faculty, he thought that the odds of securing new users would be higher.

He gave a third of the gifts to Chen Xiaoyun before they split up. 

His method of promotion was simple: stop those students who were not in a hurry and show them the flyer, then ask them whether they need a part-time job or not.

If they had the need for one, he would ask them to download the app. In return, they could receive a small gift after they downloaded it.

Su Yang prepared three types of gifts: for guys, for girls, and for couples.

The gift for guys was a cool-looking keychain.

The gift for girls was a simple doll.

The gift for couples was a pair of dolls.

In order to test out the halo's effect, Su Yang did not activate it right away and started by using his words alone.

The result was self-explanatory. 

Almost no one listened to Su Yang whereas those who did recognized him as the busker at the campus entrance and the guy who recited lines from English drama series fluently.

They did not stop to ask Su Yang about the app. Instead, they were more interested in him.

"Hey mate, the video of you reciting lines from drama series...is that fake?"

"No, I really memorized all the lines."

"If you can sing so well, why don't you participate in the campus singing competition?"

"I'm not free because I'm promoting this app."

No one cared about the app that he was promoting.

Su Yang took the time and checked on Chen Xiaoyun. Maybe because she was approachable or had potential in negotiating, as the printer commented, she was doing alright by herself.

Half an hour later, eight students downloaded the app. Su Yang checked the back-end system and the accurate statistics showed that out of the eight students, four of them had verified their names. 

By the looks of it, he could at least get two more part-timers into his company.

Since his employee was doing well, Su Yang did not want to look bad either. He activated the halo and started his second round of promotion.

It was at that moment that a beep sounded in his head.

[New High Random Mission.]

'Huh? Is the system giving me a mission based on the promotion? No way…'

Su Yang thought that the Random Mission wanted him to help people, but it seemed like he was going to get a big slap in his face.


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