I'll Add Points To All Things
128 Do You Know How To Rap?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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128 Do You Know How To Rap?

High Random Missions were the rarer variation of Random Missions. The rewards for these types of missions were, as its name suggested, random, while the conditions for them to appear were unclear.

Rewards varied from one to ten random points depending on one's performance.

Su Yang had only accepted one High Random Mission previously, and it had not appeared since then.

He quickly tapped on the mission.

[New High Random Mission: Please try your best to help Li Xianhe and solve the problem.]

'Huh? What's wrong with the system? Is it not asking me to save a damsel in distress anymore? How rare!'

He continued reading the description.

[Li Xianhe, a student from the Faculty of Medical Science of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) participated in the campus singing competition. He came to Shanghai University, but someone ran into another contestant which he eliminated, so he got into trouble in the little garden beside the administration building of the Faculty of Economy Management. Try your best to solve the problem and satisfy both sides. You will be rewarded with 1 to 8 Random Points based on your performance.]

[Remark: Whether it is a damsel or not, you are still helping people.]

'My goodness. The system is really getting better by the day! It even knows that I am not helping a girl. What are you? Some reproduction planning program?'

However, the High Random Mission was a rare encounter and was one of the fastest ways to earn Random Points. 

Su Yang had used up his last Random Point last night on the lightbulb, and with the appearance of this High Random Mission, it would be a great chance for him to replenish his points.

As for the promotion, since Chen Xiaoyun was doing great, he would just leave it in her hands.

Chen Xiaoyun was an obedient girl whose short hair made her look fresh and delicate. According to the comments from the talent printer, she was a patient and approachable person. Apart from that, she was kind and had a certain level of potential in negotiating. 

Therefore, Su Yang believed he could trust her.

Grabbing his gifts, he went over to Chen Xiaoyun. He said, "Xiaoyun, something urgent has come up, so you carry on by yourself for now. I'll be back soon."

Chen Xiaoyun nodded obediently and took the gifts. "Okay, Mr. Su."

He looked up at the sky and said, "If it's too hot for you or when you are tired, take a break. Keep going. I know you can do it."

As he smiled at her, Chen Xiaoyun replied, "I'll do my best, Mr. Su."

After leaving his gifts with Chen Xiaoyun, Su Yang left the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation. He called up the system along the way and headed to where the system said Li Xianhe was.

Shanghai University might be big, but everything was next to each other. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation was just next to the Faculty of Economy Management. Su Yang took less than two minutes to reach the red dot on the system map.

When he reached the destination, Su Yang saw two men confronting each other. One of them was a weak-looking young man. His body was so thin that even the wind might blow him away.

The other one was a bearded hunk who was almost 190 cm tall. He was glaring down at the weaker guy as if he wanted to eat him for lunch.

Su Yang double-checked the system to make sure who he had to help and…it was the big hunk.

He sized the two men up once more. One of them was so weak that the wind could blow him away while the other was so big that he could eat a man alive. 

'The system wants me to help the big hunk?! Is it me or is the system is playing a joke on me? How can the bearded hunk be a student? He looks like a man in his 30s!'

Su Yang did not intervene right away and just observed the situation from afar.

He saw the big hunk talking to the weak-looking guy in a meek voice, "It's just a competition. It's nothing personal. I didn't eliminate you based on my own will."

"You f*cking destroyed my dream of becoming a star. Do you know that?!" The weaker guy pushed the big hunk, but the latter did not even budge. 

The big hunk clasped his hands in front of his chest and said softly, "Please don't resolve things with violence. We are all civilized people."

The weaker guy looked even angrier after hearing what the big hunk said, "Civilized? Didn't you trip me that day?" 

His anger was obvious as he continued to criticize the big hunk, "You tripped me before I went on stage and it affected my performance! Tell me you didn't do it on purpose, you good-for-nothing b*stard!"

The big hunk said with a grievance, "I didn't do anything. I was walking, but you bumped into me and fell." Despite trying to defend himself, he ultimately apologized, "If I affected your performance that day, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

He bowed to the weaker guy as a sign of apology. He sighed after that and wanted to leave.

However, the weaker guy did not want to spare him. He grabbed the big hunk's arm and squealed, "Oh no, you don't! You aren't leaving until you give me a satisfactory apology!"

People who did not know what had happened might assume they were gay friends and that the big hunk was dumping the weaker guy. 

It was a mere quarrel, yet it suddenly turned into a soap opera, a gay soap opera, to be exact.

Su Yang believed it was time for him to step in. He activated the halo and said loudly, "Leave that…arm alone! Guys, come on. Guys like you shouldn't quarrel in public like that."

Maybe because the two of them did not expect a third person to be around, they were frightened by Su Yang's appearance. They nervously split up and looked embarrassed.

Su Yang cleared his throat and moved forward. He looked at the weaker guy and then at the big hunk. 

He asked the big hunk, "Are you Li Xianhe?" 

The bearded big hunk nodded softly. He looked like a little girl trapped in a gorilla's body. It felt really strange.

Su Yang then turned to the weaker gu. "And you are?"

"I'm Xu Kuncai."

Su Yang and Xu Kuncai's conversation confused Li Xianhe. He looked at Su Yang and asked meekly, "W-who are you?"

Li Xianhe's question made Xu Kuncai realize how odd the situation was. He glared at Su Yang and asked the same question, "Yeah, who are you?"

Su Yang cleared his throat. "I'm the president of the people-who-solves-problems-and-makes-everyone-happy-on-campus club."

Both Xu Kuncai and Li Xianhe were rendered speechless by his lame introduction.

Despite Su Yang's comical entrance, both Xu Kuncai and Li Xianhe could not hate him or show hostility to him.

Su Yang did not waste the halo's effect either. He said in a heavy tone, "I accidentally heard what you guys are quarreling about. The solution is actually simple."

He pointed at Xu Kuncai. "You, all you want is to sing, isn't it? If you want to sing, you don't need to participate in the campus singing competition. You can just be a busker and sing by the roadside."


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