I'll Add Points To All Things
130 The Side Effect Of The Angel Halo
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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130 The Side Effect Of The Angel Halo

The entire morning flew by in the blink of an eye. Even though Su Yang took an hour's break to clear his mission, he was able to finish giving the gifts out.

In the end, he started promoting without giving any gifts and it worked! It was much more effective and efficient because he did not have to run back and forth to take the gifts.

As Chen Xiaoyun watched how Su Yang promoted the app from the side, she was deeply impressed, she almost worshipped him as her new God. 'He doesn't even need gifts to promote the app! He's really a fierce character!'

After they wrapped up, Su Yang brought Chen Xiaoyun to the campus canteen for lunch.

During lunch, Chen Xiaoyun asked softly, "Mr. Su, do you have any secrets to your sales pitch?"

Su Yang glanced at her. "Of course."

"What is it?" 

He replied, "A sincere heart."

He then started to tell Chen Xiaoyun a ton of stories from Tang Sanzang's adventures in "Journey to the West" to how the tech giant, Huawei, was founded by Ren Zhangfei. He talked about almost everything. but almost everything was nonsense! 

However, with the [Verbal Canon] in play, Chen Xiaoyun was deeply captivated by his nonsense and it seemed like she bought what he said.

Su Yang smiled when he saw her fascinated gaze. "You can train yourself in this aspect when you are free. Maybe you will learn a thing or two and be like me."

Chen Xiaoyun said in surprise, "Really?"

Su Yang nodded. "Of course."

He was telling the truth. He had a ton of matters to settle and could not simply promote the app to every student every single day. He would eventually have to rely on Chen Xiaoyun for the promotion. 

Su Yang planned to put the halo on her so that it could definitely help her to grow.

While the two of them were talking over lunch, the familiar voice of a girl entered Su Yang's ears, "Mr. President, what are you doing here? Who is she?"

Su Yang's heart sank to the abyss when he heard the voice. He turned around and saw Chu Xia beside him, sizing Chen Xiaoyun up with a curious look.

Chen Xiaoyun was also looking at Su Yang and she asked softly, "Mr. President?"

Su Yang cleared his throat and stood up to say to Chu Xia, "I'm having lunch with my colleague. What brings you here?"

Chu Xia was first surprised before she nervously stated her reason with a smile, "Why can't I be here? I came to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation to settle some matters with our lecturer."

She then looked at Chen Xiaoyun while moving closer to Su Yang's ears, whispering, "She's quite cute. A decent-looking girl, I see. It makes me want to protect her."

He whispered back, "Stop it. She's older than us by three years."

"A wife three years older than the husband guarantees a richer life!" Chu Xia softly grunted.

'Girl, what's with the jealousy?'

Since Su Yang did not answer her, she straightened her body and said, "Mr. Su, since you have the time to have lunch with your colleague, I suppose you have the time to have dinner with me. I think your stomach…should be fine, shouldn't it?"

Chu Xia looked like she would tear him to shreds if he dared to reject her, thus he stiffly nodded.

With a smile, she threw a soft punch at Su Yang and said, "Don't you dare stand me up again!"

"Sorry for interrupting." She then smiled at Chen Xiaoyun before she left.

After she left, Su Yang wiped the sweat off his forehead, as though he had just survived World War III.

Chen Xiaoyun continued eating while asking, "Mr. Su, who's she?"

"A friend," said Su Yang.

"Oh, I see. Sure looks like your 'friend'," said Chen Xiaoyun.

After lunch, Su Yang continued promoting the app using the halo. He also taught Chen Xiaoyun a bit about the promotion technique.

While the [Verbal Canon] might be a special ability from the system, Su Yang was able to grasp the techniques from it and taught them to Chen Xiaoyun. In simple words, it was the art of talking that could work with both giving a speech or a sales pitch.

Chen Xiaoyun had a feeling that she gained a lot of valuable knowledge after following Su Yang for a day.

Before they called it a day, he told her, "I might've been with you for the whole day today, but you are on your own tomorrow. Our company is expanding rapidly, so I hope you can achieve something on your own."

Chen Xiaoyun nodded seriously.

After the little chat, Su Yang released her from work. However, while they were talking, he had also put the halo on her and set it to switch on tomorrow when she went to work.

With the help of the [Ally Halo], if Chen Xiaoyun could put a little more effort, she would surely get outstanding results tomorrow.

Su Yang headed back to the Faculty of Literature after work. He had promised Chu Xia to have dinner with her, after all. She said that she would buy him dinner this time, so it was not appropriate for him to stand her up for a second time.

When he reached his own faculty, he saw Chu Xia waiting for him in front of the academic building. The frills of her dress danced along with the breeze and made her look like a sweet deity.

She smiled when she noticed Su Yang. Everything about her was sweet from her brows to her expression and her slightly warm smile. It seemed as though she was the sweetest girl there was. She waved at him and trotted over.

Su Yang smiled at her. "Sorry I made you wait."

Chu Xia pouted. "I actually just arrived. I got a bad experience of someone standing me up last time, so I didn't dare come early anymore. I might've wasted half an hour waiting for this someone ."

Su Yang scratched his nose awkwardly. Holding a grudge over something trivial was probably the only bad side this girl had.

Chu Xia brought Su Yang to a nearby Korean restaurant that looked rather high-class.

She was afraid that he might worry about the price, so when they arrived at the entrance, she announced, "I won a prize with my review in Meituan[1]. I got a gift coupon that allows me to eat for free in this restaurant. That's why I brought you here."

Su Yang grinned at her. "You are really a lucky girl."

She returned the smile delightedly. "Of course! I have always been the luckiest girl since I was young!"

The two of them walked in and the waiter led them to a rather quiet table for two. Chu Xia continued her story of how lucky she had been since she was young.

Su Yang sat opposite her, listening to her stories quietly. He had a feeling that God put everything nice in this girl. She was beautiful, generous, outgoing, and bright. As though her world had no dark or gray sides, everything was bright and happy to her.

What kind of family or what kind of parents did it require to raise such a perfect girl?

Su Yang fixated his passionate gaze on her. Chu Xia was full of herself at first, but she blushed when she noticed his gaze, and she eventually lost her words. She did not know what to say or how to react to the situation.

An awkward silence filled the atmosphere between them.

It was the waiter who broke the ice for them. "Sir, Madam, what are you having today?"

"O-oh!" Chu Xia regained her senses and grabbed the menu nervously to conceal her embarrassment. A quick glance later, she passed the menu to Su Yang and said bashfully, "W-what are you having?"

Su Yang took the menu without being concerned. However, when he laid his eyes on the menu, hunger struck him. He was famished! He could eat a cow together with its bones!

Shocked, Su Yang suddenly looked pale.

'Sh*t! I forgot about the side effect of the halo!' 

[1] Meituan-Dianping is a Chinese group-buying website for local food delivery services, consumer products, and retail services



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