I'll Add Points To All Things
132 Little Hus Had A Pet Fish
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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132 Little Hus Had A Pet Fish

Chu Xia rolled around on her bed after she dumped her phone aside. Her head was replaying the scene whereby Su Yang and her had run for their lives.

The panic and rush of adrenaline made her mind blank back then, but when she recalled it now, she found it funny.

'I was so dumb back then. Why didn't I realize it?'

Chu Xia could not help but giggle upon the thought. Since she was inside a shared dorm, she quickly stifled her giggles, but her thoughts continued to run wild.

She had never experienced something like this since or met someone like Su Yang since she was young. Even though she knew it was a prank, the adrenaline rush, the vigorous pounding of her heart, the thrill of escaping at night were all something she had never experienced before.

Although she had lectured Su Yang after the prank, her heart never stopped since it started beating so furiously.

On top of that, she had a feeling that Su Yang looked a little different. He seemed to be taller, more handsome, and his smile looked brighter.

'Am I thinking too much?'

Maybe it was her who was different.

If Li Runze were here, he would have explained in a soulless tone, "It is just a sign of the Suspension Bridge Effect."

When a girl crossed a hanging bridge, her heart would naturally beat faster, and when she sees the guy she likes, she would mistakenly think the cause of her racing heartbeat was the guy instead of the bridge. 

From there on, the girl might have thought that she was in love with the guy.

Back at home, Su Yang jumped back into the virtual space, but the little monsters were not watching TV in the living room.

Su Yang headed up to the second floor before realized that there was no one there either.

'Strange. Where's everybody?'

Su Yang did not simply call Deeny and ask where everyone went. Instead, he searched the rooms one by one.

In the end, he found his little monsters by the swimming pool.

Su Yang thought the little monsters were swimming at the swimming pool because of the hot weather, but when he popped his head out of the door, he noticed the little monsters squatting down around the pool, peering at something inside the water.

Deeny said, "Little Hus, Master told you to trade on his behalf to get treasures, but all you got are fishes, crabs, and seahorses. Master is going to be mad at you…"

Little Hus slouched beside the pool with his edges up. He said nonchalantly, "He won't be mad at me. If he really wants to hold someone responsible, Pool will be the one who gets it because I traded the things with him."

Pool was floating above the water on his knees. He turned to Little Hus when he heard his name being called and defended himself softly, "Lord Hus, it is not up to me to decide the trading outcome. Besides, something good came up today, but you didn't choose it, so it's not my fault."

Little Hus dug his nose. "It was good, but it wasn't that expensive either. Besides, look at this little fish. She looks so lonely. When I traded her, she was all alone, and since her little brother came today, how could I not let her reunite with her family?"

The little monsters then stared at the pool in silence.

A while later, Sanque turned to Little Hus. "Are you sure a shark is considered a little fish?"

While Su Yang eavesdropped on his little monsters at the door and heard the word 'shark', he could no longer stay put and stormed over to the swimming pool.

"Shark?! Where's the shark?!"

The little monsters were stunned by Su Yang's appearance. They subtly shuffled aside and isolated Little Hus in the middle.

However, Su Yang was not bothered by their little reaction. He walked to the pool and saw a shark in the water! A 2-meter-long shark was swimming like a majestic being in the water! Meanwhile, the seahorse family plus the little sand-burrowing crab were floating at the corner like statues.

'There's a shark in my pool…'

With his tongue out, Little Hus went closer and said softly, "Su Yang, I traded this for you. It's great, isn't it?"

"Uhh…" Su Yang did not know what to say.

Little Hus introduced him to the shark, "She's a female shark that I've named Janet. She's two years old this year, but she's always sick. She's not that healthy, but she's cute...just a little naughty."


"I heard you traded for her brother, so where's this little brother of hers?" Su Yang asked

Before Little Hus could say anything, Sanque joined the conversation, "Her little brother is an anchovy and she ate him."

'What the…?'

Su Yang asked, "What about the things you traded for recently?"

Sanque continued attacking Little Hus. "Little Hus traded for fishes every day and fed them all to Janet. Her little brother, her sister, her older brother, her friends, her neighbors…'

'What the hell?! This little doggy b*stard traded for food for the shark!'

Little Hus smirked as he explained, "They are all relatives...relatives who are almost unrelated!" He then pointed at the shark. "Don't you think she's cute? She's cute, isn't she?!"

Su Yang looked at Janet's ferocious gaze as she swam in the pool. Her sharp teeth were flashing and the scene robbed the words from his mouth. If he posted online and said he had just gotten a pet, people might have found it amusing.

However, if he said his bolster got a pet fish and not just any fish but a shark, people would tell him to f**k off back to his village.

However, what he saw before his eyes was real. His bolster had really gotten a pet shark in the pool.

Su Yang looked at Janet and asked the question that had been bothering him, "Does she bite?"

Little Hus shook his edges. "No! No! No! She's very obedient!"

Sanque said otherwise, "He's already got pooped out by Janet three times."

Angrily, Little Hus said, "Bullsh*t! She spat me out! Spat me out! Not poop me out! You dumb carrot!"

Su Yang pictured the scene of Janet crunching the husky bolster.

'Uh… quite gory I must say… Sigh. Whatever, since I tasked Little Hus to trade for me, I shouldn't interfere either. Since there are a lot of strange things in the villa, one more shark doesn't make any difference…'

With that in mind, Su Yang said, "If you want to keep it, fine, but don't you dare miss out on the good stuff, or I'll cut off Janet's shark fin for dinner.

Little Hus was over the moon. He saluted Su Yang with his little edge. "Roger that!"

Su Yang went back to his room after the little scene at the swimming pool. He asked Deeny for the statistics for the app since she was the one maintaining it from behind the scenes, thus the data in her hands should be the most complete.

A while later, Deeny showed him the complete statistics for the users.

Su Yang went through it and saw there were 300 new downloads and 200 plus users had verified their names. Those who took jobs were a lot fewer at only a few over 30. 

It was probably because all the new users were still observing the app or did not have time to try it out.

Su Yang expected the users to stay for the long term, and he could at least get 100 new stables users from the batch.

He then checked his Gold Mission.

[Gold Mission: Road to Zenith (1)]

[Mission Target: Lead your company to make 1,000 people's lives better.]

[Mission Completion: 607/1,000]

The number had increased to over 600. He was less than 400 people away from his goal, and if he worked harder, he might be able to reach it within this week.

Truth be told, Su Yang was very curious about what the Gold Mission would reward him with and what a Gold Point could do.

Based on what he knew, the Gold Point should be something greater than the Silver Point. As the greatest point from the system, it should be something unique.

After a quiet night, Su Yang went to class the next day. Of course, he did not forget to turn on the halo effect for Chen Xiaoyun remotely.

For the entire morning, Su Yang received live updates from Deeny in class. The number of users was increasing and it was very likely for him to hit the target within this week.

During his break, he sent a message to Wang Dong and asked him how he was doing.

Wang Dong reported that he and his team had visited eight companies and signed an agreement with a few. Everything was progressing for the better.

Su Yang was the last to leave after his afternoon class. While he was tidying up his stuff, his phone rang.

Deeny said, "Master, a voice message from WeChat."

'I must say, Deeny, you are becoming more and more like a ringtone…'

"Who is it from?" Su Yang asked.

"Li Xianhe."

'Li Xianhe? The bearded hunk who's 190 cm tall? What does he want with me?'


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