I'll Add Points To All Things
136 We All Want To Add Points
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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136 We All Want To Add Points

'Does it mean I can read people's minds through checking their memories? No wonder Little Hus said the hourglass smells good! It's godlike!'

Little Hus' voice rang out again, "No way…How can a man give birth to a child? Besides, I'm not a dog who will simply accept a random guy as my father. Let's just call him by his name…Ugh…I suddenly feel hungry…'

Little Hus' voice stopped and the real Little Hus in the memory playback spoke, "Su Yang, I'm hungry."

Su Yang was rather emotional when the scene played out before him. It was the first word Little Hus had said to him after he added a point to the husky bolster. 

The simple sentence marked the start of their journey together.

The hourglass had a time limit, so Su Yang did not linger for long in this memory sequence. With a single thought, he traveled through Little Hus' memory.

A moment later, he stopped at a memory sequence that he had never seen before.

In the memory sequence, he was not at home and Little Hus was wandering around the basement mindlessly. He looked at the toilet, jumped on the table, and even popped his head out of the window to breathe some fresh air. 

In the end, he got bored with jumping around and went closer to Gru. He stared at the twig for a long while before Little Hus' voice was heard. "This little twig looks lonely. It can't speak or move, and all it does is stand in the pot the whole day. Should I play with him?"

Despite his heart thinking as such, Little Hus poked Gru with his edge and said, "Hey, stupid twig, come fight me!"

This memory sequence probably happened before Gru went on a rampage and turned the basement upside down.

Su Yang continued watching Little Hus' memories and saw Deeny's arrival.

"Wow! What a cute girl!"

Then, there was Sanque's arrival.

"Can I eat the stupid carrot?"

There was the time when Su Yang bought him chocolate.

"Old man! You finally bought something for me! Okay, when you are old, I'll feed you dog food every day!"

Janet's arrival.

"Holy sh*t! What a beautiful fish! But if I put her in the pool, will the old man kill me?"

Many other memory sequences played before Su Yang's eyes like a drama series. He was going through Little Hus' memories from the start to the latest. He was so captivated by the playback and forgot to build a [Memory Maze].

Just when he thought of the [Memory Maze] and wanted to give it a try, the space around Su Yang distorted again and his body shrunk into nothing.

Everything before his eyes turned black, and when he regained his sight, he found himself in his room. Little Hus was still frozen on top of him. Nothing seemed to have changed except for the sand in the hourglass which had completely flowed to the other end.

Su Yang checked the time and it seemed like time had frozen.

'Time inside the hourglass is frozen?! I feel like I've been inside for 20 plus minutes, yet not a second has passed back here?'

The more Su Yang tested out the hourglass, the more he believed that the hourglass was a godlike artifact!

Of course, since the time back in reality was frozen, Little Hus was still troubling him. His cries sounded a moment later. "Come on! Just give it to me. I want to ride Janet!"

"I was the first here. If you don't give me the point, when the others come by, how are you going to split the points then?"

Su Yang was having a headache. "If I added a point to you secretly, Gru and the others will be mad when they find out."

Little Hus gave him a husky death stare. "They won't know!"

Before his words even subsided, all the little monsters popped their heads out of the door: Deeny, Pool, Sanque, Gru, and even Little Lady Knife which Gru held in its twigs.

Deeny giggled at the door. "I heard something about a second point-addition. Master, I want a point too!"

Pool also nodded gently while Gru waved its twigs and 'Gru-ed' happily.

Little Lady Knife crowed, "Yeah, yeah!"

Sanque's eyes were wide open as it looked extremely energetic like never before.

'Fine…everyone has heard about it…'

Su Yang had a feeling that he would have to spend all the points that he had obtained that day. He called the little monsters in and said, "Come over here. Let's discuss how we should distribute the points."

All the little monsters were excited about the second point at first, but when Su Yang was all generous and kind, every one of them felt awkward. They gathered around Su Yang and looked at each other in silence.

Su Yang glanced at them and said, "Here's a suggestion. I'm going to stay out of this discussion and you guys can vote among yourselves. Pick two of you and I'll add points to them."

It was then that he suddenly thought of something. He opened the shop and spent 500 Point Coins for a Random Point plus three more [Protection Charms].

He then said to the little monsters, "Okay, I have three points now and I've got three [Protection Charms]. Even if the point-addition fails, the charm will protect you. Three out of six of you can get the points."

Since he said so, Deeny raised her hand and said generously like the big sister in the house, "Master, I'm quite happy with my current state. I'll wait for the next time."

Pool also said gently, "I'll pass too. Little Lady Knife can't see and Lord Sanque's Life Evolution failed. Lord Gru can't speak as well, so I think it's better to prioritize them."

Right after Pool's voice subsided, Little Hus jumped up. "What about me!? What about me?! I don't even have hands and legs! I'm sad!"

Nevertheless, Pool did not care about the troublemaker.

Little Hus went closer to Su Yang and nuzzled his hand with the husky face. "Su Yang, come on. I've done some serious work even if I've caused a lot of trouble. I helped you find a lot of good things, so pick me for the first batch, please…"

Su Yang glanced at him before he waved the charms and said, "I said I'll leave it to you guys to decide. You go talk to them, and if they agree, I'm okay with it."

Little Hus glared at him and grunted, appearing a little unhappy. However, he quickly looked at Little Lady Knife, Sanque, and Gru.

His gaze paused on Little Lady Knife for a moment before he looked at Sanque, but he ultimately decided to pass. In the end, he looked at Gru. 

'I choose you!'

He inched closer to Gru and whispered something. Gru shook its twigs furiously at first as a sign of refusal, but the twigs gradually slowed down and it ultimately nodded.

Little Hus was delighted. He hugged Gru and kissed him with his husky mouth.

Gru might not have a face, but it really looked disgusted when it was kissed. It pushed Little Hus away with its twigs and walked to Deeny and Pool's side.

Su Yang just kept quiet and watched from the side.

Even though Little Hus dissuaded Gru to give up, Su Yang did not plan on intervening because he still could afford a piece of charm and he could still get Random Missions from the system. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Gru, Deeny, and Pool received their second point, which would probably be in two or three days.

With that in mind, Su Yang cleared his throat and said to all six of the little monsters, "So, it has been decided. Sanque, Little Lady Knife, and Little Hus, am I right? Are there any objections?"

All the little monsters shook their heads.

Su Yang nodded. He turned a blind eye to Little Hus' eager gaze and said, "Little Lady Knife, you first."

He put his hand out for Little Lady Knife to jump up on it.

Little Lady Knife bowed at Pool, Deeny, and Gru behind her politely and said in a meek voice, "Thank you, Brothers and Sister."

She then hopped onto Su Yang's hand. He stuck the charm on her before he called the system up. 

A translucent [+] sign appeared above Little Lady Knife. Su Yang tapped on it without a second thought.

Little Lady Knife's body suddenly stiffened and fell onto Su Yang's palm. Chains appeared and wrapped around her body before it shone brightly. A moment later, the light disappeared and everything returned to normal.

Su Yang looked at his hand but…Little Lady Knife had disappeared!

She had vanished completely.

He could not see her or feel her anywhere as if her body had disintegrated into nothingness!

'Where is she? Did she travel through time and space?!"


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