I'll Add Points To All Things
137 Lady Knife“s New Talent: Quantum Overlap Mode
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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137 Lady Knife“s New Talent: Quantum Overlap Mode

Then, a window popped up before Su Yang's eyes.

[Fruit Knife +2: Life Evolution success. Form of life has changed and acquired new talent.]

'Acquired new talent? She didn't travel through time and space? Does it mean she's still in the room?'

Su Yang called out to the little knife, "Lady Knife, Lady Knife, where are you?"

"I'm here, Brother Su Yang." Lady Knife's meek voice sounded from Su Yang's hand.

Su Yang gripped his palm but could not feel anything. "Are you invisible now?"

"Invisible? What's that?" Little Lady Knife sounded curious.

'Huh? She doesn't know what being invisible is?'

Su Yang believed that it was Little Lady Knife's new talent that had made her disappear. The difference between a talent and a special ability was that talent was a passive ability that could not be controlled and its effect was always on.

With that in mind, Su Yang returned to the system homepage and saw a new introduction under the description of the fruit knife.

[Talent: Quantum Overlap]

[Trait 1: The fruit knife exists in a Quantum Overlap form. It cannot be detected and doesn't have weight or form. It now exists in the realm between reality and nothingness. When someone wants to hold her, she will appear.]

[Trait 2: If someone holds her and gives her another real-time trait, she will possess that particular trait for a certain amount of time.]

'What's this?'

Su Yang tested it out by thinking about Little Lady Knife in his hand and pop! Little Lady Knife appeared in his hand!

However, she no longer resembled a fruit knife anymore. Little Lady Knife now had the appearance of a human girl with a cute face, a body, and limbs, but her limbs were made out of blades. She looked more like an enhanced cyborg instead of a normal human girl.

Su Yang tried to touch the blades. 

'Ouch! It hurts!' 

It felt like his finger had been sliced, but when he looked at it, his finger did not bleed. It seemed like Little Lady Knife's first talent was still in effect. She could not hurt any kind of life form.

Su Yang touched her face and asked, "Lady Knife, can you see me?"

Little Lady Knife's long lashes moved, but her eyes remained closed, "What does 'see' mean, Brother Su Yang?'

"Then, can you open your eyes?"

Little Lady Knife moved her eyelids, but she shook her head. "I can't."

'She can't open her eyes? Strange.'

Before Little Lady Knife changed into her humanoid form, Su Yang thought she was blind, but now it seemed like it was not the case. She was not blind. Instead, she could not open her eyes. 

'What's wrong with this?'

Su Yang looked at Sanque. "Sanque, what's wrong with your little sister?"

Sanque opened its eyes and glanced at Little Lady Knife. Its ginseng head shook and it said, "It's not a sickness.'

'Not a sickness? Does it mean her eyes are sealed?' 

Su Yang failed to come up with a reasonable answer.

On the other hand, Little Hus was all excited when Little Lady Knife turned into a humanoid doll. He went closer and stuck his long husky tongue out. "Su Yang! Su Yang! Me! Me!"

Su Yang tapped his head firmly. "Why the rush? I still don't understand what just happened to your little sister."

Little Hus gave him the husky death stare. He really looked fierce as if he could stare the entire house to death.

However, Su Yang knew Little Hus' character, even more so after he saw what the husky had in mind through the memory sequence. He was not worried at all because the husky bolster was a tsundere character.

Whenever Su Yang treated him well, the husky bolster would be arrogant and proud. Whenever Su Yang ignored him, he would come to him with his wagging tail.

Regardless, Little Hus has a kind heart. He was just a little naughtier than others.

'Are all huskies like this? Are they so energetic that they need to constantly cause trouble to release their stress?'

After he pushed Little Hus away, Su Yang held Little Lady Knife up. "Lady Knife, I'm going to test your talent. Tell me if you feel anything."

Little Lady Knife transformed from the shape of a fruit knife to a little humanoid. The transformation granted her a cute face that complimented her meek and soft voice. "Okay, Brother Su Yang."

Su Yang held her in his hand and thought, 'Be smoother.'

Little Lady Knife disappeared from his hand again, but this time, Su Yang could feel her. She was still in Su Yang's hand and she felt smoother than before.

Su Yang asked, "Lady Knife, how are you feeling?"

"Nothing. It's just that I can't move."

'Can't move? Giving her an extra trait will make her go invisible and immobilize her?'

Su Yang changed his thought. 'Sharp!'

"What about now? How do you feel?" he asked.

Little Lady Knife's meek voice answered, "Nothing as well."

Su Yang held her tighter and swung toward his table. He cut nothing but the air. However, a moment later, there was a loud noise.


A part of the table was split off! The cutting edge was as smooth as a mirror, and there were no splinters whatsoever.

'It's really sharp…'

Su Yang continued testing her talent by giving her different traits. For example, when he gave her the trait of emptiness, Little Lady Knife disappeared from his hand. When he thought about her in his hand, she appeared again.

'What a bizarre mode…In between reality and nothingness, and can adapt to different traits…'

Lastly, Su Yang summoned Little Lady Knife in her new humanoid form and let her go off. With her new body, she happily hopped off his hand. 

Her blade-like legs left marks on the floor as she walked as if she were a knife that left a trail.

She wanted to touch her face with her hands, but she squealed in pain, "Ouch!"

She herself was also a kind of life form, so even though she could not really hurt herself, she could still feel the pain.

Little Lady Knife frowned cutely and said in an indignantly adorable tone, "I can't even touch my own face? I'm already blind and it hurts to touch myself. How will I know what I look like?"

Su Yang and his other little monsters felt sorry for the poor girl.

Nevertheless, he smiled and said, "Don't worry. Your Brother Pool will carve your face on a piece of wood and you will be able to know what you look like."

Little Lady Knife immediately smiled brightly and asked happily, "Really, Brother Pool?"

Pool smiled gently. "Sure, I'll carve your image out in a few days."

Little Lady Knife's successful humanoid transformation aroused the other little monsters. Even Sanque could no longer stand still. It climbed out from the pot and walked over to Su Yang. It stared at Su Yang with its ugly face and even though it did not say anything, the message it wanted to convey was clear: 'Boy, it's time for you to add a point to me!'

Sanque was the only little monster whose Life Evolution had failed.

When Su Yang added a point to the ginseng, it reacted strongly, almost as strongly as Pool's birth, but Pool's Life Evolution was successful and he turned into a humanoid monster. 

With Sanque, on the other hand, it had failed and even affected its intellect to become [Simple Intellect]. It might look dumb and talk slow normally, but it was not trying to fake it or whatsoever. It was really…dumb.

However, everyone had the right to strive for the better, and even Sanque wanted to improve.

Since Sanque had taken the initiative to come forth, Little Hus did not even argue with the ginseng. He stood aside and waited for his turn instead.

Su yang stuck a charm on Sanque to protect it before he added a point to the ginseng.


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