I'll Add Points To All Things
139 Why Are You Changing Your Girlfriend Everyday?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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139 Why Are You Changing Your Girlfriend Everyday?

Astonished, Su Yang fixed his gaze on his phone screen.

Dressed in casual wear, Deeny was squatting down in the villa kitchen dully with a smartphone beside her. Her mechanical and dully voice was heard. "Hello, everyone, I'm Deeny. Today is my seventh day making dinner for my brother."

Then, the phone beside her rang.

She answered the phone and Su Yang heard his own voice, but it somehow sounded like he could use a beating. "Hey, Deeny? I want to have steamed scallops with cellophane noodles tonight.

Deeny's dull face immediately lit up and she nodded repeatedly as if being able to cook dinner for Su Yang was the meaning of her life.

In the video, after she hung up the phone, Deeny grabbed the oversized apron and put it over her petite body. She then tiptoed and danced around like a ballerina before she started demonstrating how to cook steamed scallops with cellophane noodles.

In the end, a delicious-looking dish was served on the table. The color of the dish even made Su Yang drool despite it being just a video.

Then, the phone rang again and Su Yang's voice could be heard again. "Oh, Deeny, I got a new girlfriend today and I'm going on a date tonight. I'm not coming back today. Have dinner on your own."

Deeny instantly looked defeated and the scene turned black and white. She looked like she had fallen into despair as she stuffed the steamed scallops into her mouth.

'What the eff did I just watch? Since when did I become an actor in her video? I know it's just my voice, but how should I put it? How the hell did I become a character in her skits? On top of that, why am I playing a playboy brother that exploits his own sister?'

Even Su Yang felt pity for Deeny in the video.

'The "me" in the video shouldn't have done this to Deeny! What an a**hole!'

He then tapped on the comments. All the comments bashed him and expressed their sympathy for Deeny.

[Deeny, I feel sorry for you.]

[You'd better beat your brother up as soon as possible. If he gets any older, you won't be able to overcome him anymore since girls usually reach puberty earlier than boys.]

[Do you still want a brother? A brother that doesn't want a girlfriend?]

[How could your brother change his girlfriend everyday? Is he super handsome?]

[I don't believe it! Picture or it didn't happen!]

[You make me want to strangle my own sister.]

All the comments were more or less expressing the same thing.

Su Yang tapped on Deeny's profile and saw six videos posted. All the videos were about cooking and how Su Yang had changed his girlfriend six times throughout the span of six videos.

'My, my, I'm like the Flash who changes girlfriends.' 

Su Yang was impressed by his own character but… 'Does it mean I'm a f*ckboy now?'

He noticed that every single video had around ten thousand or more likes with the highest one having 250K likes and the views ranging between a few million and ten million. He also noticed Deeny had 1.1 million followers on Tiktok.

'Not bad. Is Deeny trying to become a verified food content creator after her link-clicking business got blocked? Speaking of which, why haven't I tried any of these delicious-looking foods? What's with the poisonous food that she gave me? Something isn't right here.'

Just when Su Yang wanted to call Deeny out to ask her about the food, he received a call.

It was from Wang Dong.

He answered the call and Wang Dong's slightly anxious voice came through. "Mr. Su, something has happened to the company!"

Confused, Su Yang asked, "What happened? Didn't you say everything was progressing smoothly this morning? What's wrong all of a sudden?"

Wang Dong said, "It's Junqing Intermediary. They believe we are progressing and expanding too quickly, so it captured their attention. They are proposing an acquisition of our company."

Shocked, Su Yang asked, "An acquisition of our company? We've just been operating for less than a month now."

Wang Dong continued in his anxious voice, "That's why they want to acquire us before our value soars. Besides, I heard from Manager Zhang that if they fail to acquire our company, Junqing might stop giving us jobs."

Rage burned in Su Yang's eyes as he gripped his fists tightly and cursed, "Those b*stards!"

Even though fury was burning madly within, Su Yang knew he was the heart and soul of the company, so he should not succumb to his rage. He forced himself to calm down and told Wang Dong, "Alright, I'll come back right away. Stay calm."

"Okay, I'll wait for you."

Su Yang reminded Wang Dong before he hung up the phone, "Don't tell the others about this first and try to keep it to yourself."

Wang Dong was slightly stunned. Truth be told, when he received the call from Manager Zhang, he had run out nervously to call Su Yang and did not think about the others. Now that Su Yang reminded him about the other employees, Wang Dong realized that his reaction earlier had not been appropriate.

The new employees had only been working for a week. What would they think if they heard something like this?

With that in mind, Wang Dong said, "I understand, Mr. Su."

However, after the phone call, he slapped himself and forced a smile on his face before he went back to the office.

As expected, the new employees were rather worried when they saw Wang Dong run out nervously, but when he came back with a smile, they were less worried.

After the call, Su Yang made his way to the office. He did not sprint all the way there though because he knew that there was no use in rushing things. Even if he could reach the office a minute or two earlier, he could not solve the problem at hand. He might as well take the time and think of a solution along the way.

Su Yang had actually expected an acquisition to happen but not this early and not this aggressively.

In the past two weeks, he had urged Wang Dong to expand the company's client base because he wanted to prevent Junqing Intermediary from using their relationship against them.

However, he did not expect things to happen this quickly. The first move from Junqing Intermediary checked him; they wanted to acquire his company.

In order to complete the Gold Mission, Su Yang poured his effort into promoting the app to the students one by one and managed to increase the user count to 1,000. There was an average of 400 people who took up jobs from the app and the job listings were already running low.

Junqing Intermediary stepped in and checked him on the chessboard by striking him at his weak spot. 

Su Yang found himself in a critical and dangerous situation. If he failed to solve this problem, the users that he gathered up until this point would slip away due to the lack of jobs.

From there, not only would his company face a dire crisis, but the Point Coins and the Gold Mission would also be affected.

Despite his usual easy-going personality, Su Yang could not help but curse in his heart, 'They are really f*cking merciless!'

Along the way, he listed out the problems that he had to solve.

Firstly, he had to expand the company's client base and secure more jobs from other companies right away. He would have to try his best to seamlessly fill up the listing with the new jobs to avoid disruption. He could not allow Junqing Intermediary to get a hold of his lifeline.

Secondly, he should stop promoting face to face right away and focus on expanding the client base. He must overcome the problem at hand first before attracting more users.

Thirdly, he had to find out who from Junqing Intermediary had given the acquisition order and which level of management he or she was from. The order from Jiang Yan and the order from a random department manager were two entirely different situations that required different approaches.

Last but not least, he had to make sure Junqing Intermediary would pay up upon the due date.

When he reached the office entrance, Su Yang adjusted his emotions before he went in.

All the employees greeted him upon his arrival, "Mr. Su, good afternoon."

Su Yang replied with a smile before calling Wang Dong out, "Wang Dong, a word please."

Quickly, he got a detailed update from Wang Dong and realized that the situation was more or less within his expectations. 

He told Wang Dong to make a dinner appointment with Manager Zhang that night. Then, he put Wang Dong in charge of the venue and told him to get a quiet place.

"Mr. Su, even if Manager Zhang agrees to come out, he won't reveal anything to us. He is still Junqing's man," Wang Dong answered reticently.

Su Yang put his hand in his pocket and touched the hourglass. He said dully, "It's fine. I know what to do."

After that, he asked, "If we cease all work from Junqing right now, how many empty listings are we looking at tomorrow?"

A quick thought later, Wang Dong replied hesitantly, "We will be short of at least 300 jobs…"

Su Yang's expression looked colder. "What have you and your team been doing? Didn't I tell you guys to expand our client base as soon as possible?"

Wang Dong replied bitterly, "Mr. Su, we have to visit all the companies one by one. We are having difficulties talking to the larger companies and the smaller companies can only provide so much. That's why we are facing delays."

Su Yang checked his phone before he said resolutely, "If you guys can't do it, I'll go. Bring your team and follow me. I'll fill up the 300 jobs today!"


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