I'll Add Points To All Things
140 Talk To Five Companies In One Afternoon
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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140 Talk To Five Companies In One Afternoon

When Wang Dong saw the serious expression on Su Yang's face, he opened his mouth, trying to say something, but no words came out.

It was not that he looked down on Su Yang. To be honest, he was quite impressed with Su Yang. As a young man with a sharp business sense that had created a company with 10,000 yuan profit per month and had rich connections and resources on the students' side, he was nothing less than great.

On the other hand, Wang Dong might have worked for several years and was experienced, but compared to Su Yang, he was wasting his time and his life.

However, having sharp business acumen and rich resources did not mean that Su Yang was good at negotiating.

Business negotiation was a test of one's talking techniques, IQ, and even EQ. The relationship between both parties also played an important role. 

Su Yang was still a university student, and Wang Dong believed that he must have watched several dramas about business and got a boost of confidence from all the fictitious stories.

On top of that, he even wanted the other employees to follow him and learn from him. If Su Yang screwed up, it would have a huge impact on his position and image.

With that in mind, Wang Dong hesitated for a moment before he ultimately decided to talk Su Yang out of it. "Mr. Su, why don't I go with you instead? I'll send the rest to the other companies to increase the success rate."

To his surprise, Su Yang rejected resolutely, "No, you guys aren't being efficient enough, so it's better that all of you learn from me."

Wang Dong was rendered speechless. 'Great. Seems like I can't talk him out of this. I just hope Su Yang won't screw up later and embarrass himself in front of the new employees. Please let him get at least one."

As he sighed when the thought appeared in his mind, he gave up on dissuading Su Yang. He went back into the office and called his team members to arrange the information of the clients that they were following and gave them to Su Yang.

Liu Xin and the other employees, who were tasked to follow up on the larger company clientele, were confused when they received the order. When they knew their boss was going to negotiate with the clientele and wanted them to watch and learn, every one of them responded strangely.

'The boss is going to negotiate with the clients? Does he even know what he's doing?'

One of the employees went closer to Liu Xin and asked, "Brother Liu, does our boss come from a business background?"

Liu Xin shook his head. "I don't know, but he should be. Otherwise, he wouldn't want us to watch and learn."

Wang Dong overheard the conversation. He was afraid that the employees had high expectations of Su Yang, and he was worried that Su Yang would embarrass himself, so he said, "Our boss doesn't come from a business background, but he has always been interested in this particular field, especially negotiation. The reason why he told us to watch and learn is that he wants to give us a warning because we aren't performing up to expectations."

He toned down the expectations of Liu Xin and the other employees who nodded in understanding. 

'So, that's what the boss is trying to do. I see…'

Liu Xin whispered to Wang Dong, "Brother Dong, negotiating with the clientele is a long-term job and we are still new, so it's impossible for us to progress smoothly at an early stage. Besides, the boss doesn't even know the clientele and wants to go negotiate with them. I'm afraid the boss will ruin what we have achieved so far."

Not daring to promise anything either, Wang Dong sighed and said, "He's the boss, so he calls the shots. Let's just see what he's trying to do."

The three new employees were even more worried than before after seeing the reaction on Wang Dong's face.

'Is the boss trying to experience how it is like to work in sales? Let's just hope he won't increase the difficulty of our job after this…'

A while later, after Su Yang went through all the documents that he was handed and arranged the selected ones based on priority, he went to his employees and said, "Okay, guys, we are going to meet these five companies today. All five of them are medium enterprises, so I expect to get 300 jobs from all of them combined."

Wang Dong, Liu Xin, and the other two employees were stupefied when they heard the proposition. Their jaws fell to the ground as they stared at Su Yang dully.

Liu Xun stuttered, "M-Mr. Su…f-five companies in one day?"

"Is there a problem?" Su Yang asked.

"Mr. Su, please think this over. We won't make it in time," Wang Dong said.

Su Yang rapped the documents in his hand. "We will. The companies I've chosen are around this area. We will spend an hour in each company and we can wrap up by 6 p.m. No one has to work overtime."

Wang Dong, Liu Xin, and the others were silenced by his conclusion.

A single thought popped up in their mind: 'Is the boss out of his mind? One hour in each company? What does he think negotiating is? Bargaining at the market? Even bargaining at the market might take longer!'

Su Yang did not care about their useless worries and brought them to the first company.

The first company they visited was an event planner and was located very near their office. It was within the high-tech park, so all five of them walked there together.

After hesitating a long while along the way, Li Xin said to Su Yang, "Mr. Su, I'm the one responsible for the follow-up for this company and their business manager is a very tough middle-aged lady. She's as harsh as it can get. I always get scolded each time I visit them and she sends me off before I can make any progress."

Su Yang responded, "Oh? What did she say to you?"

"She said a small company like us should shut down as soon as possible instead of dreaming about working with them. She said I'm still too young to be out here talking to her. She even told me to go back and suck my mother's t*ts."

'Geez, that's really harsh.' Wang Dong and the others expressed their sympathy silently.

Su Yang, however, smiled and said, "I see. It's okay."

Liu Xin thought that he would give up on going to the company, but Su Yang acted like it was nothing.

In turn, Liu Xin sighed and prayed deeply, 'Let's just hope that Aunty can hold back a little this time. Otherwise, it will really hurt…'

When they arrived at the event planner's office, Su Yang told Liu Xiu to lead the way since it was his client. Liu Xiu brought the group into the office and they reached the business manager's room.

The clerk outside the manager's room saw Liu Xin and his group. With a smile, she said, "You are here again? Didn't Sister Wang blast you out of her office last week?"

Liu Xin smiled awkwardly. "Yeah, we are here to try again."

After the short conversation, Liu Xin knocked on the door and the voice of a middle-aged woman came, "Who is it?"

"It's me, Sister Wang." Liu Xin forced a smile on his face.

A while later, the middle-aged woman told him to come in.

Liu Xin opened the door and let Su Yang take the lead from there. With a nod, Su Yang brought his employees in.

Inside the office was a middle-aged woman with a long face that somehow resembled a horse's. Her eyes slanted a little upwards and she did not seem friendly at all.

When she saw Su Yang and company, she ridiculed with her accent, "Geez, hasn't your lousy sh*t company shut down yet? I told you last Friday that my company won't work with you ever, so why are you here again? What's with the company? Can't make a deal and have decided to beat me up instead?"

Liu Xin looked at Su Yang with a bitter smile while his soul was crying for help.

Su Yang smiled. He stepped up and put his hand out for a shake. "Nice to meet you, Sister Wang."

The middle-aged woman sized him up suspiciously. She instinctively wanted to roast Su Yang, but for whatever reason, she found him to be a pleasant-looking person, so she felt comfortable around him, which discarded her thought of roasting him.

She extended her hand for a shake unconsciously and asked, "Who the hell are you?"

Su Yang smiled. "I'm the boss of the lousy sh*t company that hasn't shut down."

Even with her level of shamelessness, when she realized she was talking bad about Su Yang's company right in front of his face, she felt embarrassed.

Su Yang employees were also rendered speechless.

'Boss! What are you doing? We are the second party here! How should we continue the negotiation when you roast her right from the start?!'

Liu Xin had completely fallen into despair. 'Great…This woman doesn't like me at all, and now after what Su Yang has done, I think I'm going to lose this client…'

Other than falling into the abyss of despair, he was also worried the woman would flip the table on them and blast them out of the office with her vicious tongue. If it really happened, the entire group would be deeply embarrassed.

To everyone's surprise, the short-tempered woman did not say anything. Instead, she acted out of character and apologized, "Excuse me. I didn't know you were here."

Su Yang's employees were silenced by the woman's reaction.

'She's harsh when our boss isn't around. Now, the two of them will clash!'

The employees continued their grumbles in their hearts, but what happened next shocked them.

Su Yang and the woman started talking like old acquaintances and the conversation progressed smoothly. The woman's harsh side was nowhere to be seen either. Her face was full of smiles and she occasionally snorted with laughter. The terrifying laughter sent chills down their spines.

Su Yang and the woman chatted for a while before they moved to the main point. "Sister Wang, let's save the chat for another day. I'm on a busy schedule today, so I'm here to talk to you about a collaboration between our companies."

The new employees looked cautious when they heard Su Yang finally get to the point.

'This is it! This is the crucial moment! The chatter is nothing but useless talk. Only when profit is involved will one show his true side.'

Liu Xin had an extra thought in his mind. 'Should I move closer to the door? If the woman suddenly turns back to her old self, I think I should be the first to run…'


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