I'll Add Points To All Things
141 Our Boss Is Inhuman
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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141 Our Boss Is Inhuman

The atmosphere in the office quietened down when the words escaped Su Yang's mouth. It felt a lot tenser than before.

The woman was only affected by the [Ally Halo] and had not lost her judgment, so she instinctively wanted to reject him, but right before she could utter a word, the effects of the [Ally Halo] and the [Verbal Canon] made her waver. She hesitated for the first time before she said with all sincerity, "Su Yang, our company has our own students that we use to work with and it's a lot cheaper to work with them directly."

"That's not how you calculate it, Sister Wang. Yes, it's cheaper for you to work directly with students, but you need people to maintain the relationship with the students, am I right? Is that not an extra cost?" Su Yang said.

He continued, "Besides, the students that have worked with you will certainly change over time and the number fluctuates. When you lack manpower, you will need to search for new students to fill up the gap and it will also be extra cost to do that.

"What about the buses and the meals for the students that help during your events? Are they not extra cost either? To be honest, you aren't saving a lot of money. You've just diverted the cost into maintaining the operations.

"On the other hand, we aren't the same. We are professionals and our students are all stable part-timers. We will do all the arrangements, organizing, and relationship maintenance with the students. Since we do this for our core business, our cost will surely be lower than yours, and in the end, if you sign an agreement with us, you might be able to save a little extra."

The woman named Wang was definitely shaken by Su Yang's [Verbal Canon], but she still hesitated. "If we really work with you, what about our current student base?"

Wang Dong, Liu Xin, and the others looked at Su Yang. They wanted to know how he would answer.

Su Yang smiled and said, "It's easy. Just transfer them to us. We will help you organize them. It will be a win-win situation."

Everyone else in the office was silenced by his words.

'Our boss is so damned greedy! He doesn't only want to work with this company, but he even wants to absorb one of its departments! How bold is he to be able to state such terms? Does he really think he can be such a lawless rascal in front of the woman!'

Fortunately, Su Yang's [Verbal Canon] did not come with any brainwashing or hypnotizing effect, and Wang was not that stupid either. She said with a bitter smile, "I can't do that and it's not up to me to make the decision anyway."

A moment later, she added, "What about this? I'll ask my men and see how many extra jobs we have and we will start working together with what I have on hand."

Wang then headed out to retrieve the statistics from her men and briefly negotiated with Su Yang.

Su Yang was really good at bluffing. His mouth was ceaseless during the negotiation, and all the terms that he stated sounded like he was trying to do Wang's company some good. Soon enough, they reached an accord and signed an agreement.

Su Yang also requested that the agreement would start tomorrow. The number he got was 60.

After the group walked out of the event planner company, Su Yang checked his phone. "Okay, we've spent 50 minutes here, which is still within our expectations. Let's go to the next one."

Wang Dong and the others were in awe and their jaws could no longer remain shut. If they were dubious about Su Yang's ability before this, they were completely convinced after he sealed the deal with the tough woman.

Su Yang was f*cking awesome! Who could simply go into a random company without knowing anyone inside, initiate a negotiation, and close a deal within 50 minutes?

If anyone said they had seen someone like Su Yang before this, Wang Dong, Liu Xin, and the other two would have spat into the person's face and say, "Use your brains before you boast!"

However, they would believe it now because a real-life example had happened right before their eyes. It was then that Liu Xin and the other two employees looked at Wang Dong with a strange, dubious gaze.

'Is this what you call "experiencing life in sales"? It feels more like we are the ones who've been having a trial experience in the past week!'

Wang Dong did not know how to express the bitterness in his head.

Next, Su Yang went on a negotiating spree and settled company after company.

The companies he had chosen were actually tough clientele that Liu Xin and the others were following and they had been encountering difficulties to meet expectations before this.

However, when the companies ended up in Su Yang's hand, the negotiation seemed as easy as 1+1.

Liu Xin and the others always felt pressured in front of the other business managers and would easily fall into their pace instead of skipping to the main point.

On the contrary, when those business managers met Su Yang, they were like rubber bands in his hands and he was able to bend and mold them into the shape he wanted.

After five and a half hours, he settled five companies and secured 300 job listings for the next day!

Su Yang's achievement was considered miraculous!

The new employees who witnessed the miracle, including Wang Dong, failed to find the words to describe their feelings right now. They had been doubtful and worried at first, but after the first company, their negative emotions were replaced by excitement. They had a feeling that they had followed the right boss.

After Su Yang got everything settled at the end of the day, all the employees had already gotten used to how amazing he was.

'My boss is freaking awesome!' 

That was the sole thought that lingered in everyone's minds. They admired Su Yang from the bottom of their hearts and their gaze at him was full of respect.

When the five of them returned to the office, they saw Chen Xiaoyun there. She was humming a melody while tidying up her things to go off.

Su Yang had been talking for the whole afternoon and skipped all toilet breaks. He rushed to the toilet after he put the documents on his desk.

After he left for the toilet, the entire office exploded in cheers.

Liu Xin told the single employee who had stayed back to watch over the office and Chen Xiaoyun, "You guys have no idea how amazing our boss is! He managed to negotiate with five companies in a single afternoon and secured 300 jobs for tomorrow!"

The employee who had stayed back was shocked. "Are you kidding me? How is it possible? How many did you guys secure last week?"

The office plunged into silence when the question was brought up.

In the end, Wang Dong had to step in to resolve the awkwardness. "It's okay, guys. Mr. Su is the boss anyway, so it's normal for him to be better than us all."

His words brought life back into the office. 

"Right! That's right!!" 


"How could we compare ourselves to him?"

It was then that Wang Dong noticed the calm look on Chen Xiaoyun's face. "Hmm? Xiaoyun, you don't look surprised at all."

Chen Xiaoyun fondled her short hair and said in a strange tone, "Why should I be surprised? I already knew."

"You knew?" Wang Dong looked at her in shock.

Chen Xiaoyun nodded. "Yeah, Mr. Su brought me along to promote to the students and he taught me his ways. He got busy halfway, but when he came back, he finished everything within an hour. More importantly, after he finished giving out the gifts, he kept promoting to anyone he caught hold of, and when the people heard what he said, they downloaded the app without a second thought. I think…he secured like 300 new users alone that day."

300 new users?

The jaw-dropping number left everyone in shock.

The number was insane! 

Everyone in the office started from the lowest level and more or less had experience in being a promoter. Being able to secure a dozen a day was considered amazing, yet Su Yang got 300 in a day alone? Was he still human?

It was then that Chen Xiaoyun said happily, "Mr. Su even taught me his techniques, and even though I'm not as good as him, I was able to get a hundred today.

100 new users?!

Everyone widened their mouths in shock.

They asked, "Xiaoyun, what's the secret to all these?" 

"Yeah, come on, share it with us!"

Everyone wanted to be better at their job, but reality stood in their way. Now, a great opportunity stood before them and it made everyone excited.

"I'm not telling, go ask Mr. Su yourselves," Chen Xiaoyun smiled sweetly and said.

Su Yang then came back from the toilet. He saw an office full of excited employees and asked, "What's wrong?"

He glanced around and added, "It's time to go back. I'm not paying overtime for you to stay."

His words made everyone laugh. Everyone then packed their things and went home.

Su Yang also packed his things and got ready to meet Manager Zhang with Wang Dong. Even though he had solved the job listings for tomorrow, Junqing Intermediary was still keen to acquire his company. 

It was a big problem that pressured him like a giant rock. If he could not solve it tonight, he might not be able to sleep.


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