I'll Add Points To All Things
143 I Want To Make A Monster Family Series!
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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143 I Want To Make A Monster Family Series!

With his eyes closed, Su Yang enjoyed the massage from Deeny and said, "I knew there's something on your mind. What is it?"

"I want a power bank," Deeny said meekly.

Confused, Su Yang asked, "Why do you need a power bank? Your battery can last for a whole week after an hour under the sun."

"Everyone else has a power bank for their phone, so I want one too," Deeny said with a smile.

Su Yang rolled his eyes. "What about a pair of Bluetooth earphones? Everyone has that too nowadays."

Surprised, Deeny said, "Can I!?"

Su Yang put his hand over her head and said gently, "Deeny, you should learn the good things from me instead of learning how to daydream. It's late now. Go to bed."

Deeny was speechless. She pouted and squeezed Su Yang's shoulder tightly.

'What do you know? It's actually quite comfortable. Hmm…'

Su Yang grunted in delight and said, "Deeny, harder. Don't worry. I can take it."

However, she stomped her feet angrily and walked away while Su Yang continued lying down on the couch, smirking.

'Playing with the little monsters is actually quite fun.'

After half an hour's rest, he got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. He then took the glass of water with him to Deeny's room.

He knocked and asked, "Deeny, are you asleep?"

"I'm asleep, Master," she answered sulkily.

"If you are asleep, how could you answer me?" 

"I'm sleep-talking."

Su Yang chuckled at her answer. He went in and saw Deeny doing a headstand on her bed. Her slim legs were cycling in the air.

Su Yang got a chair and sat down to watch Deeny 'exercise' and asked, "What are you doing?"

Deeny might have been upside down, but her eyes were looking at him. "I'm training. This is called air-cycling. It can slim your legs and burn fat. It's really good! Master, do you want to try?" Her big, googly eyes blinked when she asked Su Yang to try it out.

Su Yang took a sip of water from his glass. "I'll pass. I'm just wondering when are you giving me back the seven girlfriends that you owe me."

Deeny was shocked upon hearing those words. The startling question made her tumble down from the bed. 

"Ouch!" Deeny rubbed her arm before she got closer to Su Yang with a flattering smile. She squatted down beside him and started to massage his legs. She said in a guilty tone, "Master, what are you talking about? I don't understand a word."

Su Yang nodded. "Hmm, maybe I'm being too vague. I'm sorry, Ms. Urara.SuDeeny."

Indeed, Urara.SuDeeny was Deeny's account name in Tiktok. Su Yang did not know where she had gotten the name Urara. He even thought it was derived from the children's show, 'Balala The Fairies[1].'

Deeny did not try to keep her cover anymore since it was blown. She said with a grievance, "Master, you know about it?"

Su Yang grunted in acknowledgment, "I'm actually curious about something."

"What is it?"

Su Yang furrowed his brows at her. "What's with the dishes you made in the videos? Why haven't I tried any of them before?" He thought of all the 'dangerous' and 'poisonous' dishes that she had prepared for him and he did not know how to comment on them.

'I really don't know how to wrap my head around those dishes.'

Deeny flushed and lowered her head. "I...I...I Photoshopped them for the videos."

"Photoshopped?!" Su Yang was shocked.

She nodded and said bashfully, "I'm not good at cooking, but I really wanted to cook for you, so I went searching for recipes and lessons online.

"I realize there are a lot of cooking shows on the internet and all of them looked extra delicious! So…I edited their footage into my video and matched them with my hand movements. Since Tiktok videos are all flashy, no one knew they were fake."

'This girl is awesome…It seems like nowadays, online personalities don't just have a Photoshopped face. Even the dishes they cooked are fake and edited!!'

Deeny giggled and said, "Master, you must understand that I'm doing this for us. I'm having a hard time too. I don't want my service to get cut off."

Su Yang patted her head and said, "It's fine. At least, you have the heart to help. You are lightyears better than Little Hus and the others who only cause trouble. Okay then, I'll buy a power bank for you."

Delighted, Deeny said, "Really?!"

He nodded with a smile. 'I guess it's time to spend some money on the little monsters. Ever since they arrived, I've never bought anything for them.'

"Thank you, Master! Thank you very much!" Deeny said happily.

Maybe because she had gotten Su Yang's support and encouragement, she added, "Master, I have something else to tell you. I'm planning to put Sanque and Pool in my skits around the villa and put them on Tiktok. I've even thought of the title for this: 'Monster Family Series'!"

Su Yang hesitated for a moment, "Wouldn't that attract attention?"

Deeny waved her hand and said with a prolonged intonation, "Nooooo way!"

Her eyes were practically shining when she said, "Master! There are a lot of videos with superpowers on the internet now. Even if you really have superpowers, people will only think it's an effect added during post-production or even a displacement illusion. No one will know that it's real."

"Are you sure about this?" he asked.

Deeny nodded seriously. "I'm 100% sure! Don't worry. I've analyzed all the data and I've also secretly posted some videos and pictures of our daily activities. No one even cared and those who did said that the effect in the video is poorly edited."

'What the hell? Is the world changing too fast or am I outdated? I remember a few years back when people discovered these supernatural videos, the subject will be captured and dissected for research purposes! Why is everyone so open-minded now?'

Since Deeny said it was fine, Su Yang trusted her. "I'll put you in charge then."

Deeny nodded repeatedly. "Thank you very much, Master!"

A quick thought later, he added, "Oh, right, I'll send you another project proposal later. Help me to come up with a new app when you are free. It's the new app Li Runze prepared for us the last time. The app will come in two different modes: one is a standalone app and the other will be embedded in our part-time job app."

She bowed cutely. "Okay, Master." Some thoughts later, she asked, "If I may, what kind of app are you trying to create this time, Master?"

Su Yang never held any secrets from Deeny, so he said, "Have you heard of Instagram?"

She shook her head.

Su Yang smiled. "It's normal for you not to have heard about it. Our country's network has a firewall that blocks a lot of international websites and apps. Instagram is a photo-sharing social networking app and has 1 billion active users globally every month. It's one of the biggest social networking apps in the world."

"Are you trying to create one like that?" she asked.

He shook his head. "No, that's just one of my entry points. I want to do what Facebook did in the past. I'll target university students and businessmen and women and create a social networking brand that stands on the tip of the trend. I will then shift the focus to the potential users and eventually expand the brand into a countrywide social networking site!

"With this social network, I'll be able to promote new ideas and products and further influence the mind of people. We can even go international and ultimately change the world!"

Deeny was shocked by Su Yang's ambition. A while later, she said, "Master, is it even workable? Can the app be customized to the global audience? Can we really continue doing this?"

Su Yang shrugged. "We will cross the bridge when we come to it. Failure is the mother of all success."

Deeny went silent.

'What's with the nonchalant reaction? Where is the passion that you showed earlier?'

Su Yang then headed back to his room and gave the proposal to Deeny. He told her to create the app according to the requirements. 

He left her alone after he gave her the proposal. Since he still had some time before bed, he wanted to test out the sticky note that required a prescription at the system's shop, the sticky note that had an unknown ability.

After all, it was the first special item from the shop. Su Yang looked forward to finding out what it could do.

[1] Some Chinese children's show



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