I'll Add Points To All Things
144 The Prescription To Make The Sticky Note
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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144 The Prescription To Make The Sticky Note

Su Yang arrived at the supermarket. He called up the system and accessed the shop.

He tapped on the [Unknown Ability Sticky Note] to check on the prescription and went on a search for the required items.

Salt: 1,000 grams.

'Two bags of salt.'

Yogurt: 60 grams.

'One box of yogurt.'

Any item with +1 point.

Su Yang thought for a while and realized that he got a lot of items with a point in them. Most of the items were useless like the rabbit with wings, the banana-shaped orange, the desk the size of a palm, and the book of Essential Modern History.

However, he had given the things to his little monsters, so all he had left was the banana-shaped orange.

Su Yang decided to go with the orange.

Two pieces of worn-out shirts.

'I'll simply throw two pieces of old underwear inside.'

A watch.

'I have to buy this…Let's get the cheapest.'

Su Yang walked around the supermarket and picked up what he did not have. He already had some of the items at home, so the shopping was cut short.

Although the items he bought were not expensive at all, it was quite strange because he did not see a connection between them. Other than salt and yogurt, he even bought chicken wings and a bottle of Coke.

'Am I exchanging the sticky note with these items or preparing dinner? What does chicken wings have to do with sticky notes?!'

Su Yang checked what he bought and he realized that the system did not ask him to buy any kind of sticky notes or paper. Otherwise, he would have suspected the system was taking kickbacks.

With a bag full of items, Su Yang walked back to his neighborhood, and along the way, a familiar voice of a man entered his ears, "Mr. President? What a coincidence!"

Su Yang turned around and saw Qu Xuan. He was in a jersey, drenched in his own sweat. It seemed like he had just finished training. 

Su Yang nodded. "Oh, what a coincidence! Having a night jog?"

Qu Xuan nodded. "Yeah, my sister kicked me out and forced me to jog. She said despite being an athlete-in-training, I'm almost as fat as a pig. She even said the university might kick me out if I don't train. What do you think? Am I fat?" Qu Xuan flaunted his biceps and posed like a bodybuilder.

Su Yang gulped nervously and his mouth started to twitch. 

'What the hell are you doing at night? Have you lost your mind? Why are you showing me your body on the street? Are you kidding me?'

Ever since Qu Xuan introduced himself to Su Yang, Su Yang had a feeling that the guy's intellect was a little too simple. 

In short, he was an idiot. He had a face that did not match his intellect. If his bright image and handsome face were worthy of 8 points, Su Yang would only give his intellect 3 points.

Su Yang never liked being around people with lower intellect because he did not know what he should do around them and always found their actions vexing and funny at the same time.

On top of that, he could not judge them because, in their opinion, their actions were not wrong, which was one of the scariest things to Su Yang.

Su Yang brushed him off by saying, "No, you aren't fat." He then lowered his head and walked away.

However, Qu Xuan did not want to let him go. He followed Su Yang and said with a flattering smile, "Mr. President, did you attend the campus singing competition?"

Su Yang could not turn a deaf ear to Qu Xuan's burning question, so he answered, "Yeah, I did."

"I think you sing better than all the contestants," Qu Xuan said.

Even though Su Yang was a little flattered by Qu Xuan's flattery, he was not a shameless person. He honestly said, "There are a lot of good singers among them. I found three to four people who sing better than me."

Shocked, Qu Xuan said, "Really? I didn't watch the competition, but I think you are better than all of them."

'Give me a break, you nitwit! You didn't even watch the competition, so how dare you say something like that!? Can you use your brain when you praise people!? Your flattery sounds like nonsense!'

Qu Xuan scratched his head in confusion when Su Yang did not answer. He said, "Mr. President, you must know that someone like me can barely show myself in public."

"Who do you think you are? A celebrity?" Su Yang said in an irritated tone.

Qu Xuan shook his head and said with a serious tone, "I have too many exes. If I attend a major public event like this, I might run into four or five of them, and it will be hell for me."

'I really don't want to talk to this guy! Someone, please take him away from me! He is so irritating! Can I burn him with fire!?'

Su Yang kept quiet and continued walking.

Qu Xuan then noticed Su Yang's bag of groceries. "Mr. President, I see you've bought a lot of things. Are you going home to cook?"

Su Yang grunted as a reply.

Surprised, Qu Xuan remarked, "Whoa! You even bought sole fish? Do you know how to cook it?"


Qu Xuan gave Su Yang a big thumbs-up. "You are awesome!"

'He's at it again…' Su Yang had already given up on replying.

Finally, after Qu Xuan vexed him for five minutes, the two of them parted ways. 

"Goodbye!" Su Yang said sincerely.

Qu Xuan gave him a wide smile, showing off his white teeth. They were so bright that he looked like a midnight sun.

After Su Yang left, Qu Xuan's smile faded and he propped his chin on his hand as he walked. 'He likes to cook and even knows how to cook some rare ingredients. Tsk tsk, not bad. If I can make him marry my sister, she won't have to worry for the rest of her life anymore…I've tested him a few times now. One or two more tests and it will be done.'

Su Yang finally heaved a breath of relief after he got back home. He was not used to Qu Xuan's endless passion and he started to suspect the guy's sexual orientation.

'But…I heard he said he had a ton of exes, so it shouldn't be, right? Wait! He said exes. He didn't say ex-girlfriends, so it might be ex-boyfriends...'

After pondering for a while, Su Yang believed he was on the right track. He should stay away from Qu Xuan.

'This guy is really scary. He must be on to me…'

Su Yang brought the groceries back to the virtual space. He then grabbed some old shirts and other items and put them into the bag before he called up the system's shop.

He tapped on the sticky note and a window popped up.

[Exchange for the Unknown Ability Sticky Note?]

Su Yang tapped "Yes".

A moment later, a new window popped up.

[Please follow the system's guidelines and finish the prescription to exchange for the item]

After the friendly reminder, a common wok used in cooking appeared before him together with a video. In the video, the wok appeared on a firing stove and oil was added to it. When the oil was hot enough, chicken wings were added and fried until they achieved a golden color. 

A bottle of Coke was then poured in.

Su Yang was stupefied when he saw the video. 'Is the system teaching me how to make fried chicken with Coke?'

However, he realized he could never know what the system was thinking after the video reached the second part.

After the bottle of Coke was poured in, the [Items with +1 point] was added, and the chicken wings were melted into a purple liquid.

The watch, the shirts, and the yogurt were then added in that particular sequence.

Every step was clearly demonstrated and easy to understand. It just felt a little strange to him.

Su Yang was silenced for a long while after he finished the video.

'What is this? This is the literal meaning of cooking up something dangerous! What should I do? Do it? Do…Let's do it!'

Su Yang took the wok to the kitchen and put it on top of the gas stove. He started the fire and prepared the items needed for the prescription.


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