I'll Add Points To All Things
145 Special Item: Unknown Ability Sticky Note
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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145 Special Item: Unknown Ability Sticky Note

Truth be told, Su Yang used to cook although he was not a good cook, at least, he would not die from eating what he cooked.

Therefore, the cooking for the sticky note prescription really made him nervous.

He paused the video at the point where the wok was placed on the flaming stove and lit up the stove himself. As he gazed at the blue flames, a question popped up in his mind.

'The villa is in the virtual space, so where is this stove getting the gas?'

With that in mind, Su Yang added oil to the wok. After the oil was hot enough, he opened up the pack of chicken wings and put two into the oil.

Everything progressed smoothly up until this point. He waited for the chicken wings to turn golden brown before he followed the video and poured the bottle of Coke in. 

He put the lid on after the golden chicken wings were soaked in Coke.

A while later, the Coke came to a boil and the whole kitchen was filled with the aroma of fried Coke chicken. 

Su Yang gulped when he removed the lid. Then, he sprinkled some salt and poured some soy sauce over the dish. Soon, a plate of delicious-looking fried Coke chicken was ready to be served.

Su Yang was drooling when he put the chicken wings on the plate. His eyeballs almost popped out and fell on the plate.

He automatically picked up the chopsticks and was ready to dig in, but before he could take the first bite, he finally realized what was wrong.

'Huh? What's wrong with me? Why am I eating chicken wings? Shouldn't I be making the prescription?'

Something felt wrong to Su Yang. He tried to figure out what went wrong, and a moment later, he slapped his forehead.

'Sh*t! I forgot to turn off the halo!'

Su Yang had been negotiating with people for the whole afternoon. He kept the halo on even when he had dinner with Manager Zhang and he ultimately forgot about it until now.

The side effect of the halo would only be active when it was turned off. However, the longer the halo was on, the stronger the side effect was. Su Yang had it turned on since the afternoon until now, so his heart was trembling when the realization hit him.

'Will I eat a cow when I turn it off? But I don't have cows in my house. Will I eat a whole shark instead?'

With that in mind, Su Yang put the plate of fried Coke chicken aside and ran to the refrigerator. He scoured the refrigerator for everything that he could eat. He then took all the instant noodles out and boiled them in another pot.

After everything was ready, Su Yang knelt in the kitchen and turned off the [Ally Halo] with a heavy expression as if he was turning his life off.

The moment the halo was turned off, extreme hunger assaulted him. His stomach felt like a bottomless abyss that demanded all food in the proximity. He ripped a bag of chips open and stuffed a handful of it into his mouth.

Eating with his hand was not satisfying enough, hence he poured the bag of chips into his mouth instead.

After the chips, he gobbled down the ham, the biscuits, and ultimately, the giant pot of instant noodles.

He ate the noodles last because noodles would expand when they became soggy. He had to gobble down a whole pot of soggy noodles to stop the extreme hunger from torturing him. Su Yang felt like he finally came back to life after devouring everything.

He laid down and all he could think of was Chen Xiaoyun.

'Thank goodness I only switched on the halo on her for two to three hours. Otherwise, even if she didn't eat herself to death, she would've frightened herself to death. I knew it. The system never gives me something normal…'

He then got up and started cleaning up the leftovers. However, when he threw everything into the garbage bin, another thought popped in his mind.

'Hmm? I don't think I've taken out the trash before, so where did all the trash go the last time?'

With that in mind, Su Yang restarted his cooking for the prescription.

This time around, the process really progressed smoothly. He did not recook the plate of fried Coke chicken. Instead, he continued where he left off. He added all the necessary items according to the video and stirred it before he put the lid on.

Ten minutes later, a wok of green, oily liquid with a pungent smell was done.

Su Yang pinched his nose and looked askance at the wok of strange liquid. He then accessed the system's shop and a [Submit] button appeared below the sticky note.

When he tapped on it, the wok together with the strange liquid inside disappeared before him.

A stack of sticky notes then floated down from the air. Su Yang caught the stack of sticky notes and sized it up carefully.

'Thin, square, fits in my hand and it's all green. Seems refreshing.'

The color was the only similarity between the sticky notes and the strange liquid that Su Yang could think of.

He opened the system and checked the description.

[Sticky Notes +1: Acquired special ability. Ability name: Unknown Ability Sticky Note]

'What the heck? Unknown ability isn't the description but the name? Is it even legal? Why do I have a feeling that I just got cheated by some evil businessman? The system cheated me, didn't it? I just got cheated, didn't I?

Su Yang tapped on the ability and a new description window popped up.

[Unknown Ability Sticky Note]

[Ability 1: The sticky note has two sides, A and B. Write the name of the item you have in mind on A, then stick it onto another item and that item will get the function of the item that you've written. (Note: Only some functions might work)]

[Ability 2: Write the name of the item you have in mind on B, then stick it onto another item and that item will get the appearance and shape of the item that you wrote. (Note: It doesn't come with the original function)]

[Restriction 1: The effects of both A and B sides can only last for 3 hours before the sticky note falls off.]

[Restriction 2: You can use a single sticky note multiple times]

[Remark: Hey, why don't I turn you into a mantou?"

Su Yang looked at the description of the sticky note.

'Bro! This is sick! It can change the appearance of anything and get the function of something else, which sounds really neat!

'If I use A and B sides together, will the item turn into the thing I write for real? If I write a jet fighter on both A and B sides and stick it on my table, can my table fly me to the sky?

'Too bad it only lasts for three hours. If I miss the timing and I'm still flying in the sky with my table, I might fly to heaven right away…'

Su Yang counted five sticky notes in the stack.

'An odd number?! Is the system trying to drive OCD patients nuts? It's not enough to even transform three items!'

He believed that the system was being stingy. He tore a piece off and wrote 'washing machine' on the A-side with a pencil.

He then stuck it on to his table as a joke.


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