I'll Add Points To All Things
146 April“s Silver Mission Stage Statistics Summary
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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146 April“s Silver Mission Stage Statistics Summary

After Su Yang stuck the sticky note on the table, a transparent hatch with a wooden frame appeared on the surface. On top of the wooden frame was a handle.

Su Yang opened the hatch and noticed that the insides of the table had turned into something similar to a rotary drum. He put some laundry in and closed the hatch.

The 'washing machine' really started to spin, but maybe because it did not have any water and detergent, all it did was spin the laundry.

'Why do I have a feeling that this thing is stupid?'

Su Yang took the sticky note off and the hatch disappeared together with the laundry. He opened the drawer and saw the dirty laundry inside.

'It seems like the structure of the table changed although not entirely…'

Su Yang checked the sticky note in his hand. The word 'washing machine' was gone and he could write on it again.

This time around, Su Yang pictured the roller washing machine in the villa and wrote the name down on the B side. He stuck it on the table again.

A moment later, the table started to shrink and transform. It transformed into the washing machine that Su Yang had in mind but the color still remained as that of the table.

Just when Su Yang thought the sticky note was playing a joke on him, the words on the sticky note started to fade and the wooden color washing machine started to turn white.

The table then completely turned into the washing machine that Su Yang had in mind.

Impressed, he clicked his tongue as he sized up the 'washing machine'. 

'This is really awesome.'

However, after the transformation, the sticky note had fused with the 'washing machine' and could not be seen anymore.

Su Yang tried to search for the sticky note by touching around and finally found it in one of the corners. He took it off and the 'washing machine' slowly turned into a wooden color before it expanded back to a table.

'What a magical item!'

After testing the effect of the sticky note, Su Yang got a general understanding of what it could do.

Unfortunately, he lacked the imagination, so the only use for the sticky note that he could think of was to steal things without being noticed.

However, using a piece of sticky note to steal a single item was a heavy price to pay. Even if his family had a gold mine, he could not afford it.

Fortunately, Deeny's words inspired him to ask for help online. People nowadays rarely believed in superpowers or the supernatural anymore, so he would not have to worry about being exposed.

'Maybe I can even…' 

Su Yang thought of an idea! He could learn how to write a novel from Chu Xia and publish a novel about superpowers and extraordinary items. He could then ask his readers for opinions on how to use the abilities and special items.

Most of the readers would never believe it since they would only view it as Su Yang's own fantasy.

The readers might find discussing the possible usage of the abilities and special items interesting. Little would they know, on the other end of the novel, Su Yang really had all the abilities and special items he wrote about.

Su Yang giggled at the thought of it as he found it extremely interesting.

However, writing a novel was not something he could do within a day or two. It was all just wishful thinking.

After he laid his fantasy to rest, he washed up and went to bed after a tiring day. Maybe because he ate a little too much or for some other reason, Su Yang had a good sleep.

The next morning, the system notification woke him up.

[Beep. Silver Mission Stage Statistics Summary]

Su Yang had experienced this before. He opened his blurry and puffy eyes.

'Is it the end of the month again? A month just flew by in the blink of an eye…'

Su Yang did not wait for the second notification. He got up while yawning and tapped the summary report.

[April Silver Mission Stage Statistics Summary]

[Mission Time: 45 days]

[Personal Profit: 200]

[Company Profit: 59,350]

[Company Value: 200,000]

[Mission Completion: 6.95%]

[Remark: Come on, take your baby steps carefully. One, two!]

'The remarks are really vexing. Last time, it said I was asleep and now it wants to take baby steps? Don't think I'm not aware that all your lines come from that skit, "Selling Crutches"[1], in CCTV New Year's Gala Show?! Are you saying that I'm a crippled guy now?! Geez, the system is making a big U-turn just to roast me…'

Su Yang went over the summary carefully. He realized that his income in April was a lot higher than in March.

Due to the limited number of part-timers during the first three weeks, he could only make around 10,500 each week. In the fourth week, the effect of the lucky brick granted him an extra 200-odd part-timers, which made his income surge. 

On top of that, he and Chen Xiaoyun had been promoting the app and securing new users, so the final number should be around 40,000 to 50,000.

After Wang Dong's commission and some expenses, Su Yang was thrilled to learn that he got close to 60,000 net profit.

As for the value of the company, it should be the acquisition price from Junqing Intermediary. He got this piece of information from Manager Zhang.

Just like what Manager Zhang told him last night, being acquired by Junqing Intermediary was not the worst-case scenario, but it was not the best either. The acquisition order was not from Jiang Yan herself but from the general manager of the company.

Jiang Yan barely touched Junqing Intermediary's business, so all the matters with the company fell into the hands of the general manager, Qiao Anna. She was the decision-maker behind this acquisition.

When she was checking the department reports yesterday, she noticed that Su Yang's company had taken a third of Manager Zhang's department jobs. Therefore, she told the Finance Department to acquire his company.

The price of the acquisition was 200,000.

For a company that could make an estimate of more than 100,000 in sales in a month and 10,000 in net profit, the price for the acquisition was ridiculously low. It was safe to say that Junqing was taking advantage of Su Yang's company before it could even grow into shape.

Of course, Junqing had their own excuse for the low price as well. They claimed they provided all the jobs for Su Yang's company and the net profit of 10,000 only lasted for a week, thus it could not be used as a measuring standard.

'Bullsh*t! You b*stards are just trying to acquire my company while it's still young!' 

Su Yang only had one thought about the acquisition: 'Keep on dreaming, Junqing.'

A quarter of the time had passed, and Su Yang had only completed 6.95% of the Silver Mission, so many things remained to be done.

'Will I never complete this Silver Mission? Will I never find out what is the reward for the Silver Mission?'

The thought robbed him of his sleepiness. He got up and wanted to talk to Deeny about the new app, but she was not in her room when he got there.

'If she's not in her room surfing the internet at this hour, she must be making breakfast for me in the kitchen.'

With that in mind, Su Yang headed to the kitchen and found Deeny cooking breakfast. She was frying eggs, to be more precise.

She was wearing a cute apron, humming a melody, and flipping the eggs with the spatula like a cute cooking maiden. However, she was not as skilled as any cooking maiden out there, so she accidentally flipped the egg on the floor.

She flushed and nervously picked the egg up from the floor. She looked around, and when she noticed that no one was watching, she put the egg back into the frying pan and continued frying the eggs.

'What did I just see? Is that what I've been eating for the past month?' Su Yang covered his bitter expression with his hand.

'Should I be grateful that I'm not dead yet? Besides, how can you hold the egg with your hand? Isn't it hot?'

A while later, after Deeny fried all the eggs, she took a bottle of milk from the refrigerator. She would fill the bottle with milk at the [Master Sommelier Faucet] every day and put it into the refrigerator for everyone to drink.

Gru would take a bottle and soak itself in it. It would then wash the bottle of milk after its milk bath and put it back into the refrigerator.

Deeny put the bottle of milk on the tray together with the plate of fried eggs. She then happily brought the tray out to Su Yang.

Su Yang saw everything with his own eyes. He quietly moved to the couch in the living room and waited for Deeny to serve the eggs that had fallen on the floor.

[1] It's a line from a skit from a popular New Year show in China. Most of the videos I found are in Chinese, so I didn't post it here.

Interested folks can go google this:


And here's a little background about the show:



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