I'll Add Points To All Things
148 A Completely Different Bronze Mission
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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148 A Completely Different Bronze Mission

Su Yang was not in a hurry to make the decision. He checked the mission in his mind and the description popped up.

[New Bronze Mission: Help Old Zhou persuade his daughter and try to make her listen to her father.]

'Hmm, as expected of the Bronze Mission, but girls during puberty are troublesome. Should I use this chance and try something that I've never tried before?'

With that in mind, Su Yang rejected the mission for the first time. After he pressed [No], a confirmation window popped up.

[Are you sure you want to reject the mission? Yes/No]

Su Yang pressed [Yes] without a second thought. It was then that a new window popped up. 

[Mission rejected. Mission is being reevaluated…]

'Huh? This is new…'

[Reevaluation complete. Mission requirements have been changed accordingly.]

[New Bronze Mission: help Old Zhou's daughter to persuade Old Zhou and stop her father from interfering with her life.]

'What the…? This is the new mission? Can the mission even do this? Is this even a joke? One asks me to help Old Zhou to persuade his daughter and one asks me to help her daughter to persuade her Old Zhou? It's completely upside down! Can the system simply assign missions like that? But…somehow it feels exciting!'

With that in mind, Su Yang accepted the new mission. After he tapped [Yes], Su Yang's eyes at Old Zhou were filled with sympathy.

'It's nothing personal, Old Zhou. It's the mission that the system gave me. It seems like there's a misunderstanding between you and your daughter, and I'm standing on your daughter's side this time. Hehehe…the thought of it makes me excited!'

Su Yang flashed an evil grin at the thought of it and he said to Old Zhou, "Okay, Mr. Zhou, it's my duty to talk to your daughter. Try to make an appointment and we will visit your daughter together."

No matter what missions he did, he must first understand the cause and consequences. Therefore, meeting Old Zhou's daughter and understanding the situation was his top priority.

Old Zhou was touched when he saw the passion in Su Yang. He tapped Su Yang's shoulder and said, "Great, Mr. Su Yang! I was right about you! Thank you in advance. I'll give you back the five points that I just took out from your overall results."

Despite his mind criticizing Old Zhou for being an evil lecturer, Su Yang replied with a smile full of passion as he said with slight embarrassment, "It's fine, Mr. Zhou. Just deduct the five points. I'm okay with it."

Old Zhou's wide smile added a few lines of wrinkles to his face. "It's nothing really. You are doing me a great favor. If I can add more points to you, I really would. Maybe I'll add an extra 10 points for you."

'Just don't deduct 10 points from my results after I've settled the problem with your daughter. Amitabha.' 

The bell rang right after their conversation ended. Then, Su Yang went back to his place and listened to the lecture.

Soon enough, the class ended. 

Similar to everyone else in the class, Su Yang packed up his things and wanted to leave, but when he reached the podium and almost stepped out of the lecture hall, Old Zhou spotted him again and called him, "Oh, right, Su Yang. I'll ask my daughter out in a day or two, so you can meet her then. Remember to show up."

He did not lower his voice when he said those words, and there were a few other students between him and Su Yang. Therefore, half of the class heard what he said to Su Yang.

Everyone else was silenced by his words right away.

'My dear lecturer, can you not say something that will cause people to misunderstand me?' 

Embarrassed, Su Yang nodded mutely at Old Zhou. He also noticed the gaze from the other students who watched him with a strange gaze as if they were despising him for being such a cheap person.

Su Yang could not even come up with an excuse. It was then that he noticed a familiar figure around him from the corner of his eye. He turned around and saw Chu Xia.

She was looking at Su Yang in shock and her mouth was wide open.

Su Yang cleared his throat and said, "D-don't take it wrongly…'

Chu Xia closed her mouth stiffly before she giggled. "Only an idiot will take it wrongly. Mr. Zhou is asking you to tutor her daughter, isn't he? Everyone knows you are great at your studies."

Chu Xia's explanation was the perfect excuse that saved Su Yang from being looked down upon by the other students. They nodded in realization and were no longer concerned.

After the students left, she went closer to Su Yang and elbowed him to whisper, "What's going on? What are you doing with Old Zhou's daughter?!"

"N-nothing. It's like what you said just now."

"Tsk. Don't even try to fool me. I know you better than you think. You've been so busy lately. Where do you find the time to tutor his daughter?"

As expected, Chu Xia would not easily fall for his lies, so Su Yang had to spill a part of the truth. "Old Zhou said his daughter is in the rebellious phase, so he wants me to help talk to her."

Confused, Chu Xia asked, "Why you?"

"Maybe I'm handsome?"

"Speak the human language please."

"It's because I'm the president of Han Yi's fan club and his daughter is a fan of Han Yi's…"

Chu Xia's eyes shone. "I'll go together."

Su Yang looked askance at her. "What for?"

Chu Xia said excitedly, "Because I'm the vice president of the club! And I'm a girl, so I can communicate better with his daughter!" Of course, she did not reveal her ulterior motive to Su Yang.

Su Yang thought about it and found her words reasonable.

A quick thought later, he concluded, "Okay, I'll tell Old Zhou later."

In the afternoon, Su Yang visited Old Zhou's office and told him about Chu Xia's suggestion. Old Zhou thought about it and found it reasonable as well. He had a feeling a guy like Su Yang might not be enough to finish the job.

Then, Old Zhou realized it was better to settle the matter as soon as possible, so he proposed to meet his daughter on the same day rather than planning for a meeting in the next few days, especially since it would be the Labor Day holiday tomorrow onwards.

Su Yang asked for Chu Xia's opinion. She agreed and so did Su Yang.

At night, both Su Yang and Chu Xia, each with an ulterior motive, decided to meet Old Zhou and his daughter in a coffee shop near the campus.

Old Zhou's daughter inherited the best of Old Zhou's looks: a squarish face and thick brows. Unfortunately, such characteristics were of a boy, but now they were on a girl's face, so it made her look a little…boyish.

Old Zhou's presence was the only thing his daughter did not inherit from him. Maybe because he had been teaching for more than a decade, he might have an oily look during normal times, but he had the presence of a scholar, a cultured man.

However, his daughter appeared with ripped jeans and heavy makeup, which were the obvious signs of a rebellious girl.

Su Yang did not have a good impression of the girl at first sight. She looked and gave the impression of a bad, rebellious girl. He should have stood on Old Zhou's side, lectured her, and put her back on the correct path.

'But…why did the system give me a completely different mission? There must be something going on. It feels like trouble…'

Su Yang and Chu Xia exchanged a quick gaze and saw the troubled look in each other's eyes, but little did they know that they were worried about two entirely different things.

So, the meeting among four people, each with an ulterior motive, began.


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