I'll Add Points To All Things
153 Acquired Monster Clan: Cyclops Bean
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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153 Acquired Monster Clan: Cyclops Bean

This would be the first time the system was listing out the entire process of adding points to an item.

[Soybeans +1: Life Evolution successful. Simple Intellect acquired

[Soybeans +2: Life Evolution successful. Simple Mobility and Simple Ability acquired.]

[Soybeans +3: Life Evolution successful. Species evolved.]

[Soybeans +4: Life Evolution successful. Clan Growth acquired. Reproductive function acquired and can evolve into a clan of monsters.]

The last row was the description of the soybeans itself.

[Monster Clan: Cyclops Bean]

[Introduction: Simple Intellect and Life Evolution acquisition succeeded four times. The soybeans evolve into a clan of monsters with each having only one eye. 

Cyclops Beans are usually dormant and look no different from normal soybeans. If soaked in warm water for a few seconds, it will grow into the size of an egg and wake up.

Cyclops Beans like to be in warmer places. If the temperature is too low, they will get grumpy, and when they get grumpy, they will explode.

Cyclops Beans can be reproduced by planting them. They have their own Simple Language (does not share the same language with humans) and are a bunch of cute little fellows.]

[Likes: Likes to do chores, especially whatever the master orders them to do. If they are too free, they might cause trouble by messing up the house just so they can clean up again. Besides that, the beans like sweet stuff and will be obedient when they see sweets.]

[Dislikes: Dislikes cold places and being idle. If they are idle for too long, they might explode.]

[Remark: Who opened Pandora's Box? The Devil? Or the Angel?]

After Su Yang went through the description, he fell into deep thought.

'Life Evolution has different categories as well? Normal Life Evolution and High Life Evolution?'

High Life Evolution would change its original form to a humanoid like Pool. He was no different from a normal human being.

Normal Life Evolution was the process of granting a lifeless object life like Gru, Little Hus, and Little Lady Knife.

Before this, Su Yang thought the items that were brought to life by the system were one-of-a-kind, but now it seemed like after a few more Life Evolutions, the item itself would change and would gain the ability to reproduce like how the soybeans reproduced into a small clan.

'So, does it mean there will be Little Gru, Little Little Lady Knife, and Little Deeny in the future?'

Su Yang believed that it was entirely possible, but the odds of evolving something into a clan should be as rare as High Life Evolution. He checked the Life Evolution notifications of the soybeans and understood that the Life Evolution that transformed the beans into a monster clan must happen twice to be successful.

'It's not as easy as it looks. I can only +2 at the moment. I'd better be a little more realistic.'

With that in mind, Su Yang put the bag of beans into his pocket. He did not have access to warm water at the moment, so he had to go home to test the little clan of beans.

After he jumped into the virtual space, he realized that the villa had undergone a makeover. The ceiling was filled with colorful balloons while the couch was covered in ribbons and the tea-table had floral decorations. Even the walls were plastered with posters that spelled 'Happy Birthday'.

Su Yang smiled warmly when he saw the merry scene. Even though it was a little simple, the little monsters did not have any access to fancy tools either, so he was thrilled that the little monsters had done this for him.

Just when the thought popped into his mind, all the balloons floating at the ceiling burst.

What followed was a birthday song playing throughout the villa.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!"

The little monsters came out in a straight line. They danced as they walked closer to Su Yang.

Deeny was in front and Little Hus was behind her. Little Lady Knife was behind the husky bolster together with Sanque and Gru while Pool was in the furthest row.

They were dancing awkwardly while they circled Su Yang, singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

"Happy Birthday to you, master!"

"Happy Birthday, Su Yang!"

"Gru! Gru!"


"Happy Birthday, Brother Su Yang!"

"Happy Birthday, Lord Su Yang."

Su Yang was extremely moved as he hugged everyone and said, "Thank you! Thank you very much, you guys!"

After the little monsters finished their awkward dance, Deeny grabbed Su Yang's hand and said, "Master, we even have a present for you!"

Su Yang followed the little monsters in and saw a 2-meter statue painted in red and gold.

'Is that…Ironman!? Is that an IRONMAN MARK 7 SUIT?! A 1:1 MARK 7 SUIT?!'

Su Yang was astonished when he saw the model. He went closer and put his hand on it.


Every boy had a superhero dream. Every boy once dreamt of saving the world. Every boy once dreamt of being a billionaire, a playboy, and a philanthropist, and every boy certainly wanted to tell the world loudly, "I am Ironman!"

It was Ironman! THE Ironman, the one who started the Marvel Cinematic Universe and carried Marvel for more than a decade!

Now, the 1:1 size Mark 7 suit was placed before Su Yang's eyes. 

Su Yang tapped on the armor. Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!

It was really made out of metal! Su Yang hugged the Ironman suit and asked Deeny with an anticipating expression, "Can it fly like in the movies?"

Deeny was speechless. 'Wait up, Master…wake up…'

She said bitterly, "Master, we spent two days making this model for you…"

The little monsters looked at him with eyes that could shine. They were looking forward to Su Yang's answer.

Even though it was not real, Su Yang nodded vigorously. "Thank you! Thank you very much! I love it! This is the best present that I've received!"

Su Yang was telling the truth. The lousy wristguard, the lousy promo code for video streaming, the book that was out of his league, and the beautiful belt, for which he did not have any use, were not as great as a giant model of an Ironman suit!

Impressed, Su Yang sized up the replica carefully and he tried to move the hand.

Clank! A piece of armor fell off.

He picked up the piece of armor and looked at Deeny but Sanque was the one who spoke, "Can be disassembled."

A moment later, it added, "Can be worn."

"REALLY?!" Su Yang was shocked.

He asked his little monsters to help him get into the suit. With their help, he was able to get in easily. Other than being a little bit stuffy and heavy, it felt great!

Su Yang was thinking of sticking a sticky note on it so that he might be able to move like a real Ironman suit!

With that in mind, he got out of the suit and asked, "Oh, yeah, where are the sticky notes?"

Deeny obediently gave him back the stack of sticky notes and said, "Master, we didn't mean to take your things, but we don't have the necessary tools, so we could only use this."

Su Yang put his hand on her head. "It's okay."

Then, he suddenly thought of something and said, "Oh, right, where have you guys been in the past two days?"

Deeny smirked when Su Yang asked that question. "We were actually in the toilet, but you didn't notice us. We transformed a stone into a wall using the sticky note and emptied some space for us to work. I then used the holographic projection to protect Little Hus singing in the shower. Since you didn't come in and check on the projection, of course, you couldn't find us."

'Geez, what's with the tricks and schemes? Is this what the big city is like? Even the little monsters resort to tricks now? As a naive village boy, I really feel stupid and dangerous…'

He got the sticky notes from Deeny and started to think.

'If I write a 'jet' and fly to the sky, it might be a little too much. Why don't I try by writing a 'drone' first?'


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