I'll Add Points To All Things
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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With that in mind, Su Yang wrote 'drone' on the sticky note and stuck it to the suit. Right after he stuck the sticky note to it, two joysticks appeared on both hands of the armor.

Su Yang slipped back into the suit and tried moving the left joystick.

The moment he moved the joystick, the sudden movement threw him off balance. He tried his best to regain his balance but staggered and crashed into the wall.

"Ouch!" Su Yang rubbed his head after he fell down.

'Thank goodness this thing isn't strong enough. Otherwise, I might have flown away.'

His little monsters were shocked by the crash as well. They went up and checked on him.

Su Yang sat up and waved at them. "I'm fine. Gru, hold me. I want to keep trying!"

With Gru's branches holding him down, Su Yang continued testing the Iron Man suit.

Half an hour later, he was able to control the suit to perform some simple movements like ascend, descend, forward thrust, backward thrust, and all kinds of simple spins. Even though he looked clumsy as he did so, the joy of flying the suit could not be put into words.

Su Yang was over the moon. He called Deeny over and said, "Deeny, take a video and put me on Tiktok! I have a feeling that it will go viral!"

It was rare for Su Yang to ask her to shoot a video, so Deeny was more than happy to turn on the camera function of the villa.

Su Yang put the helmet on and said with a grunt, "I am Iron Man."

He then flew up by moving the joysticks, and with the camera tracking his face, he flew through the corridor and went to the living room. He spun a few times above the living room before he made a firm superhero landing.

After the test drive, Su Yang happily took his helmet off. He felt like his dream had been fulfilled. He also felt like a boy with the eighth-grader syndrome who had his wishes fulfilled. Everyone had a youthful side anyway.

He took the suit off and pulled the sticky note from the suit. 

The word on the sticky note faded. As he looked at the blank sticky note, an idea popped up in his mind. 

'The sticky note's description says I can write the function of the item on it, so does it means I can write Mark 7's function on it?'

With that in mind, Su Yang pictured the Mark 7 suit in the movies and wrote the name on A-side.

However, a moment later, the words on the sticky note faded. Su Yang was slightly surprised. 'Did it fail? Can't I write the suit's name on it?'

He then tested by writing 'Iron Man's suit', but that faded as well.

'Oh, well, I guess it can't transform into fictional stuff.'

Su Yang turned the sticky note over and wrote Iron Man's Mark 7 suit on B-side while picturing it in his mind. This time around, the words on the B-side did not disappear.

'Hmm, at least, it can maintain how it looks…which means that B-side can only transform the appearance. Then, does it mean I can write down anything that I can imagine?'

Su Yang took a new piece of sticky note and wrote 'Earth', but the word disappeared.

'Not as almighty as I thought. I really thought it could transform into everything. Tsk, how boring.'

Su Yang then stuck the sticky note with 'Mark 7' on it to the dining table. The table slowly changed into another Iron Man suit that was identical to Su Yang's birthday present.

Deeny explained, "Master, we used this method to make the model as well. We first transformed something into the Iron Man suit and made a mold out of it. After that, we use the mold to make the model. That's how we were able to achieve the exact look of the suit, then all we needed to do is grind the inner part.

'You can do something like this too? But why do the method and the terms from the method sound so familiar?'

Su Yang tried opening the table-transformed Iron Man suit, but maybe because it did not inherit the function, it could not be opened.

In the end, he pulled the sticky note off and stopped testing.

In short, the sticky note was still an interesting special item. At least, it allowed Su Yang to play Iron Man for a while. Of course, he had his little monsters to thank for preparing this amazing birthday present for him, so he thanked all of them once more.

The little monsters giggled happily and even gave each other high-fives. It seemed like they were also happy that he was pleased with the birthday present.

Su Yang then suddenly thought of something. "Oh, right, before I forgot. You guys are getting a new friend."

"A new friend?" Deeny asked meekly.

Su Yang nodded. "Yeah. Can you bring me some warm water in a plastic basin?"


Deeny obediently went off to get the warm water. Su Yang sat down at the dining table and took the bag of soybeans out. The other little monsters sat around the table and sized the bag of beans up curiously.

Little Hus stared at the beans for the longest time. He even gave it the 'evil husky stare'. "Is it edible?"

Su Yang rolled his eyes at the husky bolster. "Even if it can be eaten, you don't have a mouth."

Little Hus was speechless. 'Can we forget about that?'

Little Lady Knife asked meekly, "Brother Su Yang, am I going to have a little brother?"

Su Yang thought for a while and said, "I think so. You will have a bunch of little brothers."

"A bunch of little brothers?" Little Lady Knife pondered at the phrase with a cute frown before she clapped her hands. The blades, which were her hands, clinked clearly. "Yay! I'm going to have a bunch of little brothers!"

"Master, here's the warm water." Deeny then returned with the warm water. She put the plastic basin on the table and sat down beside Su Yang.

He then took one soybean from the bag and put it into the water.

The soybean expanded exponentially and grew into the size of an egg. A few pops later, a pair of hands and legs grew from the soybean and an eye opened on the body.

The eye glanced left and right before it pushed itself up with its hands. It looked at Su Yang before it jumped out of the water. "Bean! Bean bean!"

Su Yang caught it. It was still cheering happily in his hands. Then, it looked around and saw the balloons on the ceiling.

Its eye gleamed and further searched around but did not find what it was looking for.

Then, it saw the bag of soybeans on the table. It pointed at the bag and said while hopping, "Bean! Bean bean! Bean bean!"

'What? Gru already can't speak and now the beans can't either?'

Su Yang looked at Sanque. "Do you know what it's saying?"

Sanque calmly shut its eyes like a lazy old man as it said, "Yes, but…I'm not telling you."

'What? I swear ever since he got the second point and transformed, he's getting more arrogant! I should abduct him at night, tie him up, and cut all eight of his arms off!'

Just when Su Yang was roasting Sanque in his mind, the little soybean jumped off his palm. It hopped over to the bag of beans and put them into the water.

The beans grew bigger one after another when they got into the water and tore the bag into pieces. 

Some of the soybeans were pushed away by the other beans before they could grow their arms and legs.

Soon, a whole table of little Cyclops Beans appeared before everyone's eyes.


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