I'll Add Points To All Things
155 Little Monster Beans Made A Mess In The House
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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155 Little Monster Beans Made A Mess In The House

Su Yang was slightly shocked by the table full of little monster beans.

'Are they trying to take over the villa? And…this scene is really tough for people with trypophobia…'

Just when the thought popped into his mind, the little monster beans extended their arms and legs and opened their eyes. They came alive like chicks in a chicken farm, chanting 'bean' ceaselessly. The whole villa was filled with their voices.

In the end, the first bean jumped out and pointed at the ceiling. "Bean, bean bean!"

All the little monster beans looked at the ceiling. Then, as if they realized their common goal, they started to climb onto each other and eventually reached the ceiling.

The last monster bean was like the hope of the entire clan. Its tiny limbs climbed up to the mountain of beans and its determined gaze felt like it was saying, "Fight! Hard work! Go get it!"

Then, the little monster bean reached the top and grabbed a balloon down.

When its little hands held the thread of the balloon, all the other little monster beans clapped and cheered, including those who built the little bean mountain.

The excitement caused the bean mountain to collapse and it really sounded like a bag of beans falling onto the table. Then, the little monster beans jumped down from the table and gushed towards the living room like a torrential wave.

Shocked, Su Yang and the other little monsters followed the beans to the living room and realized that the little monster beans were actually cleaning the place up.

The monster beans split up into many groups. Some of them swept the floor with a broom, some of them cleaned the floor with a mop. Some of them collected the confetti on the couch while some of them tore down the birthday decorations on the wall. 

They were all working together to clean up the living room.

Su Yang was astonished. 'This is really a messy scene. They are everywhere! What if I accidentally step on them? They are as big as an egg. I'll surely slip if I step on one…I have to do something about this.'

With that in mind, he suddenly thought of the description for the little monster beans: the little monster beans would be petrified when they saw sweets or candies.

Su Yang turned to Deeny. "Deeny, go grab a lollipop from Little Hus' den. I saw one there yesterday."

The husky on the bolster had question marks smeared all over its face. 'What?'

"O-okay, Master!" Deeny was also a little frightened by the scene. She ran to Little Hus' den and searched from top to bottom before she found a lollipop in a corner and took it back to Su Yang.

Su Yang unwrapped the lollipop. The sweetness from the lollipop must have startled the little monster beans because the moment they picked up the sweet scent, every single bean froze on the spot.

They slowly gathered around him and fixed their eyes on the lollipop. They did not utter a word as if they were a bunch of obedient kids.

Su Yang moved the lollipop to the left and the Cyclops eye on the beans looked to the left. He moved the lollipop to the right and the beans moved their eyes to the right.

'Wow! Interesting.'

Su Yang suddenly started toying with the little monster beans. He moved the lollipop up and down, left and right, and back and forth. He even spun and hopped around with the lollipop.

The little monster beans were transfixed on the spot, but their eyes were tracking the lollipop's movements.

In the end, Su Yang managed to make everyone dizzy with the lollipop.

'Tsk tsk, it's not fun enough.'

After all the little monster beans had fainted on the ground, he put the lollipop in his mouth.

'Hmm, it's quite sweet.'

Su Yang told the little monsters to lock up the monster beans in the storeroom on the first floor. He decided to put the beans there for the time being, and since it was the holidays, he was quite free for a few days. He could utilize his time to teach the little monster beans to do things correctly.

Even if the little monster beans loved to do chores, they should not swarm around unrestrained.

Su Yang was tired after the second round of celebration with the little monsters. He returned to his room, washed up, hopped into bed, and summoned his phone panel for a little scrolling before he slept.

The moment he opened up the holographic phone panel, he saw a notification: People of Jiujiang happily welcomed the tornado.

'There's news about Jiujiang?'

Su Yang tapped on the link. He noticed that the global climate had become unstable in recent years, hence a super large tornado was traveling towards Jiujiang along the coastal line.

Jiujing Province might be near the sea, but it rarely welcomed any storms. Therefore, the people of Jiujiang were excited to see a tornado. They even said they wanted to get up close to have a look.

'What is wrong with people nowadays? Are they all so happy-go-lucky? What is so interesting about a tornado? Stop getting yourself into trouble!'

With that in mind, Su Yang sent a message to his parents and reminded them to stay home and be careful.

This time around, it was his father that replied: [Don't worry. We know what to do.] The way his father replied was exactly the same as how he would have.

With the assurance from his father, Su Yang was able to rest. He turned around and wanted to sleep for good. However, the moment he closed his eyes, he received a WeChat notification.


'Who is it at this time of the night?' 

Su Yang tapped it of curiosity and realized that it was Lin Jiali.

As usual, Lin Jiali sent a sticker of a cat in a trash cat with the lid over its head.

Su Yang replied with a question mark.

Lin Jiali replied: [It's nothing. I just wanna talk to you about something. I can't hold it back anymore.]

Su Yang yawned. He looked at his Bronze Mission and replied: [What is it?]

Lin Jiali typed: [Do you remember the event that I told you about the last time? The event that my previous leader wanted us to help with?]


Lin Jiali and Han Yi had been invited to the campus singing competition as guest judges, but the organizers wanted to use the competition to promote their own talent instead.

Su Yang suddenly got carried away by his lame thoughts.

'Hmm, Li Xianhe is also joining the competition. If he knows that something is fishy about the competition, what will he do? Should I give him a hint and let him prepare for the worst?'

'Li Xianhe is really a good singer. It would be a pity if he is disqualified because of some shady dealings. Society is really a dangerous place.'

Lin Jiali replied: [I don't even know what is going on in our previous leader's head! I saw the person that they wanted to promote today! He might be a man, but he's definitely a sissy! He speaks really softly and weakly! He really disgusts me!]

Su Yang yawned and lost interest in the conversation. 

'I thought that's what the entertainment industry is going after.'

Lin Jiali continued: [Most importantly! If he is a young and cute guy, I might be okay with it, but he is a 190-cm-tall bearded guy! He's so bulky that he looks like a fitness trainer! A 30-year-old fitness trainer!]

Su Yang did not even care about what Lin Jiali typed after that because he was captivated by the previous message.

'A bearded guy who is 190 cm tall, bulky, and looks like he's in his 30s?' 

Su Yang had watched the semi-finals from start to end, and the only person who matched that criteria was Li Xianhe!

'Is the record company trying to promote Li Xianhe?'

Astonished, he impulsively typed: [Is that guy's surname Li?]

Meanwhile, in Shanghai Hongqiao Hilton's business suite, Lin Jiali was lying down on the big bed in her sleeping robe. She was angrily typing away on her phone before she received a message.

Lin Jiali was so carried away by her own frustration, so when she saw Su Yang's message, she replied without a second thought: [Yeah! That guy's surname is Li!]

After that, she continued her furious typing: [Is my previous leader stupid or what? Has he lost his mind?]

However, after she typed the message and before she tapped "Send", her finger froze on the screen.

She carefully read Su Yang's message again and saw what she impulsively replied.

Chills suddenly ran down her spine.

'Sh*t! Did I just expose my identity?!'


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