I'll Add Points To All Things
156 The Little Monster Beans Are Gone!
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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156 The Little Monster Beans Are Gone!

The world never lacked smart people. Those who could survive the harsh entertainment industry were barely naive girls, and Lin Jiali was not one of them.

She might have met Su Yang on the streets and he had helped her a great deal, but she had added Su Yang with her alternate account and had never revealed her identity to him.

Even when she chatted with him and vented her emotions, she did not mention anything about the entertainment industry as she replaced all the details with other similar examples.

She thought her cover was flawless and Su Yang would never know. However, when she saw Su Yang's reply, the first thought that popped up in Lin Jiali's mind was that she had blown her cover. Although she had no idea how she got exposed, she filled in the details with her own imagination.

Su Yang was a student at Shanghai University, so he had probably watched the campus singing competition and Li Xianhe's performance. Li Xianhe's appearance was very distinctive, so when Lin Jiali mentioned him, he automatically related her to Li Xianhe.

On top of that, Su Yang must have been her fan. Therefore, through the campus singing competition, it was easy for Su Yang to discern her true identity.

'The message I sent him and all the statuses I posted about other celebrities on my Friend Circle…he must have…'

Her face turned pale at the thought of it. The next thought she had was, 'Sh*t! This is bad! This is bad!'

She dared not reply to Su Yang anymore. She deleted him from her contact list, deleted her statuses, and covered herself with the sheets like an ostrich hiding from its predator.

Su Yang waited for Lin Jiali's reply on his bed but did not get a single message. He instinctively sent a question mark over.

What he got was a notification from WeChat, telling him he was no longer friends with Lin Jiali.

'Wow. That straightforward? Did I give away any hints about me knowing who she really is?' Su Yang pondered about it and figured just as much.

However, he was in a good mood today. 'Well, it's my birthday. It'd be scary if something bad doesn't happen. I must have lost my mind to have asked her that question, so I guess it's equal now since I've screwed up. Oh, well, I don't mind! I'm happy!'

Su Yang got a +4 monster clan, had dinner with his friends, sang at the karaoke, and got the best present that a boy could probably ask for: a 1:1 Iron Man Mark 7 suit that could FLY! 

'I'm probably the coolest guy out there.'

The only thing lacking was a cake. His mother had told him to buy himself a cake to celebrate, but he had forgotten about it.

Just when the thought popped up in his mind, knocks came from his door.

Knock, knock, knock.

The knocks sounded rhythmic and polite.

Su Yang asked, "Who is it?"

"Gru, Gru?"

He smiled. "Oh, it's Gru? Come in."

The door opened and Gru came in holding a small cake in its branches. The cake was only the size of a fist and it looked shabby. It did not even have a regular shape but there was a candle on top.

Gru carried it over to Su Yang and even closed the door with one of its branches when it came in. It 'Gru-ed' in front of Su Yang as if it was trying to present him with the cake.

Su Yang's heart was filled with warmth as he accepted the cake. He patted Gru's head and said, "Thanks, Gru."

"Gru, Gru!"

'This day…is perfect.'

It was 2 a.m. and the villa was quiet. Even the troublemaker, Little Hus, was sleeping in his den quietly.

It was at that moment, a rustling noise came from the storeroom. "Bean! Bean! Bean! Bean! Bean bean!

More and more 'beans' sounded from the storeroom and the door slowly opened as a bunch of little monster beans came out in an orderly fashion.

The next morning, Deeny's anxious voice woke Su Yang up. "Master! Master! Quick! Look at the news. Something bad has happened!"

A holographic panel appeared in front of Su Yang as she spoke. He opened his eyes and looked at the panel with his puffy eyes. He then saw his WeChat receive a news update from Tencent News.

'[Breaking] News from Jiujiang Province Emergency Bureau: Super Typhoon Lekima arrives at Jiujiang Province and causes severe damage. Countless dead and 27 missing…'

Su Yang was shocked. His mind went blank when he finished reading the headlines.

"Call my mother now! Quick!" he said nervously.

Deeny said, "Right away!"

The holographic panel immediately turned into the dialing interface. The dial tone could be heard from the panel and it only increased Su Yang's anxiety. His hands and feet were cold. He wanted to check the news on the internet, but he was afraid that he would disrupt the call.

Fortunately, his torment ended soon enough when his mother answered the phone with her heavy village accent, "What's wrong, son? Why are you calling again? Missing home already?"

Su Yang heaved a breath of relief when he heard his mother's voice. He asked, "Ma, are you guys alright? T-there's a typhoon at your place. How are you and Dad doing?" The nervousness caused him to stammer.

Confused, Mother Su asked, "We're alright. Your dad and I even sat in front of the window and watched the wind blowing for the whole night yesterday.

"Huh? But I just saw the news. The headlines say that countless are dead and 27 are missing…"

Mother Su was even more confused and her voice started to shake. "W-we went missing?"

'No, Mom, if you are missing, you wouldn't be talking to me now…'

Up until this point, Su Yang felt something was not right. It was then that a notification from Deeny popped up at the top of the panel.

[Master! Master! I checked online and realized that it was fake news! Tencent's side wrongly approved it!]

'What the heck?'

Su Yang then calmed his mother down and told her that he accidentally believed some fake news, hence the call. After he hung up, he put his nervous heart at rest and fell back on his bed. Having such a heart attack first thing in the morning seemed to have drained all his energy for the day. Maybe it was because it was a little too early.

Then, before he closed the holographic panel, he received a new message on his WeChat.

'A new message from WeChat?'

Su Yang moved the panel closer and checked the message. It was from Lin Jiali.

'Did she not delete me last night? How did she add me for a second time?'

Su Yang thought about it and realized that Lin Jiali had taken a picture of his WeChat QR code when they first met, so it was possible. He checked what Lin Jiali had to say.

[Are you in Shanghai during the Labor Day holidays? I want to have a face-to-face with you.]

Su Yang hesitated. 'This woman is really trying to talk to me about the incident last night…'

He replied: [Yeah. Of course.]

Right after Su Yang sent the message, she replied right away: [Great. Let's have lunch today. I'll send you the location.] A moment later, she sent over the address of her hotel. [Hilton Hongqiao, Shanghai.]

'What? What is she doing sending me the address of a hotel? Is this some kind of unspoken rule? Or is she trying to seduce me?'

Just when he was trying to figure out what Lin Jiali was trying to do, Deeny's voice sounded in the room again, "Master! Master! Come out fast! The beans have run out!"

'C'mon! It's only morning! Why can't I enjoy a peaceful morning!?'

Su Yang lost his patience!


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