I'll Add Points To All Things
157 Bathe The Shark And Brush Her Teeth?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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157 Bathe The Shark And Brush Her Teeth?

Su Yang got dressed and went out.

However, the moment he stepped out of his room, he was shocked.

Everything before his eyes was spotlessly clean. The floor was so clean that he could use it as a mirror while the walls were pure white, and even the dust at the ceiling was cleaned up.

Su Yang stood in front of his room like a statue. He did not know how to walk across the floor without making it dirty. He felt like he was violating the floor's holiness by stepping on it.

Gulping nervously, he took his slippers off and threw them back into his room. Barefooted, he took the first step out and despite his efforts, he still left shallow footprints on the floor. The footprints on the clean floor was a painful scene to look at.

He made his way to the stairs. Even the stairs looked like they were newly polished. Su Yang had to walk down the stairs with extra caution.

The living room, the dining area, the kitchen, and every single corner of the villa were squeaky clean.

'Is this…my house? The villa wasn't even this clean when I first came in!'

He had moved into the villa for over a month now and his laziness had gotten the best of him. Deeny was not someone who loved doing chores, let alone the other little monsters, so the villa was constantly in a mess.

Who would have thought the villa would have changed so drastically overnight?

It was then that Deeny's voice sounded from further ahead. She was not walking like usual but floating around like when Su Yang first met her. It seemed like she did not want to dirty the floor by stepping on it either. "Master! There you are!"

Su Yang nodded. "Did the beans do all this?"

Deeny said meekly, "Yes, Master. It's really clean."

Su Yang felt the same way, and the squeaky clean villa made him feel a little uncomfortable. 

'It's too clean! Is this still my house?!'

He asked, "Where are they now?"

Deeny pointed at the swimming pool. "They are at Pool's place, brushing Janet's teeth."

'Brushing Janet's teeth? The SHARK!?'

Su Yang's jaw dropped. It was probably the most shocking thing he had heard until now. He quickly made his way to the swimming pool.

When he opened the door, he saw Pool and Sanque beside the swimming pool, drinking tea.

Four little monster beans were beside them. Three of them were stacked upon each other while the highest one was holding a teapot and looking at the two of them.

The fourth monster bean was on the floor. It was waiting for either Pool or Sanque to put down their teacups, and it would grab the teacup to the teapot for a refill.

Whenever the little monster bean moved the teacup under the teapot, the little monster bean holding the teapot would muster all its strength to pour tea into the teacup. After the teacup was filled, the fourth monster bean would carry the teacup, which was as big as itself, back to Pool and Sanque.

The two of them looked like they were enjoying the service.

Su Yang shifted his gaze to the swimming pool itself and realized that it was occupied by the bunch of monster beans.

Janet was also covered in beans. Some of the monster beans were holding a brush, some of them were holding a towel, and every one of them was scrubbing Janet's body.

'What in the world…? These little monster beans are amazing. They even provide a scrubbing service?'

Other than Janet, the other 'seafood' in the pool did not escape the scrubbing as well. The seahorse family and the crab were all caught by two little monster beans whilst a third scrubbed them with a brush.

A while later, the entire pool was filled with filth. Pool waved his hand, and the dirty water started to swirl and form a mini whirlpool. The water was then sucked into the drain.

Then, clean water started to flow into the pool from the drain and slowly filled it up.

After the little monster beans cleaned up everything, they climbed out of the swimming pool.

Janet tried to chomp the last monster bean, but it was able to easily dodge the furious attack. The little monster bean was small, thus it was swift and nimble.

The little monster beans retreated like the falling tide after they cleaned Janet, the seahorse family, and the crab up. They started to move to the other rooms, and it seemed like they were determined to clean the entire villa again.

Only the four little monster beans beside Pool and Sanque stayed behind. The four little monster beans were still looking at the two of them, and whenever either of them put down their teacups, the former would refill them right away.

Su Yang stood aside and watched for a while. 

'I think…having these little guys in the house isn't all that bad either. Oh, well. Since they like to do chores, just let them have their way. I just need to pay attention to the number of chores they do. If they have no more chores to do and start to get bored, they'll explode, and by then, things will really get interesting…'

With that in mind, Su Yang told Deeny to count the little monster beans and assign each of them a number to identify them.

Deeny carried out the orders. A while later, she came back and told him that there were 36 monster beans. She asked him for his sticky note because she wanted a sewing machine to sew 36 numbered scarfs for the little monster beans.

That way, it would be easier for everyone to tell the beans apart.

Su Yang thought it was a great idea, and if each of the scarves was in different colors, it would be even better.

Since Deeny came up with the idea, Su Yang put her in charge of the little beans' daily activities. He even gave her an official post for her effort: Bean Manager!

'Nice! Sounds cute enough!'

Bean Manager Deeny officially reported for duty.

Su Yang gave her a sticky note to transform something into a sewing machine. He also asked Deeny for the back-end statistics for the part-time job app.

After Deeny went off to do her things, he pored over the statistics he got.

Based on the data from Deeny's end, the app had been performing steadily in the past few days. Even though it was not as active as the usual weekends, the app could still get around 450 active users.

Maybe because of the holidays, some newer and first time part-timers tried out the app, which contributed to the increase in active users. There was a decent increase in new users as well at 70 to 100 users per day.

Su Yang called the system up and accessed the shop. After his last purchase, he was left with 107 Point Coins, and now, it had already increased to 281. 

Judging from the momentum, he would be able to reach 500 Point Coins in two or three days' time, and he would be able to buy a Random Point then.

'I've already added the second point to Little Lady Knife, Sanque and Little Hus. Who should I add points to next? The Iron Man suit?' 

Su Yang was seriously thinking about it due to his personal favorite, but Gru, Deeny, and Pool had followed him for some time now, and if he skipped them to fulfill his personal desire, they might not be happy.

'Geez, I'm in a dilemma…'

Before he even got a Random Point, he was already having a headache about who to add the point to.

After a long while, he came up with a conclusion.

'It'll be great if I can get four Random Points at once! How should I get the points? I know! Get rich overnight! Get rich overnight and all my problems will be solved!'

Su Yang then headed to the kitchen for something to fill his stomach. He looked at his watch and realized that it was almost noon. He simply washed up, changed into fresh clothes, and headed out to Lin Jiali's hotel.

'What is she thinking? Asking me to meet her at her hotel…I guess I'll have to find out myself.'


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