I'll Add Points To All Things
158 The Story Between The Female Celebrity And The Male Assistant That Must Be Shared
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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158 The Story Between The Female Celebrity And The Male Assistant That Must Be Shared

Hongqiao Hilton might be a five-star hotel, but it was nothing stellar compared to the many hotels under the Hilton Group. The price of a night at the Conrad was double the price of Hongqiao Hilton's.

After all, there were differences between normal five-star hotels and luxury five-star hotels.

After Su Yang got out of his basement, he Baidu-ed the address and found out the shortest route via public transport. He got onto the subway and then the bus to reach his destination.

Maybe because Shanghai was filled with luxury buildings, the international five-star hotel did not look special except for the glass-filled lobby.

Su Yang reached the lobby, sat down on the couch, and sent a message to Lin Jiali. [I'm in the lobby.]

Lin Jiali replied right away: [Hold on.']

A while later, she came out from a glass-filled corridor on Su Yang's left. She looked around the lobby, and eventually, her gaze landed on him.

She wanted to smile at him when she saw him, but maybe because she was troubled by something, she could not smile naturally, hence she forced a stiff and bitter smile which was even uglier than her sobbing.

Su Yang smiled at her and joked, "My idol! It's great to see you again!"

He was kidding about the idol stuff, but Lin Jiali still took it to heart. It made her relax a lot and she smiled at him again. This time around, she looked a lot better. "Follow me."

Su Yang followed her to the administration building that she came out from. Lin Jiali did not bring him to her own suite. Instead, she brought him to the third floor.

He was like Granny Liu visiting the Grand View Garden[1]. He followed Lin Jiali to the third floor and realized that they were actually going to an oval-shaped restaurant. 

In front of the entrance was a receptionist who welcomed the guests with bright smiles.

When the two of them reached the restaurant, the receptionist welcomed them politely, "Sir, Madam, welcome to the administration lounge. We are still not prepared for afternoon tea, so we only have simple beverages, fruits, and desserts. Please feel free to order anything that's available."

The receptionist bowed politely and then asked, "Your room number please?"

Lin Jiali nodded and said, "1107."

The receptionist did not verify the room number right away. Instead, she brought the two of them to a quiet corner before she went back to type on her computer.

After the verification, the receptionist served some fruits, cookies, and two glasses of water on the table. "Please enjoy. If you need anything else, please feel free to just ask." She smiled and left Su Yang and Lin Jiali alone.

After that, Lin Jiali gestured and said, "Some fruits?"

Su Yang had always been a practical person, which was one of his strong points. Since Lin Jiali invited him to have some fruits, he had some fruits. Without showing any courtesy, he picked up a piece of fruit and ate it.

After a few bites, he realized that the fruits served in a five-star hotel were nothing stellar either.

Novels and movies always bragged how tasty the food served in five-star hotels were. Even the water was described as dew from heaven. 

'Who would have known that they were all lies? I'll never believe all those lies anymore.'

After a few pieces of fruits, Lin Jiali took the initiative to ask, "When did you find out about my identity?"

Su Yang lied, "Last night. When you mentioned Li Xianhe, I found out everything right away."

'I knew it…' Lin Jiali was convinced that her analysis and speculations were correct. As her fan, Su Yang had been following her, and she practically brought this upon herself by revealing a little too much. She really had it coming.

She said, "May I ask you for a favor?"

Su Yang ate another piece of orange and looked at her. "Yes?"

Lin Jiali carefully said, "Can I ask you to delete our chat history? And can you keep our conversation a secret? I don't want you to post anything in your Friend Circle."

"Oh…I see," said Su Yang.

Lin Jiali was looking forward to his answer.

He took his phone out and said, "Sure."

He opened up WeChat in front of Lin Jiali and deleted the chat history. Then, he went back to the homepage and even deleted WeChat itself.

Su Yang also opened his gallery and showed it to Lin Jiali. While he did not save any screenshots of their chat history, he had also deleted every picture in there.

Lastly, Su Yang went to the phone settings and reset his phone to its factory settings in front of her.

Lin Jiali was astonished. 'I just asked him to delete the chat history. He didn't need to reset his phone.'

After the reset, Su Yang pocketed his phone and said, "I suppose you know my situation as well. I'm just a poor student, and I can't afford a second phone, so…are we good now?"

Lin Jiali would be an idiot if she did not believe him after all this. She nodded repeatedly and said, "Yes, yes, I believe you." Once again, she was convinced that Su Yang was her die-hard fan.

With that in mind, she handed him an orange. "Here, have another."

Su Yang smiled as he took the orange. While he was peeling the orange, he giggled subtly. 

The truth was that he did not delete the chat history or WeChat at all. He also did not reset his phone. Ever since Deeny was born, all the app icons on his phone had become nothing but decorations. Therefore, the chat history, the pictures in his gallery, and the factory reset, they were all a trick to fool Lin Jiali.

Nothing he did in front of her was real.

As for why? The Bronze Mission! He did all this for the sake of the Bronze Missions!

The Bronze Missions were getting harder and harder, and since he was almost halfway done with Lin Jiali's Bronze Mission, he did not want to just give up on this.

Besides, he still needed a few familiar celebrities to help him promote his new app. Putting the effort to maintain a profitable relationship was not a bad thing.

After Su Yang showed his 'sincerity', Lin Jiali viewed him as one of her own. She chatted with him happily and they chatted for a whole afternoon.

At the end of the conversation, she realized that Su Yang was a talented person! He was great with his words and he was very loyal to her. After some thoughts, she sincerely invited him to join her team as her assistant.

Su Yang was still munching on the orange when he heard the invitation, and he was stunned.

'Did my lies go too far? Why is she inviting me to be her assistant? I think I'm straying further away from my main goal! I'm already the president of Han Yi's fan club, and if I become Lin Jiali's personal assistant, hmm…tsk tsk tsk, I feel like a double agent!'

Su Yang refused to accept the offer, but he did not shut her offer down right away. He said he would consider her offer and even told her to find him if she had anything that bothered her. He was happy to be a friend that she could count on and chat with.

In the next two days, Lin Jiali really chatted with him three more times. 

The conversation would usually start with something normal like "good morning" and end with "good night" as if the idol was caring for a fan.

She became funnier as she went on like how she complained about how tiring her job was and how she went out every morning with high spirit as if she was ready to take on the entire world.

However, when she came back from work every night, the world conquered her instead of the other way around. Besides auditioning for a role but failing, she worked on a recording for a certain show but no one knew the show at all. She had a feeling that after a whole day of hard work, she gained nothing in the end.

Even though Su Yang was not interested in her life, he was very interested when the number of chats increased rapidly.

Two days later, the number of chats had increased from six to nine, and he was one more chat away from completing the Bronze Mission. He was looking forward to the next chat that would end this series of missions.

To his surprise, before Lin Jiali came to him, he welcomed another good news from Deeny: the new app was done and he could probably earn Point Coins again.

[1] A popular phrase from "Dream of the Red Chamber". The expression is used in modern Chinese to describe someone usually simple and unsophisticated, who is overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings.


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