I'll Add Points To All Things
159 Master, You“ve Gone Viral!
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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159 Master, You“ve Gone Viral!

With the experience from the first app, Deeny improved a lot this time. At least, when Su Yang tested the app, it felt smooth and did not lag or delay. It was already good enough.

In simple words, it was just a platform to share pictures and post statuses while the difference from the existing Weibo platform would be that Su Yang's app was trendier and more youthful! He wanted to focus on pictures and short videos.

After all, his main focus was to make socializing and posting pictures feel a lot younger.

Other than the new app, Deeny also did some improvements to the part-time job app.

She split the app into three different splash pages. The part-time job splash page was arranged for the third and last position, which was slightly further in than its previous position, but because the part-time job was the main focus, there would not be any delays accessing it and accepting jobs from the page.

The second splash page was the new app that Su Yang asked her to create as it would be easier for everyone to surf, share, and socialize.

As for the main splash page, it underwent a complete overhaul. A lot of widgets and tools were added to help students such as access to different university forums, club recruitment notices, their timetable, a search bar to search test results, and recommendations to entertainment around the campus. 

After Su Yang saw the app that Deeny optimized, the proposal that he came up with felt like garbage.

Deeny's new app might have been good, but it was still void of contents at the moment. The app needed users to fill the contents.

'I think that after the holidays, I must post some tasks here and tell the guys back at the office to fill this part up first. These functions will definitely attract the students' attention.'

With that in mind, Su Yang had a feeling that he should recruit more employees.

'The bigger the company gets, the more manpower I lack…I have to promote the new app and maintain the part-time job app. The offline promotion for the part-time job app is still on-going…It's going to get really busy!'

Thankfully, before he could get a headache, Deeny brought him another piece of good news. She snuck up to Su Yang and said meekly, "Master, I have good news."

"What good news?"

Deeny smiled brightly like a sunflower and said happily, "You've gone viral!"

Confused, Su Yang pointed at himself. "I've gone viral?"

Deeny nodded repeatedly. "Yeah! Your video has received 40 million views on Tiktok and you got over a million likes!"

'Wait, what made me viral again?' He tried to recall what happened and he thought of the Iron Man suit.

Since he was forgetful, Deeny waved and brought up a holographic panel before them, showing the Tiktok page.

She tapped on 'My Videos'. The last two videos she posted were all about cooking, and she got around 10K likes per video, it seemed like she was a little bit more popular than before. As for the third latest video, the likes reached 1.37 million!

Su Yang tapped it out of curiosity and saw himself wearing the Iron Man helmet, shouting, "I am Iron Man!"

The suit then floated around the villa.

In the edited video, he was performing all sorts of movements in the air and he even flew along the corridor to the kitchen before whizzing back to the living room. He circled the entire first floor before he landed with a superhero landing.

The whole video looked cool but extremely cringy as well. Su Yang somehow felt embarrassed watching himself in the video.

'Was I that cringy? Wait, so does it mean that netizens nowadays liked cringy stuff?'

Su Yang checked the caption of the video: 'Today is my brother's birthday, so I gave him an Iron Man suit that I made myself. He likes it very much.'

He then expanded the comment section and saw more than ten thousand comments. Most of the comments expressed jealousy and curiosity.

'Holy cow! Do you still need a brother? I only want gifts. I won't ever get a girlfriend!'

'Your brother is so cool!'

'Is this real? Can it really fly?'

'I'm willing to bet it's all CGI!'

'I'm jealous of your brother.'

'I am Iron Man!'

'Finally, a video about your brother! Why didn't you show his face?'

'Your brother's English sounds so good. Is he an ABC?' 

'Nonsense! I didn't eat the memory cookies for fun! I can speak with an actual New York accent!'

Su Yang read the top comments and found them interesting. He did not expect to be this popular without even showing his face.

'Is it because I am too handsome? I think it must be!'

Deeny then said in a sulky tone, "Master, it's all your fault! Now no one wants to watch my videos anymore."

He replied, "I still see a lot of likes on your videos."

She opened up the comment section of her cooking videos, all of which were asking about Su Yang.

'When is Iron Man coming again?'

'Deeny, you are cute, but I want to see your brother.'

'Deeny, can you ask your brother to fly more?'

'Tell your brother to stop finding a girlfriend. Suit up and save the world!'

'What the hell? Can you people stop talking about my seven imaginary girlfriends? Let it go, please! Wait, with two new videos posted, I've already got nine girlfriends!'

After that, she looked at Su Yang with eyes that shone as bright as the stars. "Master! Can you make more videos with me? I made more than 5,000 yuan with your video alone."

Su Yang's eyes started to shine. '5K?!'

He tried to remain calm and asked, "How did you make money from that?"

She smiled and said, "With ads from Taobao! There are 40 million views! Earning 5,000 yuan is a piece of cake!"

Su Yang put his hand out. "Now that you've mentioned it, I want half."

Deeny was instantly silenced. Su Yang sat her down and started to brainwash her. "Okay, let me break it down for you. I asked you to take the video, am I right?"

Deeny nodded.

"I planned all the camera angles and edits, right?"

Deeny nodded.

"Since I'm the one in the suit, I'm also the actor, right?"

Deeny nodded again.

"So, I'm basically the producer, the director, and the actor. The whole video is about me, and I'm only using your account to post the video. If you've made money from it, shouldn't you split the profit in half? Am I right?"

Without a second thought, Deeny said with a vigorous nod. "Yes, Master! You are right! I'll transfer the money to you right now!"

Su Yang smiled as if he was a loving father. Five seconds later, a beep sounded in the villa as his alternate WeChat account, which was being used by Deeny, transferred 2,500 yuan to his main account.

Su Yang gave her a big like in his heart.

'Yes! This is great!'

After he got the money, Deeny moved closer to him with a sneaky smile. "Master, so should we start shooting a new video?"

'Huh? Wait a minute! Why do I feel I am the one being used here?'

Su Yang's hunch was right. After receiving a little benefit from Deeny, he was being fully taken advantage of.


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