I'll Add Points To All Things
160 Did I Finish The Bronze Mission Just Like That?
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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160 Did I Finish The Bronze Mission Just Like That?

For the entire afternoon, Deeny the director 'requested' Su Yang to fly around the villa in the Iron Man suit and perform all kinds of dumb actions. He even had to fight Janet up close in the suit.

The result was Janet: 1, Su Yang: 0.

After all, the Iron Man suit was just a flying junk. It did not have arsenal like in the movies, so how could Su Yang, a normal person, fight a shark and win?

The fight with Janet reminded Su Yang about the first Bronze Ability that he had chosen. If he had selected the shark-catching ability then instead of close combat, he might have been able to win.

'Can I choose again? How dumb was I back then?! I must've been too naive!'

The Iron Man suit might have been exciting and fun for the first half an hour, but after nearly an hour, the inside of the suit felt like a sauna. Su Yang was drenched in his sweat that trickled down his back, and he almost got a heat stroke due to this.

In the end, he came up with an idea: he wrote 'air-con' on a sticky note and stuck it on the suit.

A knob then appeared inside the suit for him to adjust the temperature. He lowered the temperature, and it started to feel cooling inside the suit. It felt extremely comfortable after almost dying from the stuffiness.

However, no matter how comfortable it was inside the suit, Su Yang did not want to keep being a big toy for Deeny to take videos with. From the moment he put it on, he had been praying that he could get out.

Fortunately, the sticky note had a limited duration of three hours, so…after three hours, Deeny stuck two new sticky notes on the suit.

"Master, continue! Don't stop!"

'SHE'S REALLY A DEVIL!' Su Yang had a feeling that Deeny looked exactly like himself when he was someone else's boss.

'Every feature on her face looks evil…'

It was probably karma getting back at Su Yang.

The shoot went on for five continuous hours. Su Yang was clueless about why they would need five hours of footage for a 10-second video, but he dared not ask either.

Deeny had become a T-Rex on site. He was afraid that if he asked why, she would stick two more sticky notes on him and force him to continue shooting.

After he got out of the Iron Man suit, he pushed the suit away.

It was then that the little monster beans swarmed over and carried the suit to the bathroom. It seemed like they were trying to clean the suit. With the beans around, the house was a lot cleaner although it would have been better if they did not explode all of a sudden.

In the past few days, out of the 36 monster beans, five had exploded.

Out of the five, one of them had exploded because it lost to other beans when it came to accepting chores. The other one ran to the storage room and realized that it was too cold inside, so it exploded.

As for the remaining three, Su Yang did not even know how they exploded, but they were just gone like that.

He had a feeling that in less than two months, the clan of monster beans would all explode.

'I guess I have to figure out how to increase their numbers through reproduction. If they aren't exploding, they are quite cute.'

Su Yang picked up two monster beans and headed to the bathroom. He took off his shirt, filled the tub with water, and gave the beans a towel and a piece of soap each. 

The little monster beans then started to scrub his back.

Su Yang comfortably closed his eyes in the tub, enjoying his bath.

'Yeah, bathing is probably the best.'

He then fell asleep in the bath. 

When he woke up, he realized he was as clean as Janet the other day. Even the water in the tub had been changed, and it was clean and warm.

The two little beans were looking at him with their respective eyes, sizing him up curiously.

When Su Yang opened his eyes, they poured a glass of water for him.

He took a sip and tapped the little beans' heads. "Thank you No. 3 and No. 27."

The little beans seemed like they could understand him as they cheered happily and hopped around. "Bean! Bean!"

Su Yang dried himself up and walked out in his bathrobe. The two little beans were left behind to clean up.

He headed to the kitchen for some snacks to replenish the stamina that he had lost during the lengthy shooting session. After he grabbed something to eat, Su Yang headed to the living room. 

He called his phone panel up as he sat down and started to surf the net while eating. He realized that he received several messages on his WeChat. He tapped on it and saw one from Lin Jiali and another from a contact that he could barely remember.

Su Yang tapped on Lin Jiali's message which had arrived a while ago. She was asking whether he was free tomorrow because she would be attending the campus singing competition as a guest. She wanted to know whether or not he was interested because she could get tickets for him.

A quick thought later, Su Yang decided to go since the semi-finals had been great. He replied: [Thank you, my idol.]

After that, he checked on the other message from the less familiar contact, and when he finished reading the message, he was shocked.

[Mr. Su? I'm William Li. Do you remember me? I'm Han Yi's manager! Han Yi is attending the campus singing competition tomorrow at Shanghai University, so I'm wondering if you can send in a group of fans like the last time.

[I don't need that many this time. 50 will be enough, but they have to look like students. After the event, Han Yi will stay back and talk to the fans, so please practice it beforehand.

[I know I'm calling for help on short notice, but Han Yi is promoting her new drama and I can barely take a break these days. I totally forgot about the singing competition, but I trust you! I believe you and your men are professionals, so can you help a brother out? We can negotiate the price. Since it's a little urgent and the requirements are stricter, 210 per head. Is that okay?]

Su Yang was speechless.

'Is this coincidence or what? You b*stard! As a manager, why didn't you ask me earlier? Why must you send me the message after I've replied to the other woman? But…210 per head, which means more than 10K for 50 people…If I don't take this job, God will probably punish me.'

He replied: [It's settled, Brother Li, so don't worry. Give me time. I'll bring you 50 fans and I assure you that not even Han Yi herself will know they are fake fans during the little meeting.]

After that, Su Yang quickly returned to Lin Jiali's chat window and wanted to delete the message before Lin Jiali saw it but right before he could press 'Remove', Lin Jiali's reply came in.

[Great! I'll keep one ticket for you. You might be my only fan tomorrow, so you must be there to support me!]

'F*ck! THIS IS A DISASTER! And why did the friendly invite become an idol-supporting event? But she only has me as a fan! I know it sounds pitiful. If I stand her up or reject her, she might be seriously hurt!'

Just when the thought popped up in his mind, a beep followed.

[Congratulations on completing the Bronze Mission: hear Lin Jiali out and reply to her patiently (10/10)]

'What the heck? Is this invitation also counted towards the chat and deemed as a patient reply?! Wait…does it mean I can draw a new ability now?'


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