I'll Add Points To All Things
161 The Harsh Entertainment Industry
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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161 The Harsh Entertainment Industry

Su Yang felt surreal. He opened the system and saw a golden completed tag on the mission, waiting for him to accept the prize.

He was not in a hurry to accept it though. The lucky brick was still on cooldown mode, and he did not have any particular ability that he wanted, so he decided to wait this out.

He still had two pending Bronze Missions: the English semester finals and persuading Old Zhou.

There was still some time before his English semester finals, and he was confident enough to pass it this time, so he was not worried.

As for Old Zhou's case, he could try to talk to the man today. If he failed to persuade Old Zhou, he ought to save Lin Jiali's Bronze Point until the lucky brick's cooldown mode was reset.

If he could persuade Old Zhou and complete the mission, he would take Lin Jialis' Bronze Point today and see what random abilities he would get. Then, he would save Old Zhou's Bronze Point until the lucky brick's cooldown mode was reset.

Regardless of which, he would still at least get a new ability that he wanted.

As for why Su Yang did not want to save up the two Bronze Points until the lucky brick's cooldown mode was reset, he could not hold it off that long!

Su Yang turned off the system and temporarily discarded the point-addition out of his mind.

After the matters with the point-addition, he started to think about the campus singing competition. If he could not handle this matter well, he would find himself in hell.

Su Yang started to hope for an ability that would allow him to split into two. Then, he would be able to be in two places at once and play two roles at the same time.

He even thought of the perfect excuse to fool people.

'I have a twin brother and he's the president of Han Yi's fan club. I have a twin brother and he's a loyal fan of Lin Jiali. Perfect!'

Unfortunately, it was just wishful thinking. Up until now, all the random Bronze Abilities were related to real-life skills and techniques, so getting a cloning ability randomly was nearly impossible.

'I'll cross the bridge when I come to it. No matter how troublesome things are, I have to solve them one by one.'

He temporarily put the troubles for tomorrow aside and sent a message to Chu Xia via WeChat. He then told her to select 50 obedient fans to meet Han Yi during the event tomorrow.

Excited, Chu Xia replied with voice messages which were mostly mindless and excited screams. If Su Yang had not known what happened, he might have thought that the girl had been abducted by someone.

Su Yang then messaged Lin Jiali and subtly asked where he should sit, how loudly he should scream, or how many banners he should carry.

Lin Jiali wrongly assumed that he really wanted to support her, so she replied shyly: [You can do it if you really want to.]

Su Yang replied with an 'OK' sticker. 'I'll pass.'

He had to try his best to keep a low profile tomorrow. He then remembered hearing the organizer talking about a shortage of manpower during the semifinals, so he paid a little more attention to the chat.

'I wonder if they've got enough manpower after the Labor Day holidays. If not, can I ask Lin Jiali to recommend my company to them?'

With that in mind, Su Yang sent Lin Jiali another message: [My idol, you said you know the boss of Time Recording, don't you? I heard that they are facing a shortage of manpower for the singing competition, so I wonder if I can ask you for a favor?]

Lin Jiali might have been busy, so she only replied after five or six minutes: [What do you need?] She also sent a sticker of a kitten scratching its head with a question mark above its head.

Su Yang then realized that he had not spoken about his company to her, so he typed: [I'm actually running an intermediary company. My company excels at connecting university students to part-time jobs, so I was wondering whether I can get some part-time jobs from the event.]

Lin Jiali replied right away: [Of course, I'll ask my ex-boss.]

Half an hour later, she sent over a screenshot of a WeChat contact. [This is the marketing manager of Time Recording. My ex-boss said you can add him and discuss further.]

Su Yang only needed an opportunity. With the opportunity in hand, everything would become possible. He then added the manager's WeChat contact and talked to the guy in detail.

Maybe because of Lin Jiali or her ex-boss, the manager was quite responsive. When he found out that Su Yang had already formed his company at such a young age, the praises streamed in endlessly.

'Yeah…the entertainment industry is really harsh.'

The truth was, Su Yang was not taken seriously because he was young and showed a promising future but because he was introduced by someone from a higher position. He knew exactly what was going on. 

After talking to the manager, he learned that Time Recording had filled all the empty positions for the event tomorrow, but they had some empty spots left for another event next week and the week after that.

Su Yang managed to get all the empty spots with the help of Lin Jiali.

Both parties reached an accord, and all that was left was to send someone over to Time Recording to sign the agreement. The collaboration was a small one with only 30 positions in total, and they were all in charge of trivial stuff like maintaining order or running errands.

However, Su Yang was not eyeing the positions. He was actually trying to create a working relationship with Time Recording.

After all, he needed the resources from the entertainment industry to promote his new app. Young people nowadays, especially young girls, usually cared a lot about the entertainment industry and idols.

With the matter in the bag, Su Yang checked the date and found out it was already the 4th of May. Class would resume tomorrow.

For whatever reason, he suddenly looked forward to going back to campus.

Human beings were animals with a conflicted mindset. Su Yang always skipped classes when he had classes to attend, but when he did not have any, he wanted to go back.

The next morning, Su Yang woke up extra early. He went to the gym for a morning workout before breakfast. He then cleaned up and headed to campus.

Su Yang did not go to the lecture hall first. Instead, he followed his plan and visited Old Zhou's office. He wanted to talk to Old Zhou about his daughter because it was directly related to what he should do with the pending Bronze Point. 

He reached the Faculty of Literature office and made his way to Old Zhou's office. When he knocked on the door, Old Zhou's strong voice responded, "Come in."

Su Yang walked in and saw Old Zhou was playing with a hoverboard, the kind with two wheels and could move when one stepped on it. It really looked like the modern iteration of Nezha's Fire Wheels.

Old Zhou was moving back and forth on it, spinning around like a playful child. Thankfully, the office was big enough for him to play around.

When he saw Su Yang come in, he smiled and called Su Yang over, "Su Yang! Come, give it a try."

Su Yang waved his hands. "No thanks, Mr. Zhou. I'm getting older, so I'm scared of falling down."

'You little…You are really GOOD with your words…' Old Zhou smiled awkwardly.

Su Yang did not know what Old Zhou was thinking about, so he went in, closed the door, and said, "Mr. Zhou, I want to talk to you about your daughter."


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