I'll Add Points To All Things
162 Three Strange Bronze Abilities!
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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162 Three Strange Bronze Abilities!

Old Zhou grew serious when he heard Su Yang wanted to talk about his daughter. He got off the hoverboard and pulled a chair out for Su Yang. "Of course. So, what progress did you make?"

Su Yang skipped the courteous chit-chat and went straight to the point. He sat down and said, "Mr. Zhou, Yueting and I are good friends now. She's more open to tell me things that she wouldn't normally tell you.

"She told me a lot of things about her childhood. She said that because you and your wife were busy at work back then, she had to live with her grandparents, so she barely received any love from you two.

"Even though she's moved in with you guys now, she grew up in an environment without her parents, so she doesn't know how to get along with her real parents. Since you were barely with her during her childhood, your sudden care and love makes her feel repulsive. She doesn't know what to do with it and finds it irritating."

Su Yang romanticized Zhou Yueting's words because he did not want Old Zhou to be hurt while trying his best to convey the message accurately.

After listening to the revelation, Old Zhou fell into deep thoughts There was regret, sorrow and bitterness on his face.

Su Yang seized the moment and said, "So, my suggestion is…try to give her some space. Don't force things with her. Let her get used to your care instead of forcing her to accept you guys."

Old Zhou responded strongly to the suggestion, "No! She's at an important stage of her life. She cannot just fool around anymore. Besides, we gave her a few years to adapt, and if she really wants to accept us, she would have done it a long time ago!

"That's why I believe she needs love more than anything now. Even though she finds it irritating, it's because she isn't used to our love! I believe if my wife and I keep this up, we will be able to move her eventually."

Su Yang found Old Zhou's argument reasonable as well. However, he had never failed a system mission up until now. The system believed that giving Zhou Yueting time and space to adapt was much more suitable than Old Zhou showing her his unconditional but abrupt love.

Su Yang believed that Old Zhou was on the right path, but the only thing wrong was that the man's methods were too extreme. Old Zhou literally jumped from being a stranger to a loving father in a short period of time. It would have been strange if Zhou Yueting could accept the abrupt and drastic change.

Therefore, Su Yang turned on the [Ally Halo] and used the [Verbal Cannon] and the [Charms of Talking] together on Old Zhou.

The two of them talked for almost 40 minutes. Su Yang's mouth felt dry from all the talking, but he still did not convince Old Zhou who was still hesitating and thinking about what to do.

Su Yang believed that his failure was because of Old Zhou's age and experience. After all, Old Zhou was a matured man whose views and values were solidified by time and experience. He already had his own understanding and view on a certain matter, therefore he was not as gullible as other young people.

Su Yang felt a little helpless after talking for so long and still failing to convince Old Zhou. Fortunately, he was saved by the bell. The talk was put on hold, so Su Yang took his leave and went to class.

In the blink of an eye, the morning class was over. Su Yang only listened to the lecture for the first five minutes before he concentrated on running his company remotely via WeChat.

Su Yang sent Chen Xiaoyun the new app and told her to gather some feedback from different universities' forums, Tieba, and Weibo. Since she was idle, she was also told to gather feedback personally from the shops and services around different campuses.

On top of that, he also told her to fill the app up with different contents. Since she was quite free lately, she would be able to handle the new tasks alone.

As for Wang Dong, Su Yang also talked to him about finding more potential companies to work with. Wang Dong did not sit back and relax during the holidays either. He combed through all the clientele information that he got from Junqing Intermediary and planned to bring his team to liaise with the selected companies today.

Not only did Junqing Intermediary's withdrawal fail to destroy Su Yang's company, but it also fueled everyone's motivation instead. 

'I guess this is what they say about reaping what you sow. Junqing had it coming.'

Maybe because Junqing noticed the change in Su Yang's company, the strategic marketing director gave Su Yang a call in the afternoon. He said he wanted to see Su Yang to discuss the acquisition.

The call was four days late because of the holidays, but it did not move Su Yang. He rejected the director's invitation without a second thought and said that he was busy with his classes lately.

The director was shocked when he heard Su Yang's excuse. "Classes? What? Are you kidding me?"

Su Yang was not bothered by the director taking his excuse as a joke. His company was moving towards the right course anyway. Conversely, Junqing Intermediary should be the one facing a headache because due to the lack of part-timers as they were losing sales.

'I'm not the one who should be worried now. I'll just let it be for now…'

After he hung up the call, Su Yang headed to the canteen for lunch. Halfway through, he received a call from Old Zhou. He answered the phone and the older man's voice came from the other end, "Su Yang, I've been thinking about what you said this morning. I think…you are right.

"I shouldn't suddenly change from being an irresponsible father to a father that shows unconditional love. Yueting will only find it repulsive and irritating, especially when she's in her rebellious stage.

"So, I'll give her more freedom and space. I also hope that when you are free, you'll talk to her more, and try to persuade her to accept our love."

'Verbal Cannon is really awesome! Old Zhou finally got it after a whole morning!'

With that in mind, Su Yang said, "Of course, Mr. Zhou! Don't worry. I'll do my best to persuade Yueting."

Su Yang was not bluffing this time. He was human, after all, and humans had compassion and sympathy. Furthermore, Old Zhou was quite good to him and had even given him a wild ginseng, so Su Yang wanted to repay his favor by helping him patch up the relationship between him and his daughter.

Even though there was no mission behind this, Su Yang believed he should help Zhou Yueting. He intended to tell her that her father had agreed to back off with the pressure, so maybe he could convince her to accept her parents' love.

He believed that with his [Verbal Cannon] ability, he could likely make Zhou Yueting accept her parent's love. 

'She's still a teen after all. Teens are much more gullible…Ahem…'

After the phone call, a beep sounded in Su Yang's mind. He checked the system and saw that Old Zhou's Bronze Mission was completed! He got another Bronze Point!

'Awesome! For the first time ever, I've got two Bronze Points at my disposal!'

He did not want to wait any longer since keeping one as a spare was more than enough.

'Let's accept the prize and see what abilities I get!'

With that in mind, he lost his mood to eat. He quickly ducked into an empty classroom and made sure that he was not being followed.

He showed his back to the surveillance camera, pretending to be a student that was playing with his phone in an empty classroom.

Lastly, he summoned the system. Two golden 'Mission Complete' tags were glowing beautifully in the mission tab.

Su Yang rubbed his hands and tapped on Lin Jiali's mission.

[Check the prize? Yes/No]


A moment later, the system's voice sounded in his ears.

[Completed Bronze Mission. Bronze Point acquired. Able to choose an ability from three random options.]

After the notification, an option window with three choices popped up.

[1. Ability to play Cat's Cradle.] 

[2. Rope-skipping with rubber bands.]

[3. Bowl-washing with hands ability.]

'Wait! Am I blind? What happened? Why can't I see something useful here?! System, can I draw it again?! WAIT!'


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