I'll Add Points To All Things
164 Escaped Hell!
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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164 Escaped Hell!

It was obvious that Lin Jiali had just arrived at the campus. She was in a casual dress that complimented her slim waist. As she walked, her skirt fluttered along with the motion like the trees that danced along with the breeze, granting her a dazzling presence.

Fortunately, she was wearing a pair of sunglasses and a mask, so it was hard for others to notice her at first sight but not Su Yang. She did call out his name after all.

Su Yang was almost frightened to death when he heard Lin Jiali's voice. His guilty conscience must be tormenting him. However, he was a person with quick wits, thus he calmly whispered to Chu Xia, "A friend of mine came by, so I need to go away for a moment. Don't worry. I'll be right back."

Chu Xia sized Lin Jiali up with a suspicious gaze but she ultimately agreed and nodded, "Okay."

Su Yang apologized to the fans before he turned around to Lin Jiali who did not come alone. Beside her was another 160 cm tall girl with a cute, puffy face who followed her like her loyal pet. Judging from her looks, the girl must be Lin Jiali's personal assistant.

Su Yang walked closer. He feigned a calm look and greeted Lin Jiali, "You are early!"

Lin Jiali looked at him and then at the people behind him before saying softly, "Is this…the fan group that you set up for me?"

'My God! Thank goodness she didn't hear it! For a moment there, I thought my "double agent" cover was blown! Speaking of which, is this woman dumb? I haven't even spoken and she filled up the blanks with her imagination!

'A fan group? What are you thinking about, woman? You haven't been in any drama series for a year. Do you have any idea how bad your popularity has fallen!? But…if I can bluff her, I might be able to turn this around and make it real!'

Su Yang nodded and wanted to claim credit for it, but then Lin Jiali asked with a confused look, "But I heard some of them saying they are supporting Han Yi."

Su Yang's heart skipped a beat. 'Look at you, woman, you aren't all that dumb!'

It was then that the puffy girl beside Lin Jiali pulled her sleeve and whispered, "Sis, they are holding Han Yi's LED signs."

'Sh*t!' Su Yang started to sweat.

With the girl's reminder, Lin Jiali sized up the group of fans behind Su Yang. The fans were talking to one another and some of them were looking at her. It was then that she spotted some of the fans holding Han Yi's LED signs.

Shocked, Lin Jiali looked at Su Yang.

Su Yang was drenched in a nervous sweat. At that second, he stomped his foot and said in a pained tone, "Yes, my idol! They are all Han Yi's fans!"

"You heard them just now. They said that they will make sure Han Yi receives more support than you! I heard them when I passed by and it pissed me off. Just when I tried to argue with them, you came by."

Lin Jiali might have viewed Su Yang as her loyal fan, but she was not dumb, especially when he could barely act. She suspiciously looked at him with furrowed brows and kept quiet. Judging from her look, she did not believe a word that Su Yang said.

The puffy girl pulled Lin Jiali's sleeve again and whispered something into her ears. The more the girl whispered, the tighter Lin Jiali furrowed her brows. Su Yang knew that she must be speaking badly about him.

Things were about to turn ugly, but it was at that moment that an idea popped up in Su Yang's head. He quickly turned on the additional effect of the [Intermediate Verbal Cannon] and the halo.

He stopped the two ladies from talking and started to blurt out his hardship. He made it sound like he was almost going to war with Han Yi's fans.

At first, Lin Jiali and the puffy girl were still suspicious, but as Su Yang continued, they started to loosen up and ultimately treat him like their hero.

After Su Yang was done with his bluff, Lin Jiali's eyes got teary. She sighed and said, "Thank you. I know you are having a hard time. Don't worry. I'll be popular one day and you'll never have to fight for me alone!"

The puffy girl also clenched her fists, showing her support for Su Yang.

Su Yang heaved a breath of relief. 'Damn! I really thought things were going to hell! Speaking of which, this puffy girl is cute enough. I wonder if she has any connections to the entertainment industry. Maybe I can scout her to my company.'

Su Yang then turned off the ability and the halo. He continued to deceive the ladies and managed to convince them that he was on their side before he saw them off. He wiped the sweat off his forehead after Lin Jiali left. 'Phew! Thank goodness I made it through! But…the event is just starting, so what will happen next?'

Su Yang opened the system shop and checked how much Point Coins he had consumed. After talking to Lin Jiali for five minutes, he had already consumed 50 Point Coins, which was half the worth of a [Protection Talisman]!

Su Yang instantly felt his heart ache. He looked at the remaining 303 Point Coins and sighed helplessly. 

'Can someone airdrop a million Point Coins to me? With a million Point Coins, I won't have to worry about spending anymore and can add points infinitely! I'll take 100K if a million is too much!'

After the short daydream, Su Yang looked at the remaining 303 Point Coins and a new thought popped up in his mind. 

'Should I just run? If I drag this out and have to bluff even more people, I might waste all my Point Coins in a single night! I don't have a mission for this anyway. I shouldn't spend all my Point Coins just because I want to make someone happy! I'm really stupid!'

Su Yang had always been a man of actions and it was one of his strong points. He did not even care about the consequences. All he wanted to do was get as far away as possible from the event!

After he made up his mind, he told Chu Xia he was feeling unwell and wanted to leave early.

She asked, "Are you okay?"

Su Yang shook his head. "I'm fine. It's just that my stomach hurts."

Chu Xia glanced at his stomach. "Remember to drink some warm water."

After that, Su Yang ran for his life because he did not want to be involved with either Lin Jiali or Han Yi anymore for the rest of the night.

Before he left, he dropped by William Li's place and told the manager that he would not be attending the mini fan meeting but had arranged someone to take his place. All William Li had to do was transfer the money to him after the event. The manager gave him an 'OK' sign and Su Yang fled the scene.

Su Yang got home after fleeing. He jumped into the virtual space and turned on his WeChat Friend Circle to see the live streams from the events. There were always people who loved to turn on live streams and tell the world that he or she was at a concert or event.

Based on what Su Yang saw from the live streams, Han Yi went on stage as a guest for the opening act. She sang a song before the host introduced Lin Jiali as the second guest. 

Judging from the amount of applause from the scene, Han Yi's fans definitely outnumbered Lin Jiali's.

Lin Jiali looked a little awkward. She was looking around after she sat down at the judges' table as if she was looking for someone.

'Is she looking for me?' Su Yang felt bad when he saw the scene. He sent Lin Jiali a message and said that he had to leave because he was feeling unwell. He even voiced his support for her.

Lin Jiali might have been a little dumb as a celebrity, but she was not a bad person. Su Yang was thinking about promoting her on his app once his app got some attention. Maybe then, Lin Jiali would be able to realize her dreams.

'I can't do this now. I'm really sorry. It's literally hell for me there! If I stay and continue to fight on, I might waste all my Point Coins! And it's not worth it! Please forgive me!'

Maybe because Lin Jiali was busy judging, she did not reply to his message. Su Yang was not bothered either. He crossed his legs on the couch and munched on a bag of sunflower seeds while watching live streams from his Friend Circle.

Just when the show reached its climax, Pool and Sanque came by with a cup of liquid chocolate.

Pool smiled at Su Yang when he saw that he noticed them. He said, "Lord Su Yang, this is a drink Sanque and I have prepared. Why don't you have a try?"

Su Yang glanced at the cup and continued munching on his sunflower seeds. "No, thanks. I'm on a diet."

Pool said gently, "But I saw you munching on fried chicken yesterday."

As Su Yang glued his eyes to the live stream, he did not even blush when he said, "Yeap. I just decided to have a diet like right now."

Pool sighed. He put the cup of drink in front of Su Yang. "Lord Su Yang, please have a try. Sanque and I have something to discuss with you."

Su Yang picked the cup and sized it up. "This isn't poisoned, right?"

Before Pool could utter a word, Sanque said, "No."

Su Yang stared at the wild ginseng. 'I guess he's right. If he wanted to kill me, he could just transform and rip me to shreds. He doesn't need to go through all this." 

With that in mind, he took a sip. The drink tasted tangy, sweet, and refreshing when it entered his mouth. Then, it was followed by the aroma of milk coating his mouth. It tasted really good.

His eyes widened and said, "Nice! Did you guys come up with this yourselves?"

Pool nodded. "Yeah. How's the taste, Lord Su Yang?"

Su Yang took another sip. The drink started to grow on him, and it tasted a lot better than those from common milk tea chains. He held the cup in his hand and asked, "What are you guys trying to do with this drink?"


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