I'll Add Points To All Things
165 The Little Monsters Want To Open A Shop
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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165 The Little Monsters Want To Open A Shop

Pool gently smiled. "We want you to invest in a milk tea shop."

'Holy sh*t! The little monsters that I've added points to want to open a shop and make money? Are they trying to become entrepreneurs of the century? Or are they trying to answer the country's call to join the entrepreneur rush? This is outrageous!'

Su Yang looked at Pool. "Do you guys even know how to start a business? What about operations? Cost and profit? Do you know how many cups of milk tea you need to sell per day in order to not lose money?"

Pool came prepared, and he said gently, "We've actually studied running a business. Ever since Lady Deeny made money online, Sanque and I feel like we shouldn't sit back and do nothing, so we went online and studied and discuss what we should do."

"After some long talks, we decided to open a milk tea shop."

When Su Yang looked at Pool and then Sanque, he found their ambition similar to his own.

"We actually have it all planned out. We won't be recruiting people to run the shop. We will do this alone, so I was hoping to borrow three monster beans from you, Lord Su Yang. They are very hardworking and much easier to handle than real people," Pool said.

"Since I look exactly like a human, I'll be in the front serving milk tea and accepting the payments. Sanque will be in the back preparing the milk tea and supervising the little monster beans."

Su Yang asked, "What about the cost? How much raw material do you need? How many cups will you need to sell and how much do you plan to invest in the packaging?"

"Our cost is quite low, to be honest, because we plan to use the [Master Sommelier Faucet] to produce the milk tea," Pool answered calmly.

"With the faucet, we will have an endless supply of free milk tea bases. Even though we can only get around 160 gallons of milk tea a day, we can sell each cup of milk tea, which will be around 500 to 600 ml, and we can produce 10,000 cups per flavor. We have three flavors prepared, which means we can produce 30,000 cups per day. Even if we were able to open up a second shop in the future, it will still be enough.

"Therefore, our cost only consists of cups and packaging, which is as low as a few cents per cup. Everything we made from there will be net profit. We will sell a cup of milk tea for around 8 to 15 yuan, which means if we sell all 30,000 cups per day, we will be able to make 210K to 420K per day."

Su Yang's jaw fell to the floor. 'I guess they really have done their homework. Is this the difference between Simple Intellect and Intermediate Intellect? They can really think like normal human beings now!'

Since there were more little monsters in the house now, Su Yang had enough references to come up with a comparison.

Little Hus, Gru, Little Lady Knife, and the original Sanque all had Simple Intellect. They behaved like carefree kids who lived day to day without a thought of the future. They never planned to learn anything and never planned anything for the future.

On the other hand, Deeny, who had Intermediate Intellect, learned the importance of money after she was born. She started to make money by clicking links and making videos, and she even became a verified content creator. In the end, she even ordered Su Yang to be her actor to create more content.

Now, after Sanque gained Intermediate Intellect from the second point, he and Pool wanted to start their own business.

'Intermediate Intellect is so much smarter than Simple Intellect!' Su Yang turned to Gru who was playing with its twigs beside the table and sighed. 'Compared to them, Gru is like a simple-minded kid…'

Gru sensed Su Yang's gaze, so it pointed its twigs at him and 'Gru-ed'.

Su Yang smiled. "Nothing. Go on. Keep playing. Good boy."

Gru nodded and continued playing with itself.

'Yeah…if I may, Gru looks like a kid with Down's syndrome.'

Su Yang looked at Pool and Sanque. "Okay, do you guys have a proposal? I basically buy into your idea, but I need a little more detail."

"Yes! Hold on." Pool pulled out the proposal from his sleeve and handed it over to him with both hands.

Su Yang took it and flipped through it. Without looking at them, he asked, "Where do you guys want to start?"

"Opposite the east gate of Shanghai University," Pool said.

"Oh? The rent in that place isn't cheap."

"But that place has the largest amount of traffic."

Su Yang went through the proposal and found that it was actually feasible. He asked, "How much startup funds do you guys need?"

Pool and Sanque exchanged a gaze and answered, "100K."

Pool then added, "Most of the funds are for the rental and deposit. We've actually found a place that we like. As for the renovation, since we have the monster beans with us, we can simply decorate the place and we are good to go."

Su Yang tapped his fingers as he pondered at Pool's suggestion. After a while, he asked, "How are you going to make sure Sanque and the beans are safe from people's eyes?"

Pool obviously thought this over. Then, he said confidently, "We will separate the shop with a wall. I will be outside serving the customers and the beans and Sanque will be behind the wall, making the milk teas. We will open up a small window for them to deliver the beverages to me.

"As for the kitchen, we'll install a serving belt in the shape of an arch. The little beans will put the ready-to-serve beverages on the belt and they will be automatically pushed to the window. No one will see them from outside.

"As for the ordering part, I plan to install two monitors: one inside and one outside. I'll key in the order from outside, and Sanque and the beans will receive the orders from inside."

Some thoughts later, Su Yang nodded. "Okay."

Then, Su Yang sent a message to the agent who helped him to register his company last time. He needed help to register two more companies, one being food and beverage-related while the other one being rooted in e-commerce.

Su Yang decided to use this chance to rearrange his company operations. Jiadian Information \u0026 Technology Ltd. would focus on running the part-time app plus the future social-networking app. 

He decided to name the newly registered company "Qidian[1] E-commerce". He would place all the intermediary jobs under this new company. The reason why he used this name for this company was that he started out by doing intermediary jobs and it was to commemorate his start.

As for the F\u0026B company, Su Yang respected Pool and Sanque's decision and named it "Try Everything F\u0026B".

As for why they chose the name, Su Yang did not ask because he had a feeling that the origin of the name would be embarrassing.

The reason why he reorganized the company operations was that he realized that as his company grew, he had to put everything under official and standard operating procedures. He could not dilute his focus on a single company because it would only drag him down in creating his own brand.

On top of that, the other important reason was that he had agreed to give Wang Dong a part of the company shares and had not done so. Therefore, he used this chance to reorganize and split the operations up. It would be easier for him to keep his promise then.

Su Yang might have been a swindler at times and loved to bluff people, but he was still a man of his word. Trust was worth more than gold in this society!

The agent from the agency recognized Su Yang and treated him as an existing customer, hence the changes to his existing company and the registration fee for the new companies only cost Su Yang 1,200 yuan.

Su Yang transferred the money over without any hesitation because it was money that he should spend. Then, he drank the beverages that Pool and Sanque made under their 'supervision'.

According to Pool, they planned to sell three flavors, so Su Yang had to drink three types of milk tea at once. After drinking the three cups of milk tea, Su Yang put his hand on his bloated tummy and asked, "Oh, right, what about the share of profits?"

Pool and Sanque exchanged a gaze and said, "How about 50-50, Lord Su Yang?"

"70-30. I'll take the 70," Su Yang answered.

Both Pool and Sanque were speechless.

A moment later, Pool said with a gentle smile, "Lady Deeny was right. Okay, Lord Su Yang, 70-30 it is. After all, you are the one providing us with the materials."

Su Yang tapped his bloated tummy. He was happy because what he drank was not milk tea but money.

At the same time, he received a beep in his mind.

[Triggered new Random Mission: Help Pool and Sanque start their first milk tea joint.]

'Huh? A new Random Mission?'

The Random Mission fueled Su Yang's motivation. He was running low on Random Points and still wanted to add a point to the lucky soap, his Iron Man suit, Gru, and Deeny.

It had been a while since he received a Random Mission!

[1] Qidian here means "starting point" in Chinese.

Funnily enough, Qidian is also the Chinese version of Webnovel. xD


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