I'll Add Points To All Things
167 Add A Point To Deeny!
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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167 Add A Point To Deeny!

When Su Yang came back to the living room empty-handed, Deeny giggled and asked, "Master, did you get Sanque?"

'What the hell? I swear these little monsters are getting naughtier and naughtier after staying with me. Will they eventually become some demon king that will destroy the world?'

Su Yang twisted her ear and said, "Stop giggling! Why didn't you tell me!?"

She feigned grievance and said, "I didn't get to tell you since you flew off like an arrow let loose." As she pouted, she twisted her body and showed her big, googly eyes. She was as cute as she could be, but Su Yang was no otaku, so he was immune to the temptation of 2D anime girls.

He knocked her forehead and asked, "Where's Gru?"

Deeny pointed at the table. Gru was on top of the table, watching TV, and dancing along with the hip-hop song that was playing, but not a single movement matched the rhythm.

Su Yang said after a glance, "Fine. Since Gru doesn't want it, I'll add the point to you first."

Deeny did not reject him this time. She smiled as bright as a flower and bowed politely. "Thank you, Master!"

He went out of the virtual space after patting her head. He then called the system up and bought a [Protection Charm] from the shop.

After sticking the charm on the phone, the phone started to glow an auspicious red. Since he had the charm on, even if the point-addition failed, there would not be a problem, so he did not bring the other little monsters out. He planned to add the point to the phone directly.

A translucent [+] sign appeared above the phone. Su Yang tapped on it and the phone shone brightly. It then flew off Su Yang's hand and floated in the air.

Fortunately, he was in his humid basement, so he did not have to worry that the light was too bright and would attract the neighbors' attention. He patiently waited for the point-addition process to be over.

A while later, the gleam faded and the phone fell onto Su Yang's hand. 

Once again, the phone had changed physically. It was a lot bigger, almost 7 inches big, and it felt like he was holding a tablet. On the screen were two skin-colored stickers. Su Yang picked the stickers up and the system description popped up. 

[Bone Conduction Bluetooth Earphone.]

'Huh? It's a pair of earphones?'

Su Yang stuck the pair of earphones stickers to the back of his ears. He looked into the mirror and realized that the stickers had changed color to match his skin. Other than a tiny bulge on the skin, no one would be able to tell that he had a pair of earphones on.

'The concealment feature is great!'

Right after Su Yang stuck the earphones on, he heard Deeny's voice in his ears. "Master! Master! Come back in! Some big changes have happened to our house!"

He said, "Hold on! Let me have a look at you first! Some big changes have happened to you too!"

He then opened the system and waited for Deeny's description. More than 10 seconds later, the system description popped up.

[Phone +2: Form changed: Enhanced abilities. Please find out for yourself.]

'What? That's it? Find out for myself? About what?'

Su Yang held the phone in his hand, checking it thoroughly. He realized that Deeny was a lot bigger but slimmer at the same time. It was half as thick as a normal phone like a transparent glass was embedded on the phone cover.

'Is this…the new foldable phone?'

Su Yang tried bending Deeny and the screen folded up like a sheet of paper. It transformed back to its previous state and the only difference was that the glass screen on the back had become a display screen.

Unlike the folding phones of Huawei and Samsung, Deeny's screen covered most of the phone's body. The screen to body ratio reached 99%, so its folded state, be it the front or back, looked exactly like a normal phone.

When folded, Deeny became a phone. When opened, she became a flat-screen tablet.

'The design is really the tip of the trend!' Su Yang touched and felt the phone all over. 'This feels awesome!'

After checking the physical changes, he jumped into the virtual space and looked for other changes. When he arrived in the virtual space, the living room instantly felt bigger, but it seemed like only the size had changed. The decoration, furniture, and even the TV remained as they were.

Su Yang circled the first floor and realized that all the rooms were bigger than before, similar to the living room. He then headed to the second floor for a tour and noticed that all the rooms were bigger though it was less obvious.

He then realized another problem: Where were all the little monsters? 

He did not see anyone when he checked the rooms. As he started to wonder, he heard the little monsters' voices and cheers from his bedroom. He went to his bedroom but found no one inside.

'Where are they?'

He traced the voices to the origin and reached a window.

'Are they outside the window?'

Su Yang tried pushing the window open. Before this, no matter how hard he pushed, pulled, or rammed the window, it would not budge, but now, with the slightest strength, the window opened up.

With the window opened, he looked out and saw a new yard beside the villa. To the left of the yard was a large swimming pool, and to the right, there was nothing.

The yard was big at almost 300 to 40 square meters wide. The little monsters were playing around in the empty space on the right. They were throwing pebbles at each other. 

Judging from the sharp whistles that sounded when they threw the pebbles, they were not just playing around. However, every single one of them had special abilities, so they were not hurt at all.

Deeny could fly. Before the pebble even hit her, she flew away. 

Pool wore his signature gentle smile and every time he waved his sleeves, the pebbles were sucked into a void. 

Gru extended both its twigs, catching and throwing pebbles back with all its might.

Little Lady Knife was spared from the pebble war, but she was running around the yard like a happy child. Fortunately, the yard was empty. If there were trees or bushes around, she might have run into one.

Little Hus had it worse. He did not really have any useful abilities and was bigger than before after the second point addition, thus increasing his rate of being struck. He was assaulted by the rain of pebbles and squealed in pain ceaselessly.

Thankfully, being a bolster allowed him to be immune to all physical damage.

As for Sanque? Ever since it could transform into an eight-handed monster with a killer gaze, no one dared to offend him.

Su Yang stood by the window, watching the little monsters having fun. He smiled like a caring father.

'This feels more like a family.'

After that, he switched his attention to outside the yard.


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