I'll Add Points To All Things
168 New Area In The Virtual Space Unlocked!
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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168 New Area In The Virtual Space Unlocked!

Su Yang noticed a barrier outside the villa.

He originally thought that with the expanded yard, he would be able to see the world outside the villa. Even if he could not see it all, he could at least get a glimpse of the sky in the virtual space and be able to get some clues.

However, he soon found out that he was asking for too much.

The entire villa felt like it was trapped under a porcelain bowl. Be it the 'sky' or outside the yard, everything felt blurry as if the place was surrounded by a translucent eggshell, blocking anyone from seeing any further.

There was a gate in the newly added yard, but Su Yang knew it could not be opened even without trying.

Su Yang looked at the 'sky'. Maybe because it was late, it was dark beyond the blurry layer. The blurry mist rumbled ceaselessly like wriggling tentacles and was actually uncomfortable to look at. He then shifted his attention to the yard. A lamp was installed at the entrance of the villa, shedding light over the yard. 

Deeny brought the little monster beans out and got them to clean up the yard. She was gradually becoming the big sister in the house.

Su Yang went downstairs and headed to the yard. Although he did not know what the world beyond the yard was like, the yard was much cooler than inside the villa. It was mid-summer in Shanghai, but it was still comfortable to relax in the yard.

After he went down, all the little monsters gathered around him. Even Sanque removed its transformation, reverting from the furious red-eyed state to the calm and harmless ginseng.

Su Yang patted Deeny's head and said, "You're in charge of the yard now. See what you can do with it."

Deeny saluted cutely. "Yes, my master!" She then asked, "Master, is there any style that you are going for?"

Su Yang thought about it for a moment. "Hmm, I don't know, but I can tell you the atmosphere I want for the yard. I want the yard to feel modern with a dash of traditional Chinese design. It has to be beautiful and also practical, grand but also warm." He clapped his hands and said with, "Yeah! Something like that!"

'What the…? Is there even really a yard like that?'

Su Yang smiled in a sleazy manner because he finally got to experience being on the dominant side.

'Come on, kids, succumb to your dominant father! Muahahaha!'

As Su Yang strolled around the yard, he noticed that the new swimming pool was fully automatic. Ever since Pool came into the house, the old swimming pool could not be used anymore. Now, with a newer and bigger swimming pool, everyone could enjoy swimming again!

Su Yang then wandered to the right side of the yard. The right side was empty with just three walls and a floor. He gazed at the empty floor and called Deeny over, "Deeny, what new abilities did you get after the second point?"

Deeny tilted her head. "Let me think…" 

At the next moment, she propped her chin on her hand and fell into deep thought.

Su Yang waited for two minutes before he lost his patience. "Hey! Stop surfing the net! What are you doing?"

Embarrassed, Deeny stuck her tongue out and said, "Ah, I'm sorry, Master. You know the internet algorithm nowadays. They always suggest things that I'm interested in. I just wanted to find out what this new function is called, but I got distracted and forgot about it."

'What? Has my phone become an internet addict?'

"Then, what were you looking at?" Su Yang asked.

Deeny cleared her throat."I'm looking at AlphaGo conquering the Go world. I'm actually wondering who is stronger: AlphaGo or me?"

'This little rascal, always thinking about impractical things…'

Su Yang knocked her head and urged, "Geez, tell me what new functions you've got!"

"Ouch! Okay! I'm on it!" Deeny covered her head with her hands and pouted. A moment later, she said, "Master…I don't think I got any new functions. I can spend some Point Coins and decorate the villa though."

She waved and summoned a holographic panel that showed a simple shop with several options like software, hardware, electric appliance, furniture, etc.

Su Yang tapped them one by one and realized that the variety was quite limited.

For hardware, the only options were the walls and the flooring. Judging from the description, the options provided were mostly a one-click makeover. Just by clicking on it, the entire villa would receive a new look.

However, the price was not cheap at all: 9,000 Point Coins.

'If I had that much Point Coins, I would buy 18 Random Points instead!'

Su Yang went on to check out the electrical appliances. The electrical appliances were cheaper though. A branded 100-inch TV only cost 800 Point Coins.

'Yeap…much cheaper than the flooring and the walls…'

However, after browsing through all the provided items, he cursed deep in his heart, 'Motherf**ker! Isn't this the trick that those lousy browser games used to cheat people's money just so they can decorate their houses? At least, I can top up with real money in those lousy browser games. What can I do here?!'

Frustrated, he turned off the panel and asked Deeny, "Is there anything else?"

Deeny thought for a while and looked at him bashfully, "Uh the virtual space is more intelligent? You can now control the arrangement in the villa and the decorations from outside, and you can even move us around. You also can…plant some crops in the yard?" Her voice grew softer as the guilt ate her up from inside.

Su Yang said, "What? It's like playing QQ Farm…"

"Well, at least, we don't need to worry about fresh vegetables anymore," Deeny said meekly.

He rolled his eyes at her.

'No matter how fresh the vegetables are, it will end up as poison in your hands.'

It was then that Deeny suddenly thought of something. She waved her hands excitedly and said, "Master! Master! I know what we should do!"

"What?" Su Yang asked curiously.

Deeny smiled and said, "We can plant the little beans! The little beans always explode for the lamest reasons, and after a week, there are only less than 20 of them left! If they continue to explode, we might run out of beans eventually! So, we should plant them!

"When we are busy, we can tell the beans to plant themselves and when it is time for harvest, all you need to do is to tap a button! It's so convenient!"

Su Yang's eyes started to shine. 'Hmm, sounds like a good idea!'

He had been planning to plant the little monster beans to keep the numbers up. However, it was not safe to plant the beans in the real world, and a flower pot would not fit. Now, with an expanded yard, it became a suitable place for planting. He could even remotely control the watering and harvesting.

'Awesome! I wonder if I can get rid of the pests and apply fertilizer.'

With that in mind, he decided to start planting.

No one disliked the hardworking little beans and because of the constant exploding, there were 11 empty scarves, so now would be the chance to fill the numbers up again.

From now onwards, the number of the little monster beans should always be at 36. If any one of them exploded, the others would replant a new one and give the new bean the numbered scarf.

'What a great plan!'

Su Yang had always been a man of action. He decided to try and plant a monster bean for the first time. He told Gru to catch a little monster bean while he started to dig a hole in the yard.

After the hole was ready, he told Gru to put the little monster bean inside and press it down while he buried the bean with the shovel.

In order to prevent the little bean from crawling out, Su Yang put the shovel aside after burying the bean and jumped on top of the filled hole, stomping on it as hard as he could.

Then, Su Yang, Deeny, and Gru waited patiently to see what would happen.

A moment later, the ground moved as if something was trying to break out. A tiny hand popped up followed by the little monster bean that Su Yang had buried earlier, climbing out of the hole.

It spat in front of Su Yang and marched away arrogantly.

'What the hell just happened?' 


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