I'll Add Points To All Things
169 Monster Plant Planting Manual
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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169 Monster Plant Planting Manual

As the master of the house, Su Yang could not tolerate the bean's attitude! He kicked the little monster bean away. 

'Arrogant b*stard!'

The little monster bean flew in the air for a moment before falling onto the ground. However, it was not angry at all when it climbed back up. It acted like nothing happened and tapped the dust off its butt. It grimaced at Su Yang before running back into the group of beans.

'YOU LITTLE...! Do you think I won't know who you are?! I saw your number before you ran back to your brothers! No. 17! You wait! Just you wait! I'll remember you!'

Su Yang found another great use for the numbered scarves that Deeny prepared. At least, it was easier for him to remember who to punish next.

It seemed like planting the monster beans could not work. Su Yang looked at Deeny who smiled at him. "Master, maybe our way is incorrect. Why don't you try using the phone? Maybe the system will give you a hint."

Su Yang accepted the suggestion. He got out of the virtual space and opened the folded phone which instantly turned into a tablet.

He tapped on the virtual space app and a 3D model of the villa appeared before his eyes.

Su Yang navigated his way to the yard and displayed everything inside. He could even see the little monster beans there. He tapped on one of the monster beans and a description popped up.

[Soybeans +4: Can be planted.]

[Make them drunk and bury them in the soil in pairs. Under the influence of alcohol, the beans will reproduce. It takes 3 days to sprout, 5 days to bloom, and 7 days to fruition. Three monster beans can be planted at once. After a week, you will receive two big and three small monster beans. The smaller monster beans will remain unawoken after fruition.]

'So, there's a description of this! I should soak them in alcohol! But…why does it feel like I'm planting potatoes rather than soybeans?' Su Yang looked at the yellow monster beans that were the size of an egg. 'Yeah, they really look like potatoes too.'

He followed the instructions in the system and controlled everything via the tablet. He selected two little monster beans and put them into a bowl. Then, he navigated to the kitchen for a can of beer.

He had actually planned to drink the can of Tsingtao beer when he bought it the other day but had forgotten to. 

After he poured the can of beer into the bowl, the two little monster beans started to get dizzy and eventually fell asleep.

Su Yang navigated back to the yard, tapped on the shovel, and dug a hole in the ground to plant those two monster beans inside. The moment they were planted into the ground, sprouts grew from their bodies and fused them together. They curled up and hugged each other tightly like twins in a mother's tummy.

After that, Su Yang tapped on the soil that he dug out and the soil automatically filled up the hole.

A new description window popped up beside the newly filled hole: [Cyclops Beans (Planting)]

'Hoho, it really works!The virtual space makes planting really easy! If I can plant everything this easily, I might be able to fill the entire yard.'

Just when the thought appeared in his mind, the tablet showed Little Lady Knife hopping out into the yard. Ever since the monster beans appeared in the house, she had been playing with them and she enjoyed it a lot.

At first, the little monster beans liked the big sister who was almost the same size as them, but they soon realized it hurt to touch her, hence they decided to run away from her whenever she got close. No one liked being tortured after all.

Nevertheless, Little Lady Knife was not bothered at all as she chased them around happily and tirelessly.

'So…that's the reason why the beans keep exploding in the past few days…'

Su Yang tapped on Little Lady Knife when he saw her and a description window popped up. 

[Fruit knife +2: Unplantable.]

'Simple and straightforward. It seems like not all things are plantable. I wonder if I can plant Gru or Sanque.'

He navigated to Gru and tapped on the little twig.

[Twig+1: Plantable.]

[Method: Cut off one of its branches, put it into the water, and when it starts to sprout, plant it in the soil. It will grow into a normal willow tree.]

'Oh? So, Gru is a willow tree? No wonder its branches are so long, but it seems like the ability from the system cannot be copied and overlapped. Who knew Gru would turn out to just be a willow tree despite its ent form?'

Su Yang then tapped on Sanque.

[Wild ginseng+2: Seedless. Unplantable.]

'Okay, fine. I understand. Since a male ginseng can't give birth to a child…right?'

After testing the upgraded virtual space app, Su Yang found it to be a lot more 'human'. Of course, if all the electric appliances and renovations were free, it would have been better.

With that in mind, he returned to the virtual space. He cleaned up and went to bed.

After being busy for a few days, the second week of May passed. It was Sunday tomorrow, which meant there was one more day of rest before class.

Chu Xia was on the brink of losing her mind after Su Yang had skipped classes for a week. Her words for Su Yang started from 'Drink some warm water' to 'Drink water' and eventually 'Drink acid!'

'Yeah…She's really improving…Judging from the rate of things, I might have to drink lava soon…'

Su Yang felt Chu Xia was being a little grumpy lately because she was not as gentle as she used to be. Maybe her menstrual cycle was messed up.

One morning, before Su Yang even woke up, Pool brought Sanque and three monster beans to the milk tea shop. The young Pool really treated the milk tea business as his own career, and he really put a lot of effort into it.

By the time Su Yang woke up, Deeny already had breakfast prepared. She smiled and served him breakfast. It was a bowl of porridge.

Su Yang saw her smiley face and somehow found it eerie. "Don't tell me the porridge fell on the floor again."

Deeny was sweating when she heard Su Yang. Agitated, she said, "Master! How could you think that of me?! Where's the trust between fellow human beings?"

Deeny's reaction really looked like she was lying to Su Yang, so he pouted and said, "But you are a mobile pet."

She hugged Su Yang's arm and said, "Master, if the porridge really fell on the ground, you wouldn't be having it either."

He thought about it for a moment and realized that she was right.

Just when he wanted to have the first mouth of porridge, Deeny muttered softly beside him, "I'm not lying. It didn't fall, but maybe something fell into it…'


He put the bowl down and sighed. "Spill it. What now? I know what you are trying to do. If you don't have a favor to ask of me, you'd never be this obedient. You look like you are trying to do something bad."

Deeny smiled and softly touched her face awkwardly. "Am I that obvious?"


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