I'll Add Points To All Things
171 Girls Are Strange Animals
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I'll Add Points To All Things
Author :Eternal Era
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171 Girls Are Strange Animals

However, everyone's speculation focused on some rich guy building the suit.

After all, the virtual space was more than enough to deceive people. From the big villa, the grand interior, the spotless floor that the little monster beans cleaned up, and the expensive furniture and electric appliances, everything pointed to the fact that Su Yang and Deeny were a pair of siblings from a wealthy background. 

People who watched the live stream understood why Su Yang could have made the Iron Man suit. In their speculation, he was rich and had too much time on hand, so he decided to do something fun.

After reading all the discussions on the internet, Su Yang heaved a breath of relief. It seemed like Deeny was correct. After science reigned supreme for many years, the netizens no longer believed in monsters or the supernatural. Even when they encountered something out of the blue, they would try to explain it with science.

After Su Yang was certain that no one would suspect him, he started to think about how to utilize his sudden fame and popularity.

'Maybe I can work with Deeny and make a series out of Iron Man and his sister like a web drama like Diors Man[1].

'I can also put Gru and Little Hus inside and make the series a spin-off of "Deeny's Monster Family". If these two series can receive enough success, I will be able to secure a steady flow of money and fame. With the money and fame, I will be able to create a new app!'

Just when Su Yang was planning what to do with his imaginary fame and money, the light above his head went dark. He looked up and saw Chu Xia smiling at him. She was a little different today. She wore a short mint-colored dress with light makeup on. Her fair skin looked as tender as a deity's.

As Su Yang quickly moved aside, Chu Xia nodded as if she was praising him. She sat down beside him with the least courtesy.

After she sat down, she looked at him. "Mr. President, I know you were exposed back then, but must you really skip classes for a week?"

Su Yang had question marks smeared all over his face. "Exposed?!"

She went closer and said softly, "Yeah, that woman the other day, she's…"

Maybe because she was a little too close, Su Yang felt her aromatic scent when she spoke into his ears. It felt ticklish, so he instinctively cocked his head back.

"...Lin Jia, am I right?"

Shocked, Su Yang widened his eyes at Chu Xia who pouted. "What? Do you really think I'm an idiot? I knew something was off that day, and when Lin Jia went up onto the stage as a guest, I recognized her based on the outfit."

"What about the other fans? Did they notice her too?" Su Yang asked.

Chu Xia shook her head. "I don't think so. No one has the time and interest to know which woman you spoke to back then."

Maybe because she realized what she said was a little embarrassing, she quickly diverted the topic. "Anyway, what's up with you and Lin Jia?"

Su Yang was thinking about the little incident that exposed him, so he simply came up with an excuse. "Actually, Han Yi, Lin Jia, and I are friends. We used to work together in Carat Love."

"No way in hell will I believe you! If you don't want to say it, fine!" Chu Xia grunted before she stood up, moving her long slender legs back to the front row.

Su Yang stared at her back. 'Why do I have a feeling that this girl has been in a bad temper lately? Why is she mad all of a sudden? I thought we were close before…Girls are always strange…'

The first class on Monday was English. Su Yang never understood this class before, so he always gave up on the class after listening for five minutes.

Thankfully, ever since he ate the [Memory Master Wasabi Cookies], he managed to boost his English level to Band 6, and he soon found university-level English easy. Therefore, five minutes into the class, he gave up anyway because he found it boring, and he already knew what Qu Xiaomeng wanted to teach.

That was what life was sometimes. You might go in circles countless times and think that you've changed it all, yet by the time you realize it, you are back where it started.

After the class, Qu Xiaomeng called Su Yang out for a quick talk.

Qu Xiaomeng's slightly chubby face seemed serious. The awkwardness and shyness on her face had faded and she started to look like a university lecturer. She looked straight into Su Yang's eyes and said, "Su Yang, why did you skip all my classes last week?"

Some quick thoughts later, he said, "I attended the one on Sunday."

"But you didn't attend the others!" A little pause later, she added, "Don't you think you can skip classes and stop studying because your English is good now. Learning isn't something that you can stop. You never paid attention in class and barely studied. Do you really think you can always be the top three in class?"

Su Yang was slightly surprised.

'Is she praising me? She's praising me, isn't she? I've always been the worst student in the class, and now she's telling me that I'm considered the top three students in the class? If this isn't praise, what is it? A month ago, my goal was to PASS English, not be the top three, dammit!'

Su Yang called the system up and checked his mission. If he remembered correctly, the incomplete Bronze Mission clearly wrote [Pass the English final semester exams].

'Yeah, I remember correctly.'

After he checked his mission, Su Yang simply misled the dumb Qu Xiaomeng so that she would go away. He believed that his level of English was more than enough, and if he had the time to be better at English, he might as well spend his time clearing missions and earning more Random Points.

Besides, ever since Qu Xiaomeng went to karaoke with him on his birthday, her image of a lecturer was destroyed. Her last bit of dignity faded with he tone-deaf singing. The moral of the story was to never simply go to karaoke with your students.

After class, Su Yang went back to his company which was expanding rapidly. 

Wang Dong and Liu Xin's team were talking to other companies almost every day, and judging from the report that Wang Dong handed in, since Su Yang helped start the negotiating spree that afternoon, his team was able to secure enough jobs to supply to the app.

There was an average of 450 students taking on part-time jobs from the app and almost 550 to 600 during the weekends. The company profits were skyrocketing, but he was still quite far away from achieving his Silver Mission, which was to make a million.

He was also quite far away from achieving the second Gold Mission, which was to change 10,000 people's lives.

Therefore, Su Yang believed he should shift his attention back to his company. After all, his company was not only related to his Silver and Gold Missions anymore as he might even get Random Points from the daily operations.

Su Yang was busy helping Pool with his milk tea shop last week, so he barely paid attention to his company and only accumulated 468 Point Coins from last week until now.

The lack of Point Coins also caused Su Yang to miss the second Random Point from the system shop.

[1] Online sitcome series



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